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Toronto - 3 jobs in January 2015

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PagerDuty - San Francisco and Toronto, Full time

Thinking of moving to SF/SV? Make the web a more stable place. Our offices are full of a wide range of great people, working on a problem that matters. We need engineers of all flavors and stripes, engineering managers, sales, recruiters and especially more evangelists. http://bit.ly/1xjBVWz

In Toronto? Take the TTC to work in Silicon Valley. We were started in Canada, and still do some of our toughest engineering work in a great office a block from St. Andrew Station. We're looking to build out our engineering team as well as hire a lead technical recruiter. http://bit.ly/1K4yt7t

For more reasons to work here: http://www.pagerduty.com/company/work-with-us/


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Where: Toronto, Canada, no remote workers. We all sit on the trading floor.

You must be eligible to work in Canada.

Who: K2 and Associates. We're one of Canada's more successful hedge funds over the past 13 years.

----------------------------- What you'll do -----------------------------

We are building out our algorithmic trading infrastructure and you have a chance to get in at the ground floor. Come help us turn our technology team from an integral part of how we do business into a profit center with its own PnL.

We've got the first iteration working and its making money. You're going to make it more efficient.

----------------------------- Who you are -----------------------------

You are a developer who can take an academic paper and turn it into a working prototype because what you are designing won't have been done before.

If you draw a triangle and place computer science, statistics and finance at each of the corners, you're area of expertise is right in the middle. If you don't know finance, don't worry, we'll teach it to you.

You value correctness above all else because when you send 100,000 orders a day if you get 1% of them wrong, bad things will happen...

You are comfortable with F# or C++.

If you love a challenge please reach out to me at cholliday@k2.ca or my email in my profile.

----------------------------- What's in it for you... -----------------------------

- a hedge fund is just like a startup except that everyone gets a market salary and bonuses. If' you've always wanted to join a startup but you're too good/in demand to take a pay cut then let's chat.

- work with a very talented and small team

- get paid to learn algorithmic trading

- be able to invest in our fund

- onsite chef for lunches

- choose your own hours

- you'll learn more in a year than most people learn in 10.


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Backend / DevOps @ Uken Studios in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (full time)

Some technologies we are focused on:

- Rails, Ruby

- AWS (EC2, EBS, VPC, S3, EMR)

- Go + websockets

- Docker

- Mysql (Percona) and InnoDB tools

- Hadoop, Spark, R

- Service discovery

- InfluxDB

Our infrastructure is constantly evolving. You will have the opportunity to learn, build and suggest new tools!