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Victoria - 2 jobs in October 2015

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Sendwithus | San Francisco & Victoria BC | Onsite | www.sendwithus.com

Founded in 2013 graduated YC W2014, Sendwithus is a Transactional email SaaS that is making email better, bold claim but we are doing it. Our goal is to make it easier to send better email and we need you to help us make that experience even better. No newsletters here.

What we offer: Competitive salary + equity + benefits + vacation + parental leave. Rapid professional growth. Work with an amazing team of like minded professionals/ tech nerds. Take part in annual company retreat (Went to Whistler for 2015). Work hand-in-hand with our clients to solve real problems, create interesting features, and design beautiful UI. Snacks, Lunches, Birthday Fest.

We are looking for a Lead Developer for our Frontend App. You will lead our technical design team and the implementation of our main dashboard. Make high-level decisions about architecture. Build Technical roadmaps & prioritize front-end development projects. Implement new dashboard features in Javascript, HTML, & CSS. Work with our Customer Success team to find common roadblocks with the UI. 2+ years experience

If you like what you see shoot us a email with your Github (or equivalent), and a cover letter to jobs@sendwithus.com | https://www.sendwithus.com/jobs


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Sendwithus|San Francisco CA & Victoria BC|Full-time|Onsite|www.sendwithus.com

Sendwithus is a Transactional Email company that is making email better, bold claim but it is true. We are looking for an amazing Senior Engineer for infrastructure. We are looking for that pro that can help us scale our backend as we grow into an enterprise feature service. We are trying to take over the world of email and are looking for that serious Developer that can crack the code with us.

What do we offer? Competitive salary + equity + benefits. Be challenged and rewarded as you take a lead role in our engineering team. Rapid professional growth. Work with an amazing team of like minded hackers/nerds. Unique experiences working with our customer base to solve problems. Collaborative approach to solving problems and creating new features. Fun team culture - annual team retreat, group lunches, birthday fest.

What will you be doing?

Working with our engineering team to design, build and scale platform features. Making high-level technical decisions about architecture and database design. Identifying performance problems and crafting creative solutions. Experimenting with new technologies and solutions. Separating our primary app into separate microservices. *Interacting with customers to learn common road-blocks, bottlenecks and technical requirements.

If you want to take on the world with us, take on unique challenges and fun problems send as an email at jobs@sendwithus.com www.sendwithus.com/jobs/senior-engineer-infrastructure