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Boston - 13 jobs in January 2015

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Akselos (Software Engineer, Boston or REMOTE)


Akselos provides an advanced cloud-based engineering simulation platform for "accelerated Finite Element Analysis" based on over 10 years of award-winning research at MIT. This platform enables engineers to perform detailed, fully-3D analysis of large-scale complex systems in seconds, which eliminates a major pain point across a wide range of engineering disciplines.

We currently have major engineering firms from the mining and power systems industries as customers. Our software has been used by over 7000 students in an engineering course on edX. Also, we were recently featured on the Google Cloud Platform blog: http://googlecloudplatform.blogspot.ca/2014/12/mitxs-edx-cou...

We have offices in Boston, Lausanne and Ho Chi Minh City. Working remotely is a possibility.


Send job inquiries to: jobs@akselos.com (or contact me directly at david.knezevic@akselos.com)

We're looking for a Software Engineer to assist with our GUI development. The GUI is written in Python (Qt bindings) and allows users to create 3D models, send simulation requests to our cloud-based back-end and then render the results locally. For more info about the GUI see:



More info about open positions is available here: http://www.akselos.com/join_the_team.html



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Dimagi (www.dimagi.com) - Boston (technically Cambridge), MA and Cape Town, South Africa

Role: Software Engineer/Adventurer/Do-Gooder

Dimagi is a rapidly growing social enterprise based in Boston that develops and deploys open source health and logistics systems primarily for underserved communities in developing countries. At Dimagi, we take pride in our work and keep the big picture in mind. We’re an inclusive group that has diverse experiences and interesting stories and insight to our work around the world.

With Dimagi, you can work in a fun and stimulating environment, and have the chance to travel and explore. Most importantly, you will truly have the opportunity to make a difference in places that need it most. Dimagi's prioritization of global impact and employee growth and satisfaction makes Dimagi a continuously fresh, exciting, and genuine place to work, keeping us all honest about what we're in it for.

We're looking for talented programmers who want to generalize across the stack, or specialize in one area of our mobile (Android), web (Python, Django, CouchDB, Postgres), and front-end (KnockoutJS) platforms.

For more information, check out our careers page at http://www.dimagi.com/about/careers.


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Weft - http://weft.io - Cambridge/Boston, MA (office is in central sq.)

   ====== What we do =========
We're the single source of truth in logistics -- we track every boat on the water, every plane in the sky, and every truck on the ground so that we can know everything that's going on in the logistics world. We do a lot of analysis and optimization, too. We’re working in the largest, least sexy, most invisible industry in the world — 90% of everything has been on a ship at one point in time.

The problem -> Lots of inefficiencies in the supply chain! One of our customers spends $400mm/year shipping empty containers, another spends $80mm/year on late fees. Lots to optimize!

How we fix it -> We track everything in the supply chain and make predictions and recommendations as to what our customers should do!

   ===== How we do it ========
Web/data stack -> clojure + postgres/cassandra/redis/rabbit + ruby on rails + hadoop/EMR (we’re a SOA shop)

Mobile -> iOS, android, mobile web

Algorithms -> a dizzying mixture of oldschool and newschool techniques ;-)

   ====== And the rest =======
We've got some very interesting partners and customers (ranging from CPG companies and telcos to enterprise software providers to regional and international logistics companies). We also have some top tier investors (a16z, atlas)!

Looking for:

- A growth hacker

- Data science folks

- Data engineering folks

- Generalists

- Master front-end devs

If this sounds interesting, please shoot us an email at mike@weft.io!


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Boston, MA at South Station/Leather District


At Neumitra we're building medical electronics to measure and manage you and your world. We're data scientists by training in neuroscience, aerospace, and genomic engineering. We're focusing on physiological data toward daily brain health for optimizing our lives.

We're hiring data-oriented developers from embedded firmware to mobile and web applications. We appreciate experiences and enthusiasm for building unique tools that have a meaningful impact. We're also hiring mechanical and research engineers who love to iterate on technologies based on user interactions and feedback.

Say hello@neumitra.com by describing yourself, your interests, and the efforts you are most excited by.

Happy New Year!


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Northeastern University (CCIS) | Boston | Software Engineer

The programmer will help deploy a scalable, robust distributed system called Reverse Traceroute.[1] This project has received funding both from industry and the National Science Foundation, as well as winning research awards.

While the standard traceroute tool is popular for Internet troubleshooting and diagnostics, it only measures the path to the destination, not the path back, leaving network operators blind to half their route. Reverse traceroute addresses this limitation, measuring Internet paths from arbitrary destination hosts toward a given source host.

The prototype and subsequent iterations of the system were sufficient for small-scale experiments but not terribly robust or scalable. The programmer will design a new implementation that is efficient, scalable and self-managing to ensure high availability. This system will also provide a public API that allows the community of researchers, operators and other practitioners to issue measurements and receive results.

