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INTERN - 12 jobs in January 2015

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San Francisco - PlanGrid (YC12). Near 16th Street Mission BART. VISA, INTERN, FULL-TIME.

We sell an actual useful product for money (think version control for blueprints but our ambitions are much larger). We intend to own the construction software business, which is vastly under-served. The market is huge; construction is a multi-trillion dollar industry globally that still operates like they did in 1950. Our customers are so happy that up until the past three months we've had no marketing or sales whatsoever - we were profitable in year one just from word of mouth.

Our primary hiring philosophy is as follows: Wicked smart, NO DICKS.

We are looking for engineering and non-engineering positions. You can see the jobs and/or apply here: http://grnh.se/r1nhcp

* Senior iOS. We are shipping Swift code this month (see my Swift blog at http://russbishop.net ).

* Android. Small but growing team.

* Backend/API. Python and mongo, but we're investigating alternatives (Postgres? FoundationDB?) because we are steam-rolling to the trillion-with-a-capital-T mark on records.

* Windows. We are just starting this team so you have complete freedom. Will probably be C# with a shared library supporting a Desktop app and RT app.

* Data Science. You would think blueprints were created by professionals with standards. You'd be wrong. Put your machine learning skills to work on real world problems where a 1% improvement saves man-years of effort.

* Web. We do some real magic on the web; check out our blueprint annotating. This team is about to do some major re-factoring/re-writing with a focus on speed and maintainability.

Also hiring an IT Manager, Customer Support Heros, Marketing specialists, a Marketing Director, Field Sales, Biz Ops, and more.

Feel free to get in touch via my blog. I'm happy to answer any questions about what it's like to work at PlanGrid.


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Mesosphere - https://mesosphere.com/jobs - San Francisco, CA INTERN, VISA

Come build the operating system for the datacenter with Mesosphere!

We're a fast growing and well funded distributed systems / enterprise tech / infrastructure startup in San Francisco.

We're building a distributed operating system around the Apache Mesos project, a cluster scheduler that currently runs tens of thousands of nodes in production at Twitter.

Currently recruiting engineers heavily across the stack, from front-end (Rails, Python, Javascript) to back-end (Python, Go, Scala) to core (C++).

We're significant contributors to open source and are one of the main committers to Apache Mesos, as well as other popular projects like Chronos and Marathon.

Our customers run huge numbers of compute nodes, so if you're excited by the prospect of your code running at immense scale, get in touch.

Full-time hires and summer 2015 interns welcome. Please apply via our jobs page for full-time positions or email summer-2015@mesosphere.io for an internship.

Some relevant reading: * https://gigaom.com/2014/12/07/mesospheres-new-data-center-mo... * http://www.wired.com/2013/03/google-borg-twitter-mesos/all/


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Wello - San Francisco, Software Engineering

Wello (recently acquired by WeightWatchers) has a mission to help people get healthier. Being backed by a leader in weight loss programs has many advantages, we have an abundance of users, resources and data.

Here's why: We were a team of 4 acquired by Weight Watchers International, a brand recognized by almost everyone, including our moms. We are left alone to build new products for WW and have some interesting products we are working on. We have to worry less about stability, legal and other non-technical stuff and can focus on doing what we love. We offer competitive compensation and great health benefits. All 4 of us are staying and now growing. We just hired our intern full-time! We love what we do and believe in our mission to make people healthier. We have diverse backgrounds (Stanford, Bain, Google, Netflix) and we are looking for you to come join and teach us new tricks! If you are interested, email me at amol dot kher at weightwatchers dot com and we can catch up over phone or coffee.


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Localytics - Boston - FULL-TIME, INTERN, H1B

Localytics is hiring:

  - Distributed Systems Architects
  - Scala Engineers
  - Data Platform Architects
  - Senior iOS Engineer
  - Frontend Engineers
Check out our engineering blog to get an idea of what its like to work with us: http://info.localytics.com/engineering-blog

About Localytics:

* We provide app analytics and app marketing services for thousands of apps on over a billion devices.

* We are solving hard problems with data, scaling, distributed systems, data visualization and mobile.

* We are one of the fastest growing companies in Boston and were named one of the top places to work by The Boston Globe.

* We are passionate about and have deep expertise in the technologies we work with including: Scala, iOS, Android, Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB, Memcached, Redis, MPP Databases, Rails, AngularJS, D3.js, AWS: DynamoDB, S3, SQS, EMR, ElasticCache and EC2.

* We are located above the Downtown Crossing MBTA station.

We love candidates who prefer startup environments and enjoy influencing the direction of the product and technologies.

