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Mountain View - 4 jobs in January 2015

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castAR - http://www.technicalillusions.com/ - Mountain View, CA

We're building truly augmented reality: embedding real, 3D virtual images into the real world. Our holographic images spring out of tables, walls, or other objects; you can walk around them, lean in, and see that they appear as real parts of the world. Since you look at a normal distance, we don't have the near eye issues (distortion, nausea etc) of VR and since our glasses are open and light you can wear them to work or play for hours. We support new sorts of games in which you can see your other players, see shared (or slightly different world), and interact with both. Games, visualization, CAD and other applications can make use of our new display.

We are looking for looking for hot MEs, EEs, robot / vision and gaming hackers in Mountain View.

We are a small, dedicated team of 10 hackers with experience in building hardware, software and successful companies. If you're a GNU hacker you might know me, or you may know one of our founders, Jeri Ellsworth, renowned hacker and maker. We are building a fun, no bull, buzzword-free business. We're not just going after the big guys -- it's in our DNA to support social, user-generated content and make it possible for hackers to do things we can't imagine ourselves. We have a lot of fun things in our pipeline.

If you enjoy hard work on fun engineering problems, come join us on the ground floor as we build the next great user experience.

Write to us at jobs[at]technicalillusions.com


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HealthLoop | Mountain View, CA | http://www.healthloop.com

We are looking for a detail oriented, clinically inclined Patient Experience Lead with excellent customer facing skills.

HealthLoop is a cloud-based platform that automates follow-up care; keeping doctors, patients and care-givers connected between visits with clinical information that is insightful, actionable, and engaging. Our peer-reviewed follow-up plans automate the routine aspects of care while tracking patient progress and monitoring clinical areas of concern. Our analytics engine sifts through and filters the deluge of patient-generated data in real time; focusing the care team’s time and attention on patients who need them the most.

For more information, visit: http://healthloop.com/patient-experience-lead/


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Mountain View, CA and New York, NY; Full time, VISA Addepar

We are engineers rebuilding the infrastructure that powers global finance. Current technology in the space is broken and opaque; it enables scandals like Bernie Madoff to go on for a decade while $64 billion vanishes from the economy. We're building a platform around transparency and connectedness to encourage responsibility and reward good decision making.

Join us: careers.addepar.com Or email careers [at] Addepar [dot] com


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Lumi - Mountain View / Los Angeles / Remote

Backend / platform architect engineer.

Lumi makes tools that enable anyone to print on any object or surface. We just started a big new platform project (similar to Shapeways but for printing tools) and looking for a talented lead engineer.

Email me: stephan@lumi.co