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Minneapolis - 2 jobs in October 2015

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Exosite | Minneapolis, MN | Full-Time | ONSITE | https://exosite.com

Exosite provides a platform for the internet of things. Primarily targeted at industrial automation and white goods product developers. Our bread and butter is helping old school hardware manufacturers connect their products to the internet.

We accepted a large minority investment from Parker Hannifin [1] a few months ago so we're in a bit of a hiring blitz. Here are the positions that are curretntly explicitly hiring:

  * Senior Software Engineer - Web Services
  * Front Line Support Specialist - Products
  * Director of Partnerships - Marketing
  * Director of Quality Assurance - Products
  * Platform Engineer - Operations
  * Senior Web UI Application Engineer - Products
  * Senior Web Services Engineer - Products
  * Information Security Analyst - Products
More info here: https://exosite.com/careers/

In addition to the explicitly listed positions we're also hiring for our large design services group that does contract development for projects that use our platform. So if you do anything from embedded development to web or mobile we'd like to hear from you.

[1] http://www.startribune.com/aerospace-firm-parker-hannifin-in....


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Optum - Minneapolis, MN - Software Engineer ONSITE

At Optum, we want to make health care work better for everyone. In doing so, we are changing a whole industry with our technology. If you are the kind of engineer that likes the idea of disrupting an industry with your technology, then we need you on our team.

We are currently building a team for a greenfield project that will provide some of the foundational services on which Optum applications are built. Think Facebook Graph API but for Healthcare. We are a small team with the ability to set our own agenda, select our own technologies and build software however we are most effective.

We are looking for rubyists, people that have experience building APIs, scalable systems, strong algorithmic and/or security backgrounds.

If you're interested in learning more please contact me at josh.cutler@optum.com