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North Bay - 1 jobs in October 2015

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Software Engineer | True Link Financial | San Francisco, CA (onsite)

Our software stands valiantly between scammers and grandma's money.

I found out about this big-hearted YC company from the June 1st Who's Hiring thread and started working full-time on June 15th. Here are some things I've done since then:

- Helped to train & mentor our talented first-job engineer (sourced through Hacker News!)

- Built internal features that made our Customer Support folks pretty much squeal with excitement

- Got to attend & report back on a brilliant event called 'Disrupt Bias' - featuring top researchers in that field

- Attended an INCREDIBLE annual offsite held at a beautiful North Bay ranch

- Watched 'lightning talks' by various team members about the Fermi Paradox, Frank Lloyd Wright, Coco Chanel & many more

- Was treated with compassion after a pretty ridiculous security misstep :/

- Got selected to speak at an upcoming conference that hasn't published its speaker list yet. :)

- Learned a ton about how payment processing works under the hood

- Used Twilio to add functionality to our phone system so our CS friends have a lower call volume

- Increased gif / screencap usage in PRs & code reviews

We're looking for nice people who have worked on hairy, wacky production full-stack code before - someone who can make things better without being rude, judgemental or arrogant about it. We'd prefer session musicians over rockstars.

Email jobs@truelinkfinancial.com and we'll get back to you within 2 business days, pinky swear!

keywords for you CMD+F types (not requirements) - rails, RoR, Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, ruby, fintech, full-stack, chinchillas