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Ann Arbor - 3 jobs in October 2015

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FarmLogs (YC W12) • Ann Arbor, MI • Onsite/Remote • https://farmlogs.com/

We build software to help farmers grow more with less.

We're growing like a weed (see what I did there?) and hiring for:

- Marketing – Help us build-out an agricultural content platform, and support our first ever FarmLogs user conference.

- Data Science / Research – Are you easily excited by nitrogen levels and cloud detection algorithms?

- Design – Purpose-driven UX and Product Design

- Devops – Consul, Docker, EC2 & VPC's oh-my!

- Backend – Our modular infrastructure (runs-on (and :clojure :python :rabbitmq))

- Front-end – Our front-end team loves React, D3 and CoffeeScript

- iOS – Swift and ReactiveCocoa sound fun?

- Android – Work with Factories from the comfort of your desk!

- QA – Shine the light on bugs and automate those tedious tasks/tests

We're also hardware hackers! We've created a really neat device called Flow that decodes ISOBUS data directly from tractors and buzzes it back to us over cellular modems.

Come take a look! https://farmlogs.com/jobs


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LLamasoft, Inc - Ann Arbor, MI. On site, full time.



LLamasoft is a large (~250 employees) quickly growing company in the world of Supply Chain Design and ETL. Headquartered in downtown Ann Arbor, this post is about the developer positions listed in the Resumator link above.

We are a .NET shop through and through, with applications built using ASP.NET MVC (for our SaaS offering) or WPF (for our high performance ETL tool or our flagship Supply Chain Design offering). The exception to .NET is our Simulation engine, which is C++.

A candidate applying for a role on the SaaS product, SupplyChainGuru.com, should be

* Strong with jQuery, JavaScript design patterns

* Familiar with ASP.NET MVC (understand routing, lifecycle management, authentication, authorization)

* Strong OO/AO skills and familiar with typical .NET tooling (Unity, Entity Framework, NuGet, Dapper, consuming WCF)

A candidate applying for a role on the desktop product should be similar, forsaking jQuery and ASP.NET MVC for WPF.

A candidate applying for work with our Simulation engine should understand the simulation domain quite well with tremendous skill in working with brownfield projects.

Overall people tend to thrive best in LLamasoft when they are happy to be autonomous and self-motivated; management in development takes a hands off approach. Teams generally work in whichever SCRUM fashion fits that group best.

Questions to careers@llamasoft.com.


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SoarTech | Ann Arbor, Orlando | Onsite | Software engineers for AI

AI, robots, and more.

SoarTech is seeking smart, energetic engineers to join us in advancing the state of the art in intelligent robotics control, serious games, cyber security, and other related fields. SoarTech provides its employees with creative high technology work, a flexible work environment (including schedule flexibility), and an excellent employee benefits program.

We are seeking skilled problem solvers with good design and programming skills in Java or C++ and specialists with experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI Engineers). Engineers at SoarTech participate in all phases of development and have opportunities to learn and advance ideas, technologies, and software products.


    * Design, document, implement, debug, and test software
    * Understand software system specifications and recommend improvements, this includes
    understanding the implications of system-level decisions and how to mitigate and leverage them
    * Participate in integrated test sessions with industry partners, academia and customers/sponsors
    * AI Engineers are also expected to implement algorithms, knowledge bases, complex logic, and other AI technologies

    * BS or MS in engineering, computer science, or a related discipline or equivalent experience
    * In-depth knowledge of either Java or C++
    * Ability to solve challenging technical problems and to support multiple projects simultaneously and efficiently
    * Ability to travel to support technical presentations, testing, and integration
    * For AI Engineers, knowledge of AI technologies such as expert systems, cognitive architectures,
    agent-based systems, search algorithms, planning, machine learning, machine vision, or speech
More info: http://www.soartech.com/careers/jobs/