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San Diego - 4 jobs in October 2015

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PLEENQ | San Diego, California | ONSITE | $110k-$150k | Javascript/Node.js Full stack Developer

PLEENQ is a new patented technology that links products in images to the retailer's websites where they can be purchased. You can see a video of PLEENQ in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GfKBvs53Ss

Unlimited vacation (after trial period), unlimited snacks/drinks, results-oriented flexible work hours.

What my tech stack looks like: Node.js | Redis | Elasticsearch | RabbitMQ | MySQL (AWS Aurora) | Many AWS services | Front End: jQuery, SASS

Who I am looking for:

-Highly skilled in/mastery of javascript -- you understand prototyping, the async model, and writing both front and back end JS

-Fully proficient at writing in SQL (not just using an ORM) -Able to reason out a REST API that can be easily consumed by other developers

-Comfortable on a command line

-Basic familiarity with server administration (bonus points for being better at this area)

Bonuses/things that I'd be stoked to see:

-Experience with Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, Ansible, Docker (I don't use any right now, but you'll be moving PLEENQ to a better server solution)

-Proficiency in elasticsearch

-Experience building browser plugins (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

-Experience with PHP and building wordpress plugins

-Any experience with technologies surrounding affiliate marketing

-UI/UX or graphic design experience

Email justin@pleenq.com if you're interested in the position!


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CoachLogix (http://coachlogix.com) -- San Diego, CA. FULLTIME, ONSITE. -- Mid-level Django Engineer

We're an early growth stage SaaS startup seeking a mid-level Python-Django (Django Rest Framework) developer to work with our lead back-end architect to extend our core platform and build new RESTful APIs. Our clients include Walmart and Linkedin and we're preparing to launch a major partnership with one of the world's largest coaching organizations.

You would be a core part of our management platform team with a lot of ownership over specific projects and features. With that we expect you to be ambitious, creative and responsible. It will also require knowledge of the following languages, frameworks and tools:

  * Python
  * Django + Django Rest Framework
  * RESTful APIs
  * Git + Github
  * Vagrant and VirtualBox
  * MySQL
  * Comfortable with Linux and Linux-like command line environments
Ready for a challenge? Apply by email -- derek.edwards@coachlogix.com


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SOCi, Inc. | https://www.meetsoci.com/ | San Diego, local only

SOCi is a new age social media management platform that is reinventing the process of managing hundreds of social media accounts in a time-efficient manner. Winner of the San Diego Innovator of the Year (http://on.mktw.net/ZULfCc) and named a San Diego Venture Group 2014 and 2015 COOL Company, SOCi brings Big Brand social media campaign and promotion capabilities to small businesses and their service providers. PHP / MySQL / Backbone / Jasmine / NodeJS.

Software Engineer

We’re looking for someone who considers programming an art form; someone who loves writing elegant code and has an innate need to create components that are easy to reuse and work well together. The thought of copy-pasting coding should cause you to shiver in horror, and badly formatted code should give you nightmares.


QA Engineer

We’re looking for someone who is meticulously detail-oriented. You will need to have a natural itch to try to find new and innovative ways to break things and test for scenarios others can’t think of. Willingness and patience to execute manual tests repeatedly, coupled with an innate drive to try and automate everything so the former is not needed will make you an excellent candidate.



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FacialNetwork | San Diego, CA | iOS/Android/Web/Backend | Full time, on site

http://www.facialnetwork.com/ http://zoomauth.com/

Our facial recognition platform and technologies are revolutionizing the security, finance, enterprise, healthcare, hospitality, retail, and government sectors.

Languages/Technologies: - Swift/Objective-C/iOS/Xcode - Android SDK/Android Studio/Android NDK/JNI - Javascript - C++ - Node.js - SQL - MongoDB - PHP + Symfony2 - Appcelerator - HTML5/CSS3 - React - REST APIs - AWS - DevOps

Experience in the following areas is a plus: - Facial Recognition - SDK/API Design - Security - Graphics - Mobile app architecture

Pay range is 80k-150k/year + stock options.