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Cincinnati - 1 jobs in October 2015

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LISNR | Cincinnati, OH | Full time | ONSITE | http://www.lisnr.com

LISNR is a technology for sending data over inaudible sound waves played out of speaker infrastructure in sporting venues, concerts, music festivals, etc. Our API and web app allow marketers to create and send multimedia and web content to end users via smart tones. The whole team is ~25 with engineering (~10) and customer success in Cincinnati, OH; sales in NYC, and some connections in SF as well. Funding is good.

We are seeking an additional dev in each of web front-end (Angular), iOS, and Android. Our back-end team is well rounded and runs a Python/Django stack on AWS. Technical quality valued highly. We're predominantly onsite, but most dev team members do 1-2 days per week remote. Full job descriptions are available @ http://lisnr.com/careers.

I am the Lead Backend Developer on our dev team. Feel free to email me any technical or company questions (please mention HN in the subject). I can introduce you to our internal recruiter as well.