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Ann Arbor - 4 jobs in November 2015

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University of Michigan | Ann Arbor | Full-time | Onsite

This may be the only "Who's Hiring?" posting this month (possibly ever?) that offers the opportunity to work directly with brain surgeons in an operating room. The Neurosurgery Department at the University of Michigan is hiring for a unique position in a lab developing tools to distinguish cancerous tissue during surgery. The HR-sanitized posting of the position is here:


...but we are really looking for someone with a software passion who wants to gain experience in a biomedical environment, perhaps as a pathway to graduate studies or medical school. A C++ background would be ideal, but any numerical computing (Python/NumPy, MATLAB, R, Julia) or functional (Ocaml, Haskell, Scala, Clojure/Incanter, any Lisp...) programming experience is a plus. Experience developing in any of OpenCV, ITK, VTK, Point Cloud Library, or ImageJ would also be a plus as the position will include microscopy, image analysis, and surgical navigation (look up "BrainLab" or "Medtronic StealthStation" to see what this looks like). At least initially, it will also require some hands-on wet-lab work (training will be provided -- the listed lab experience is negotiable). Above all, we are looking for intense curiosity and a willingness to get your hands dirty with software, hardware, and wetware.

I am the lab PI, and I was referred to this board by a friend who said he frequently sees HN posts asking about getting in to the biomedical field with a CS background. This job provides such an opportunity. We are a small, young, and ambitious clinical-translational lab with an extremely productive (multiple publications in a Science journal) collaboration with one of the top spectroscopy groups in the world. Do note that this is an academic lab position, so we can't offer anywhere near Bay Area salaries. (but Ann Arbor's QoL/CoL ratio is absolutely fantastic!)


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Olark < https://www.olark.com > | SF, Ann Arbor | Full-time | REMOTE (PST timezone though)

== About Us ==

Olark was founded with the goal of helping small businesses create deeper (and more human!) connections with their customers. Since our initial funding from Y Combinator in 2009, we have bootstrapped a profitable company centered around a simple, powerful, and beautiful chat product that 9000+ businesses use every day to talk to customers. With two major offices and remote teammates across the world, our small 30-person organization is tight-knit and collaborative despite the distance between us. We believe our positive, participatory, and peer-driven team culture plays a big part in driving our growing success. Come chat with us about it!

== Positions ==

Are you fanatical about providing great customer support and have meticulous attention to detail?

Olark is looking for a new member to join our crack support team, doing front line chat and email support. We're specifically looking for someone comfortable identifying and debugging HTML, CSS + JS issues, reading through logs, and discovering issues with third party integrations and webhooks.

Info + application here: https://www.olark.com/jobs


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Root Inc. | NodeJS Developer | Toledo, OH | ONSITE | Full-time

Root is looking for a candidate with a degree in Computer Science (or an associated field) and/or 1-3 years’ experience in web application development and dev-ops engineering to join our programming team. This position will work with cross functional teams (including front end developers, digital artists, film makers, graphic designers, and script writers) to develop and maintain web applications.

If you’re a jack-of-all trades that enjoys participating in a project throughout the entire lifecycle, we would love to talk to you! We look forward to a lively conversation about such topics as source control, build scripts, automated testing, and the merits of different production environments…. and hope you do too.

We have an awesome work environment and we're right off Rt. 23 so several of our employees are able to commute from Ann Arbor, MI. https://www.rootinc.com/about-us/careers/node-js-developer/


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LLamasoft | Ann Arbor, MI | Full Time, On Site | http://llamasoft.com | http://www.llamasoft.com/about-us/careers/jobs/

LLamasoft is a leader in the realm of supply chain design. We build desktop and SaaS (and SaaS-on-prem) supply chain design tools that scale with your supply chain's complexity. We have a large consulting arm to help implement projects with our tools and principles, but I'm an engineer here so I'll simply speak to that.

Our software org is

* About 40-50 people (including product engineers, product managers, product owners)

* A .NET shop (WPF on the desktop, ASP.NET MVC + jQuery on the web)

* A great place for professional development (seriously!)

* Scrum / agile based

An ideal candidate is

* Highly autonomous and self motivated

* Willing to defend their decisions, willing to acquiesce when others have merit

* Comfy with the .NET stack

Feel free to ask me any questions or email careers@llamasoft.com.