This position is in a unique research environment, where the programmer will work on new and interesting problems and advance the state of the art. This is a full-time position with benefits and salary competitive with industry. Apply here: https://neu.peopleadmin.com/postings/32933

[1] http://research.cs.washington.edu/networking/astronomy/rever...


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Localytics - Boston - FULL-TIME, INTERN, H1B

Localytics is hiring:

  - Distributed Systems Architects
  - Scala Engineers
  - Data Platform Architects
  - Senior iOS Engineer
  - Frontend Engineers
Check out our engineering blog to get an idea of what its like to work with us: http://info.localytics.com/engineering-blog

About Localytics:

* We provide app analytics and app marketing services for thousands of apps on over a billion devices.

* We are solving hard problems with data, scaling, distributed systems, data visualization and mobile.

* We are one of the fastest growing companies in Boston and were named one of the top places to work by The Boston Globe.

* We are passionate about and have deep expertise in the technologies we work with including: Scala, iOS, Android, Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, Memcached, Redis, MPP Databases, Rails, AngularJS, D3.js, AWS: DynamoDB, S3, SQS, EMR, ElasticCache and EC2.

* We are located above the Downtown Crossing MBTA station.

We love candidates who prefer startup environments and enjoy influencing the direction of the product and technologies.

Engineers of all experience levels encouraged to apply:




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GlobalSign is looking for Jr & Sr Software Developers located in Boston, MA - Portsmouth, NH - or Maidstone, UK

GlobalSign (www.globalsign.com) - one of the Internet’s original Certificate Authorities. Over the years we have issued millions of trusted Digital Certificates to people, servers and mobile devices for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enabled solutions and applications. Our identity and access management portfolio includes access control, single sign-on (SSO), federation and delegation services to help organizations and service providers create new business models for customer and partner interactions.

We operate in small teams - tightly integrated with product management. In these roles, you'll be working to build out new products and services to expand our PKI services portfolio. We're looking for individuals with solid fundamentals - exposure to lower level coding like C/C++ is important - but also looking for those who have skills to build scalable systems in higher level languages. Interest / experience in internet security is a huge plus as well.

For more info, please see the postings here (note, the posting only mentions Portsmouth, but we're looking for roles in Boston and Maidstone as well): https://www.globalsign.com/en/company/careers/senior-softwar... https://www.globalsign.com/en/company/careers/junior-softwar...

Any questions you can email me at lancen.lachance@globalsign.com


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Kensho, Boston, MA (Cambridge), Stamford, CT: FULL TIME Software Engineers

Kensho is a small engineering team [0] in Harvard Sq. making financial analysis more accessible, intuitive and beautiful [1]. We primarily use AngularJS and Python, but that is just implementation detail.

Software Engineers | https://kensho.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk07n1/ Rapidly developing low level abstractions for distributed time series data, or processing and analyzing unstructured text and event data graphs, is right in your wheelhouse.

Software Engineer (Site Reliability/SRE) | https://kensho.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk07nw/ Architect, scale and automate our site and computing infrastructure while watching out for bridges and hop-ons; you're gonna get some hop-ons [2]

A willingness to play bughouse and shoot zombies is a plus.

All of our openings: http://bit.ly/Hj4hJz


[0] http://kensho.com/#team [1] http://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenbertoni/2014/05/07/can-ken... [2] http://apps.npr.org/arrested-development/joke-15.html


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Linkable Networks - http://www.linkablenetworks.com - Boston, MA (office is in Fort Point Channel neighborhood)

* Company Summary

Linkable Networks is a digital media company that bridges the gap between consumer purchases and advertising by enabling brands to link product discounts and special offers directly to consumers’ existing credit/debit cards via Linkable Networks’ gateway to financial institutions.

Off-line sales still make up over 90% of retail business in the U.S. We're using our integrations into the transaction rails of the three largest card networks to complete the chain of attribution from offer presentment to brick-and-mortar purchase.

* Technology Stack

Core Stack : { Java, Spring, Sharded mySql, Terracotta, RabbitMQ }

Mobile : { iOS, Android }

* Additional Info

We're wired into the three largest card networks: Visa, Mastercard and Amex. We have a broad range of customers from grocery giant SuperValu where we're deployed with a first of its kind card-linked SKU offer solution to FanBank where we help enable community based Loyalty programs.

We run an agile shop with 68 successful sprints under our belts. Our process has been improved over the 4 years we've been running it so that we deliver on time and without drama. Our engineers don't sit in meetings they build solutions.

We're looking for solid Java engineers to join our team and help us build out the next level of capabilties on our platform.

If this sounds interesting, please shoot me an email at coolgigs@linkablenetworks.com


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Trill - Boston / Cambridge MA -- http://trill.me and http://trill.me/app

Trill helps you find local live shows (currently in its pilot city of Boston) and everything that happens on a stage (music, theater, comedy, dance, etc). We are super early stage, seed funded, and focused on the following 3 value props: (1) provide a very complete db of live shows (2) provide value to event venues and producers by getting them access to data about their audience (3) allow for a complete integration of event discovery/one-click-buy/transportation from your phone.