Engineers of all experience levels encouraged to apply:




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Keplar Agency - Amsterdam, Netherlands - INTERN - Full time Ruby developer

Keplar Agency is looking for a full time or freelance Ruby on Rails developer and/or trainee. We're closely related to music industry within Amsterdam area and are proud creators of "Amsterdam Music Festival", "A State of Trance", "I Am Hardwell" and many other large applications in such a fast paced environment. Moreover, we're currently building large scaled applications for clients like "Randstad" and "Max Havelaar". Our projects' base is continuously increasing with our own custom built applications and tools as well.

We work with modern tools common to the Ruby community and keep looking forward to improve our workshop. We focus using Rails, Middleman, RSpec, Sass, git, Chef to great extent and, from time to time, we use JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS to spice things up. We're keen to extend our knowledge in the very near future with technologies like Go-lang, Elixir, Docker, and anything else that sounds promising. We're a small team of 6 now, but continuously growing projects' and customers' base demands expanding and allows us to look into cooperating with other great minded developers keen to learn, teach and grow with us.

More information can be found at: http://keplaragency.com/jobs/ruby_developer and http://keplaragency.com/jobs/ruby_traineeship. You can contact us directly at jobs@keplar.nl (And mention Tom, so I can pick it up myself)


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Charlie App | Chicago, IL | charlieapp.com

* Backend Ruby Developer (full-time)

* Developer internship

Before any meeting, Charlie automatically researches the people you’re about to meet with. Our users love us and we spread fast in every company that uses Charlie. We’ve raised $1.8M (http://bit.ly/charlie-techcrunch) and are expanding our our team.

We're a small dev that loves to code, and constantly pushes each other, and learns from each other. We get to work on really challenging problems (how do you distill someone down to one page?) We’ve built Charlie on Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Redis, Sidekiq, RSpec, Capybara, and it lives on an elastic server farm. We iterate fast, practice continuous delivery, we’re process-driven, and very test-focused.

We’re looking for passionate, self-motivated software engineers who want to make an impact on an early-stage company. If this sounds like you, drop us a line and let’s talk! jobs+hn@charlieapp.com

Why we’re special:

* We’re a passionate, driven, fun team

* Take as much vacation as you need

* Flexible working situation: hours, location

* Competitive salary + equity

* VC-backed, funded startup

* Everyone deploys to production (fully automated, painless)

* Free coffee, free beer (after coffee of course)

* We go out and do fun things (concerts, Bulls & Cubs games, and occasionally ski in Colorado)

Location: Chicago, IL

Apply Interested? Hollar at us. email jobs+hn@charlieapp.com.



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Jane Street - New York City, London, Hong Kong - Software Developer (Functinoal Programming) INTERN / VISA

Jane Street is a technology-focused proprietary trading firm. We are looking to hire great software developers with an interest in functional programming. OCaml, a statically typed functional programming with similarities to Haskell, Erlang, F# and SML, is our language of choice. We’ve got the largest team of OCaml developers in any industrial setting, and probably the world’s largest OCaml codebase. We use OCaml for running our entire business, supporting everything from research to systems administration to trading systems. If you’re interested in seeing how functional programming plays out in the real world, there’s no better place. The atmosphere is informal and intellectual. There is a focus on education, and people learn about software and trading, both through formal classes and on the job. The work is challenging, and you get to see the practical impact of your efforts in quick and dramatic terms. Jane Street is also small enough that people have the freedom to get involved in many different areas of the business. Compensation is highly competitive, and there’s a lot of room for growth.

You can learn more about Jane Street and our technology from our main site, janestreet.com. You can also look at a a talk given at CMU about why Jane Street uses functional programming (http://ocaml.janestreet.com/?q=node/61) and our programming blog (http://ocaml.janestreet.com)

More in http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs?searchTerm=jane+street and https://www.janestreet.com/join-jane-street/

(I personally work at the Hong Kong office. Feel free to get in touch via tcui@janestreet.com if you have any questions.)


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Apportable (YC W11) - San Francisco (SOMA), CA - VISA, INTERN, FULL-TIME

The Apportable platform compiles iOS source code to machine code that runs directly an the Android device's processor, allowing developers to efficiently convert their applications to support Android without extensive changes to the original codebase. We're hiring Objective-C and OpenGLES experts.

More details at http://www.apportable.com/jobs?gh_jid=34849


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Wise.io - http://wise.io - Berkeley, CA FULL-TIME (INTERN, H1B welcome)

Hiring: DevOps, Backend, and full-stack engineers.

