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Cupertino - 1 jobs in October 2015

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OttoQ Inc | Cupertino, CA | Android Developer | Full-Time/Onsite

We are a fast moving company whose mission is to alleviate the anxieties that surround parking. Fundamentally, the act of parking has not changed much over the last 50 years, with our solution: you simply find, park and pay if required, using your smart-phone. Our solution demands perfection in multiple disciplines ranging from hardware, embedded software, a robust backend and delightful applications (which is where you come in).

You are energetic, hungry for responsibility and want to shake up a few parking spots. You are detail oriented and treat your git-repo like a temple. You may or may-not like coffee, but like being around people who do! Most importantly: you crave a fun and fast paced ride.

If interested email us at jobs@ottoq.com with some cool stuff that you have built or help create. We can also help you relocate if there is a mutual match!