We are looking for a few awesome contributors:

(1) Mobile Developer

(2) Full-stack Engineer (django/flask/python/js)

(3) Growth Hacker

Please reach out to careers@trill.me or to me personally at <my-hn-username> [at] trill [dot] me


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Formlabs (www.formlabs.com) - Boston (Cambridge), MA

Join Formlabs as a Software Engineer and come make the best desktop 3D printing software on the market.

We’re looking for talented generalists who are passionate about backend functionality and software architecture.

-- Move quickly between C, C++, Python, QT, OpenGL, PhP, Django, Git, and more -- Work seamlessly in diverse environments (Windows, OSX, Linux) -- Rapidly shift from systems level software to user interfaces -- Architect and implement bigger software systems

Go beyond LAMP – and come hack with the best of them.

Apply now at formlabs.com/jobs or jobs@formlabs.com. Mention that you saw this posting on HN.


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indico -- http://indico.io Boston, MA

We are indico, a Boston startup making productivity tools for data scientists. We're looking to democratize data science and bring the next generation of machine learning to everyone.

Full Stack Developer: Life moves fast in the world of startups, so we're looking for someone accustomed to filling technical gaps and rapidly moving between projects. Flexibility is a must. Our tech stack is primarily python/javascript, so familiarity with those languages is recommended.

Backend Engineer: We're looking for a backend engineer with experience building reliable distributed systems to deal with large amounts of traffic. An ideal candidate would have a love for software architecture, a knack for building high throughput, high availability APIs, and experience with python. Dev-ops experience is also a huge plus.

Data Engineer: A high quality dataset is arguably even more important than a bleeding-edge machine learning model. We're looking for a scrappy developer who is comfortable with data preprocessing, data normalization, and data collection (web scraping, mechanical turk, etc.).

Front End Developer: We're looking for a developer with design sense to build a beautiful, functional web interface for indico. An ideal candidate would have a deep appreciation for user experience, dream in javascript/coffeescript, and know the ins and outs of clean HTML/CSS layout.

Technical Writer: Machine learning is a highly technical field, and we're looking for someone to help us reach out to the broader community of developers and data scientists. Responsibilities include writing excellent tutorials, documentation, and blog articles that help tell our story to the world. Although prior data science experience is not required, passion to learn more about the field is a must.

Interested? Send an email to contact@indico.io.


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At DotProduct, a mobile 3D Computer Vision company, we have two open full-time positions in engineering. Location is either in our R&D headquarters located in Wiesbaden, Germany (Frankfurt am Main area) or in our office in Waltham, MA.

  == 1. Senior R&D Engineer in Computer Vision ==
  == 2. Software Engineer in Mobile ==
  == About the Senior R&D engineer position:
We are looking for a software engineer with a strong Computer Vision or Graphics background and experience in GPGPU or mobile development (ideally both), to join our core technology R&D. We prefer candidates who are proficient both on a theoretical/algorithmic level and in practical implementation (mostly C++ and shader languages) of Computer Vision and Graphics algorithms, and who can make contributions to our product and core technology from the start.

Candidates should be able to present relevant work experience either through previous work (employed, freelance, PhD studies, Post-Doc etc..) or extra-curricular work / open source contributions.

  == About the Software Engineer in Mobile position:
We are looking for a strong, hands-on, detail-oriented coder with experience in mobile development (Android or iOS), to join front-end and tools development. Practical skill and programming experience are preferred over academic achievements for this role. Required language skills are Java and C++. Experience in iOS technologies (Objective-C, Swift, Metal), bash, Python, Javascript and web-development are a plus (but not required). A background in Computer Vision and Graphics is not required, however the ability and interest to learn about them is. Also, candidates should have the ability to discuss, design and implement UI.

  == General information:
Our technology stack is for the most part Java and C++. Platforms we target are (in order of importance) Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux and iOS. We strive to make everything we do really really fast.

Our R&D team is still intimate so any new hire can have large impact on product and future developments. Both positions are local and full-time. We prefer candidates who are able to spend at least 3 full days per week together with the team in the office. Besides a well-above market rate salary and a nice work place we offer the opportunity to work with an international team of smart people on leading mobile Computer Vision technology. Significant equity is part of the compensation package.

  == About DotProduct:
We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and Computer Vision professionals that brings real-time dense 3D capturing to mobile devices equipped with advanced camera sensors. Our current product, the DPI-7 Kit (consisting of an off the shelf NVIDIA tablet and a Primesense Carmine sensor) has been launched in August 2013 and enjoys great success with high-end 3D professionals in various industries. We are backed by Intel Capital and various angel investors. Our office locations are Houston, TX (manufacturing and order execution), Boston, MA (management, marketing, sales) and Wiesbaden, Germany (R&D). Contact is jobs (at) dotproduct3d (dot) com