Us: Empowering better data-driven decision making for the enterprise with machine learning applications.

Our stack: AWS, Python, Docker, Spark, C++, AngularJS, ...

You: Love the challenge of building things that don't exist, learning and growing alongside amazingly talented individuals in a highly collaborative environment.

Email resume + links to some public codebases at jobs@wise.io


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London Full-time or intern HTML5 developer

http://archivestudio.co.uk @archivestudio

Creative coder. Websites, Web-apps & interaction design (Canvas/THREE.js)

HTML5 frontend & Craft/Yii/PHP backend (CMS) development.

Clients are architects, designers, photographers & artists.

They like ajax-y sites, good interaction, animation & typography.

If you do too, email work@archivestudio.co.uk


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Scribd (YC '06), San Francisco - VISA, FULL-TIME, and INTERN are all welcome

Scribd ("Netflix for eBooks", top 100 website, 50 people) is hiring talented hackers of all kinds to help us build the library of the 21st century.

We've hired EIGHT full-time people and TONS of interns from these "Who is Hiring" threads ... it really works!

We're looking for people who want to work with:

* Ruby on Rails (we're the #2 largest rails site, after Twitter)

* Javascript (well, we use Coffeescript)

* iOS OR Android (we're a top 10 eBook app with more reviews than Wikipedia, with a small mobile team)

* Machine Learning / data mining / recommendations - think Netflix prize, but for books!

* Big data and web infrastructure - we're big users of hive, impala, and hadoop

* Product manager and design (UI or UX) roles too

* Internships: junior standing or above for all areas of engineering. We hire several interns every summer and year-round.

That said, we care way more about your personality and general hacking skills then what languages you've used so far, so if you haven't used these but want to break into mobile or web development, this could be a good opportunity for you. We've hired people from these threads with everywhere from 0 to 10 years of experience.

We're profitable, very well funded and have a really fun office environment (go-karts + a rock climbing wall!) in the center of the startup world in San Francisco. Scribd alumni have gone on to found 4 other YCombinator companies, more than from any other startup. We think this says something about the kind of people that we like to hire, and we love hiring people with entrepreneur and startup ambitions. We are also always looking for international people interested in moving to the US and can help you secure a visa.

You can read more about our "Netflix for Books" service here http://wrd.cm/1dJquzz or check out our tech blog at http://coding.scribd.com

More info is at http://www.scribd.com/jobs, but as a HN user, feel free to apply directly by emailing me at jared at scribd.com.


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Engineering Internships – Summer 2015 - Sauce Labs (San Francisco, CA)

About Sauce Labs:

Sauce Labs makes testing awesome. Developers from startups to Fortune Global 1000 enterprises use our cloud-based service to automatically or manually test mobile and web apps on 350+ browsers and platforms. We’re a growing, tight-knit team working to transform how software testing and development gets done.

The internship will be in our San Francisco headquarters, located in SOMA. You’ll be provided various amenities including catered lunches 4 days a week, a pet-friendly building, a MacBook Air and more!

Our Internship Program:

Our 10-16 week internship program provides interns with the ability to explore and improve upon their interests in a growing start-up environment. Interns should be passionate about problem solving and using computer science fundamentals to collaborate with managers of their team and contribute directly to our product.

We have multiple disciplines within our Engineering team:

Core Development

- Grow your backend development and DevOps chops to help scale our massive cloud of Windows, Mac and Linux virtual machines

- Work on automation of management tasks like browser installation

- Contribute to operation planning like orchestrating distribution of disk images via torrent

Ecosystems & Integrations

- Contribute to open source projects in the automated testing space, including Appium

- Work in multiple programming languages

- Learn how to pitch and give technical talks at meetups or conferences

Web Development

- Actively contribute to the Sauce Labs user experience that enables customers to be successful at test automation

- Gain full exposure of the web stack all the way from the frontend, APIs to the backing database

- Enhance your professional experience by working with a cohesive team of software engineers

- Increase your understanding of software architecture, style and design through feedback from your peers

- Experience the momentum of a passionate team who share a common set of values and rally behind the same goals

- Power our front-end development with exciting technologies such as Angular.js, Backbone.js, WebPack and Grunt

Specific responsibilities depend on your background and experience. At the end of the internship, interns will get the chance to present on their contributions to the company.


- Currently pursuing a Bachelor's or above in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent experience.

- Software development experience using Python.

Interested in becoming an Engineering Intern at Sauce Labs? Send us your resume, a quick introduction and links to your projects at: recruiting@saucelabs.com