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Oakland - 3 jobs in October 2015

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Senior Python DevOps | https://UtilityAPI.com | Oakland, CA | REMOTE | Solar Job

=Company Description=

We are a white-label SaaS that is used by solar and energy efficiency companies to collect their customer's utility bill and usage data automatically. We write scripts that collect data from utilities, and these scripts can break unexpectedly when utilities change their interfaces, so being able to update them quickly is important. We recently got a large grant from the Department of Energy and closed a round of funding, so we have lots of runway. We are currently a team of six located downtown Oakland, and we are expanding rapidly.

=Job Description=

You will be helping test/maintain/monitor/optimize/scale the stack. Our current codebase is well organized, documented, and tested, and we will be adding compatibility for many new utilities over the next few years. We need to make sure our product stays top notch as we add utilities. You will have to visit Oakland periodically for all-hands meetings.


* At least 6 years of Python stack and Linux devops experience

* Experienced with: AWS, django, celery, redis, postgres

* U.S. citizen or green card

=How To Apply=

Email me, Daniel Roesler, a cover letter and a PGP-encrypted pdf resume. Please include links to your github, bitbucket, or personal side project website (for reference, mine is daylightpirates.org).

=For Solar Skeptics=

In the last few years, the solar industry reached "grid parity", which means that the unsubsidized installed cost is now cheaper than buying power from the grid. That's why this industry is the fastest growing industry in the country. This isn't some subsidy-dependent industry anymore. We work hard and we make real money (while conveniently also saving the planet).


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Seneca Systems | Redwood City, CA | Onsite | Full time | http://seneca.systems/careers

We’re rekindling love for public service in local government. Romulus https://romulusapp.com), our CRM for local government offices, is already helping civil servants from some of the world's largest cities (Oakland, SF, Chicago) track what matters most for over a hundred thousand constituents.

We're focused on hiring a diverse team of passionate individuals. We are a close community of individuals who care about building a sustainable company, culture, and contribution.

We are serious about our company values: http://seneca.systems/values

We're hiring for:

1. User interface developer / Product Designer. You will have full ownership over the public face of Romulus (https://romulusapp.com). From developing new product features with HTML/SCSS to defining the Romulus brand and character, we're looking for a creative individual that enjoys working with a tight-knit team. http://seneca.systems/careers/product/user-interface-develop...

2. Front End Engineer. Our front end is React on top of ES6/7. We have complex data visualizations for analytics and geospatial analysis across tens of thousands of nodes. We're huge fans of open source! http://seneca.systems/careers/product/front-end-engineer

3. Back End Engineer. Our back end is a combination of Ruby/Rails + Elixir. New development is almost exclusively in Elixir + Postgres. Project you'll be working on: geolocation with PostGIS, notification service to integrate across 311, text messages, emails, and in-app notifications, and advanced search. http://seneca.systems/careers/product/back-end-engineer

If you're at all interested, send me an email chris@seneca.systems.


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IKURA | Web | Oakland, CA | REMOTE

Ikura is pingdom meets CRON & we are looking for elixir + javascript hackers at this time. http://ikura.co & http://demo.ikura.co as well as our blog http://blog.ikura.co will tell you more about what we are up to.

Inquiries can be sent to nb [at the] ikura [dot] co