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Nashville - 4 jobs in November 2015

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Preferral | Nashville, TN | REMOTE (or onsite)

Looking for Front-end, or Back-end, or system integration folks.

We use:

  * Rails (4.2)
  * Postgres
  * RSpec/Capybara
  * Elasticsearch
  * React
  * Redux
  * Webpack
  * Mocha/chai
  * Knockout (moving away from it though)
  * MirthConnect
Come join a small but high impact team working to improve healthcare access and efficiency. We take patient referrals online. Why? Because patients currently move through the healthcare system via faxes and phone calls from healthcare travel agents. As a result patients frequently end up at a non-optimal specialist, if they end up with a specialist at all. Sometimes it takes more than 2 weeks just to book a referral appointment. We fix this. There's a huge amount of value to be added (and captured) in bringing patient referrals online.

As a company we believe in work/life balance, continual learning, and a friendly and productive environment. We'd love to hear from you!

Shoot me an email at jon@preferral.com


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Outset Data Corp. | Nashville, TN | Co-Founder/CTO | Part Time | Remote okay, but Onsite would be better.

Python, Django, AngularJS

Outset is quanitfying pre-revenue startups in ways no one has before. We are at the beginning of a 3 phase process to learn what moves companies from idea, to revenue to growth and serve that data back to those who find it valuable.

We have validated our idea both through our own needs and the needs of a large group of our customers. We have a strong beta list with some A players in the industry and a growing wait list with zero marketing/ad/PR. Starting in a niche market & expanding down the road.

Currently building our self funded MVP. Meaningful equity on the table for coming in on the ground floor and taking ownership of the product.

sam at outset dot vc if interested. http://outset.vc


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Nashville, TN • Pensacola, FL • Fayetteville, AR • Conway, AR

Full Time, Onsite or Remote.

Metova builds apps for any size company, from Fortune 500 to start-ups. We enjoy helping start-ups become brand names and corporations launch new products.

-- iOS Developer --


-- Android Developer --


More information on our culture: http://metova.com/ourculture/

You can apply directly to jobs@metova.com


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TechnolgyAdvice | Nashville, TN | Full time | REMOTE / ONSITE

About Us: We have a full JavaScript stack. React / Flux on the front-end, NodeJS-centric SOA on the back. We're independently profitable, solving awesome problems, and open-sourcing as many of those solutions as we can. Check those out on our Github (https://github.com/TechnologyAdvice) -- DevLab just hit the HN front page yesterday. We're growing by leaps and bounds and are passionate about cutting hours of research out of our friends' business technology decisions. We have a mature and productive dev culture, and get to spend most of our time working on entirely new, modern codebases, with super smart people on a team that's 50% coast-to-coast remote.

Senior Software Enginer (Front-end):

We're looking for engineers who are experienced with React and have a deep understanding of JavaScript. Perhaps you're doing React in your off hours, or are building React on top of an existing tech stack. At TA, you'll be able to work in React / Flux / Webpack full time. Our code base is only a few months old, so there's no need to worry about drowning in "mission-critical" legacy projects.

Apply Online: https://technologyadvice.applytojob.com/apply/DAZ3IB/Senior-...

Mid-to-Senior Software Engineers (Back-end):

We love passionate engineers. Applicants here should have a firm grasp of Node and Javascript in general, but we write microservices and use the best tool for the job, so knowing more outside of that ecosystem is heavily valued. We develop, test, and deploy in Docker, utilizing AWS for everything from hosting to message queues to our data warehouse. Our new microservices-based platform is still in its infancy, so we'd love to hear from architecturally-minded folks who love fresh design challenges.

Apply Online: https://technologyadvice.applytojob.com/apply/kPsEfJ/Senior-...

Product Owner/Project Manager:

We're growing like crazy and have hit the point where we need someone to help us manage a sane agile workflow. At the same time, we're launching a whole new industry-first project, and we're looking for a project manager who also has experience receiving feedback from customers and users both internal and external, and creating/prioritizing user stories for the team. Technical experience is appreciated -- we'd love a PM who understands microservices, messaging queues, and enough technobabble to glean statuses from engineer chatter without a lot of pausing for explanation.

Apply Online: https://technologyadvice.applytojob.com/apply/QEmxsl/Product...