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Cardiff - 1 jobs in October 2015

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Xuvasi Ltd - Cardiff, UK - Onsite - Full-Time - https://www.xuvasi.com

Do you want to work at a small dynamic company in South Wales (UK) that is leveraging emerging technologies to provide dynamic bespoke solutions to real-world customer problems? If so, then we at Xuvasi Ltd could be just what you are looking for!

With our innovative solutions for interfacing smart buildings and making them geniuses, context engine workflow solutions for dynamic knowledge gathering and exploitation, Natural Language Processing pipelines, and secure data sharing and security capabilities; working for us means addressing ever-evolving challenges.

We have several vacancies we are currently recruiting for, each having their own unique key focus but, of course, successful candidates have scope to get involved in everything we do.

  - Technical Researcher. Key Focus: City-scale Simulator Program.
  - Mid/Senior Developer. Key Focus: Cyber Situational Awareness.
  - Junior Developer. Key Focus: Secure Information Systems.
  - Open Recruitment. Call Key Focus: Complement the Team.
We're fairly open in terms of our technology stack, but our solutions currently leverage the following technologies: Ruby (on Rails), Java, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, NodeJS, Graph structures, JSON, and GIS.

Don't worry if you bring other skills as we're open to leveraging new technologies suitable to each job at hand; plus we're open to in-post development where appropriate. If you are curious, questioning, self-motivated, and want to lead your own team within a year then we want to hear from you!

Contact as at info [at] xuvasi [dot] com