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Burlington - 2 jobs in October 2015

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Veracode (www.veracode.com)

Burlington, MA

Hiring For: Cloud Engineer Systems Engineer Director of Channel Enablement (Services) Security Program Manager Customer Support Engineer Channel Marketing Manager

We are a software security company securing the worlds information. We have a great culture (hackathons), great benefits (unlimited time off :)) and much, much more. Interested? feel free to contact mpreshman@veracode.com.


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Exa (http://exa.com) Burlington, MA (on 128 outside Boston) | Full-time ONSITE | H1B welcome

We're a relatively small software company that develops simulation/analysis/design products that are used for product design in a number of industries (e.g. automotive, aerospace, and motorsports to name a few). We have a few open positions in the SW team:

- I manage the development of two products here -- PowerCASE (simultion preprocessor) and PowerACOUSTICS (numerical analysis post-processing tool), both both of which are C++ desktop applications developed Qt on Windows and Linux. We're looking to grow both of these teams to support some major new enhancements that are planned. Both roles are listed as "senior", but I'm flexible on the level of seniority.



- The team which develops PowerINSIGHT is also looking to add a couple of developers. PowerINSIGHT is a multi-platform desktop application (developed using C++, Qt, and some Python), which is used by engineers to help explore, compare, organize, and share the vast amounts of data generated by a series of fluid flow simulations.


- Finally, we have a team which is developing a product that provides web-based access to Exa's suite of engineering products (using Java/J2EE and various other web technologies), with a particular focus on managing simulation/analysis projects at a high level and supporting collaboration of multiple engineers working on the same projects.