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Durham - 3 jobs in January 2015

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Windsor Circle http://www.windsorcircle.com/ - Durham NC

Python and JavaScript Developers


We're hiring developers on the front end and backend to join our funded startup (we recently closed a $6.25M Series B) to help us build and expand our market leading Retention Automation Platform.

Backend Developers will have an opportunity to work with Python, the Pyramid web framework, and and many of the leading ecommerce and marketing platforms in the world. Front End Developers will be able to work in JavaScript with Backbone, jQuery and MarionetteJS to build out our rapidly growing web application.

This is an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor with salary and stock options while working with cutting edge technology. Telecommuting is available 1-2 days/wk with the rest of your time spent in our awesome downtown Durham, North Carolina office.

More info here: http://www.windsorcircle.com/jobs


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We are in need of four developers whom we would like to hire preferably in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill/Cary/Morrisville, North Carolina area (but San Jose, California will work also).

- Jesse Bikman Research Analyst Scry Analytics (www.scryanalytics.com) jesse.bikman@scryanalytics.com

----Front-end web developer:

Responsibilities/Necessary Skills: Develop an extensible web based UI from scratch that will run on Apache Tomcat with a Unix back-end. Must be able to produce design documents on UI elements with appropriate detail for all functions for the given UI. Must have strong UI/UX design skills and be able to produce page mock-ups using graphics tools of their choice (Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, etc.) The web front end must be completely custom made and not a template from pre-existing copyright software (i.e. wordpress templates).

Must be proficient in: HTML, Javascript, CSS, nix, Apache, Apache Tomcat, Java servlets, Event drive programming, MVC patterns, etc.

Nice to have experience in: Node.js, Angular.js, Talend, R, Java

4+ years as a web developer with at least 2 years focused on developing web GUIs.

----Back end developer:

Responsibilities: Write server-side scripts that connect Java, R, and Tableau (BI) reports with corresponding databases and data-marts. Create the interface between a web based (HTML/Javascript/CSS) GUI and back-end scripts. Create a file system to store all the scripts and automatically patch/detect new scripts. Schedule scripts to run on a schedule and update the web GUI with new script outputs.

Must be proficient in: nix, shell scripting, Java, Java Servlets, Apache, Apache Tomcat, Event driven programming, MVC patterns, etc.

Nice to have experience in: Node.js, Angular.js, Talend, R, cron daemon

Recommended 4-6+ years experience developing *nix scripts or server side scripting with a web front-end.


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VCE -- http://vce.com Richardson, TX USA / Durham, NC / Cork, Ireland / Marlborough, MA USA / REMOTE

VCE is an EMC Federation Company with investments from Cisco and VMware. VCE recently surpassed a $2B annualized demand run-rate and a sixth consecutive quarter of greater than 50% year-over-year demand growth. Want to ride the rocket ship and work on interesting things?

Here is just a sample... more available by going to http://UnicornJockey.com

- Senior Software Engineers http://rolp.co/UfyK6 http://rolp.co/rmlH6 http://rolp.co/8ex27 http://rolp.co/Ga6z6

- Manager, Software Engineering http://rolp.co/3Be17

- Principal Product Manager Systems Management Software http://rolp.co/dQiU6

- Consultant Program Manager Software Products and Operations http://rolp.co/pKwa7

- Software Quality Assurance Engineer http://rolp.co/pKwa7

- Principal Program Manager Software Products http://rolp.co/eWeG6

- Consultant Product Marketing Manager Software and Systems Management http://rolp.co/sQHh7

Keyword soup: analysis, design and development of service based components using SOAP, WSDL, RESTful, using XML/JSON standards; performing front-end development using JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX; in performing back-end development using SQL, PL/SQL and stored procedures in Oracle; in Java/J2EE, JPT (Java Performance Tuning) technologies and ORM frameworks including iBatis, Hibernate, JPA, Struts, Spring and Spring AOP/MVC; in using Web and Application Servers including WebSphere and Tomcat; and in performing, building and deploying software components using Jenkins, Maven. OpenStack, CoreOS, Docker, combinatorial optimization, VMI algo, unicorns, turtles, rainbows, self lubricating sea slugs, etc...

p.s. If you are a currently at a startup working in Data Center Infrastructure Management, OASIS SCA / TOSCA, DMTF OVF / CIM / CIMI, OGF OCCI, and/or ODCA PEAT please contact me: jay dot cuthrell at vce.com