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Amsterdam - 5 jobs in January 2015

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Akvo Foundation http://akvo.org – Helsinki/Stockholm/Amsterdam/London

Ui Designer / Developer

Akvo builds open source software, which we run as a service. Our services are primarily used to combat poverty in developing countries.

If you are a UI designer / developer with startup experience wanting to contribute to make the world better, please read on!

We are seeking a skilled, self-motivated, pro-active and energetic UI developer / designer with data visualisation sense. Reporting to the lead designer, your primary responsibility will be to create and ensure a consistent, usable, and beautiful UI throughout our software platform, which includes web applications, desktop applications and mobile / tablet applications. 
You have to be able to adapt to a fast changing environment where multi-tasking is a must. You will be required to design and develop functional user interfaces as well as keeping the brand consistent across the organisation and a range of different products. (Core and mandatory skills: WordPress, HTML, SASS, CSS, JQUERY)

Being part of a continuously growing team is essential to maintain and improve the quality of our work.

Akvo creates and runs open source internet and mobile services that make it easy to bring international development work online. We focus on project and programme dashboards, reporting, monitoring, evaluation and making data easier to share. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Akvo is a non-profit foundation that works with more than a thousand organisations around the world.

This is a full time position and a team work, so you will be required to be available during normal office hours.

We are looking for someone to be based in Helsinki (primary), London, Stockholm or Amsterdam. You must have a work permit already to work in one of these locations.

Please send your CV along with a cover letter to loic@akvo.org. 
Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Keplar Agency - Amsterdam, Netherlands - INTERN - Full time Ruby developer

Keplar Agency is looking for a full time or freelance Ruby on Rails developer and/or trainee. We're closely related to music industry within Amsterdam area and are proud creators of "Amsterdam Music Festival", "A State of Trance", "I Am Hardwell" and many other large applications in such a fast paced environment. Moreover, we're currently building large scaled applications for clients like "Randstad" and "Max Havelaar". Our projects' base is continuously increasing with our own custom built applications and tools as well.

We work with modern tools common to the Ruby community and keep looking forward to improve our workshop. We focus using Rails, Middleman, RSpec, Sass, git, Chef to great extent and, from time to time, we use JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS to spice things up. We're keen to extend our knowledge in the very near future with technologies like Go-lang, Elixir, Docker, and anything else that sounds promising. We're a small team of 6 now, but continuously growing projects' and customers' base demands expanding and allows us to look into cooperating with other great minded developers keen to learn, teach and grow with us.

More information can be found at: http://keplaragency.com/jobs/ruby_developer and http://keplaragency.com/jobs/ruby_traineeship. You can contact us directly at jobs@keplar.nl (And mention Tom, so I can pick it up myself)


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R&D Engineer Computer Vision / Blippar / Amsterdam, NL (https://layar.workable.com/j/0A73FE978C)

We are now seeking a computer vision engineer to join our R&D team who can help bringing our technology to the next level. You will be part of a strong R&D team that builds some of the core technologies that integrate in the app and our backends, using modern C++ to achieve the best performance.

Blippar is continuously improving its Augmented Reality and image recognition technologies. You will be researching as well as implementing the latest technologies in the fields of image retrieval and recognition, natural feature tracking, SLAM, and feature-based 3D reconstruction. You will be reporting to the Computer Vision Team Lead, joining a small team of enthusiastic developers that are stretching mobile and server-side technologies to the limits of the available device capabilities. You will:

- research and implement the latest real-time computer vision algorithms in the areas of natural feature tracking, SLAM, object detection, image retrieval and image recognition - improve performance and extend the capabilities of our products - work closely with the other R&D engineers - architect, extend and maintain a shared codebase used in our mobile clients or server-side in our backends

As computer vision R&D engineer, we expect you to have MSc or preferably PhD level academic experience in computer vision and machine learning, as well as a proven track record of practical experience in areas such as natural feature tracking, multi-view geometry, 3D reconstruction, object detection and image retrieval and recognition.

In addition to a great academic track record, we also require you to have outstanding programming capabilities. You will be working on and extending our well architected and cleanly implemented computer vision codebase, which serves as a technical foundation for our products. You will be responsible for maintaining the high level of quality of our codebase.


