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Hyderabad - 1 jobs in January 2015

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Remote/Anywhere in the world.

Are you UI/UX guru? Interested in Indian market?

Hi, I have a few simple web-service ideas for Indian market. Most of these ideas are lifestyle businesses, with the eventual goal of making content websites that capture long tail google searches specific to Indian context. Some of the ideas I am working on are:

1) A Q&A site that will compete with Quora 2) A content farm that will compete with Times of India. 3) A content farm to answer “middle tail” search question like “Best Schools in Hyderabad” or “How many homes were sold in Bangalore in last one month” 4) A website to track (deregulated) petrol prices, provide analysis and update its users accordingly. 5) A mobile app to make home buying decisions based on commute score (similar to walkscore) 6) A job search engine based on "commute" agony.

I am looking for someone who would like to implement these ideas along with me. You should have the following skills:

1) Expert Front end Skills (HTML/CSS/JS) and be a UI/UX guru. 2) Backend skills (Expert preferred, Intermediate Ok).

About me: I am a software engineer in a semiconductor company with 10+ years experience. I have intermediate knowledge in Frontend and Backend technologies. I can write code in Python/PHP/C/C++. If interested, please contact me at

iamanonymouscoward+hn@gmail.com http://linkd.in/1CX4vjZ

Compensation will be equity aka profit sharing.