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Technical Leader / Full Stack Product Developer

PastBook.com / Amsterdam (NL)

Full-time, Great Salary + Equity

Full Job Description: http://www.pastbook.com/txt/job-offers/#cto

PastBook is the easiest way to relive your memories, online and offline.

We’re looking for a smart person to join the team full-time that can take the lead on the technology/product side of the business and build a top-notch tech team around him/her. We’re based in Amsterdam, with a beautiful cozy office on the Herengracht canal - in the middle of the city. We were part of RockStart Accelerator in Amsterdam and we’ve built an extensive network of connections that you can use. We are making money and we are VC backed, this year we'll have to scale and grow globally. Our main market is the USA, where we’ll setup another office soon (HQ will stay in Amsterdam).

The role requires great 360° technical and communicational skills, leadership, autonomy and dedication. Being able to understand and play – by case – with the balance between startup/business needs (i.e. have something good enough out ASAP) and technical debt (i.e. re-work, re-factor) is key.

You’ll have to deal with:

- Apache + MySQL + Redis. Dedicated servers + AWS (EC2, S3 and more)

- PHP5, HTML5 (responsive design), CSS/JavaScript (Bootstrap, Less, Coffeescript, jQuery)

- Template systems: Twig, Handlebars, Smarty

- Silex, Slim, Grunt/Gulp, RESTful API, Vagrant, Puppet

- Git + svn

- MVC / OOP (frontend/backend)

- Interface design and UXP

- Site performance and trackings

Knowledge on (native) mobile application development (iOS and Android) is a plus.

Apply if you are:

- Native/Fluent English speaker (it is a must).

- Good in written and spoken communication, both technical and not.

- Focused to details. Data driven.

- Creative, confident, determined, self motivated and proactive.

- Able to manage time effectively and work under strict deadlines

- A lateral thinker and problem solver

- Passionated about technology and development

Apply at work@pastbook.com (open to worldwide applications) Read more: http://www.pastbook.com/txt/job-offers/#cto


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Upcoming (www.upcoming.nl) - Amsterdam, The Netherlands (No remote, but we'll relocate you) - Full Stack Software Engineer

===== About us =====

Upcoming is a Dutch 'listicle' website (a listicle is an article consisting of a list of funny/informational/sentimental/whatever stuff). We've been growing continuously since we launched in 2013, already reaching 15% of the Dutch population with zero € spent on marketing. We're (an independent) part of Telegraaf Media Groep, one of the biggest publishers of The Netherlands.

===== Abour our tech stack =====

We use python in the backend (Flask, Celery+RabbitMQ), and manage the frontend with Jinja2, jQuery, LESS and Grunt; persistence is done with MySQL and Redis. The deployments are automated, in a Continuous Integration environment. Our backend is developed in-house, with state-of-the-art publishing related features such as:

- Monitoring of 1000's of rss feeds from news websites, in order to detect trending articles all around the globe.

- Advanced analysis of our own articles' metrics, for automatically promoting them among our publication channels (this is aimed at maximizing virality).

- (Bayesian) Headline and thumbnail A/B testing

- Highly scalable click-through-rate optimizer, presented in a workshop of the ACM Recommender Systems conference in Hong Kong in 2013.

Since we're part of a big media group, some of these tools are now being used by other teams, reaching tens of millions of users every day.

===== What we're looking for =====

We'd love to bring on board a pragmatic developer. A CS degree helps, but relevant web experience is more important for us. We'd love it if you have spent some time across the whole stack, but if you consider yourself "just" a frontend or backend developer, we're willing to hear you out as well.

===== What we offer =====

- A perfect balance between working on innovation projects and “regular” web development, both with short and iterative development cycles.

- The flexibility and dynamism of working in a startup, with the strong stability of being part of a big company.

- An international environment, with people from all over the world (UK, Italy, Romania, Argentina, Brazil, Iran, and more)

- Thorough relocation assistance, regardless of where you’re coming from

- A competitive salary

- 25 vacation days

- Amsterdam! You’ll be living in one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

If you’re interested, drop me a line: m.neustadt(at)tmg.nl