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New York City - 88 jobs in November 2015

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Major League Baseball Advanced Media | NYC or SF | Software Engineer or Technical Project Manager

MLBAM is the technology and digital media division of Major League Baseball, delivering end-to-end content solutions over web, mobile, and connected devices. Partners outside of MLB include HBO, PGA, WWE, NHL, and more. Read about how MLBAM is at the cutting edge of a major industry shift in which more and more people will choose to consume content via over-the-top subscription services instead of traditional cable: http://www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2015/08/05/how-the-nh.... Also check out our CTO's keynote at last month's AWS Re:invent conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAmpZ2sk400.

We are growing extremely fast and looking for talented software engineers and technical project managers to support that growth as we prepare to spin off into an independent technology company. Our headquarters is inside Chelsea Market in Manhattan with another development office in San Francisco. Please shoot me an email for more info (I'm an engineer, so I can answer any of your questions).


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JPMorgan Athena | NYC and London | Full Time | ONSITE I expect you’ve heard of JPMorgan at some point, but probably aren’t familiar with Athena. We’re the bank’s in-house platform for cross-asset pricing, risk management, trade management, e-trading, etc.. There’s a core division (cleverly named “Athena Core”) of about 150 engineers which builds a platform and development libraries that are then used by over 5,000 developers throughout the bank. The Core Analytics team currently has 8 members and is responsible for extending Athena to research teams and for reducing the gap between research and production use. To give a simplified example, our typical customer is a quant who might be attempting to create a new pricing model. Core Analytics would help him access relevant data sets, explore that data with a library of common statistical functions to, verify the new model with a back-testing framework, and then finally publish the model to production. Python and C++ are the primary languages, but we’re open to considering exceptional developers with any background. Finance experience is certainly not required. Our two main offices are in NYC and London; we also have satellites in Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and Singapore.

Email Christine.h.ko@jpmchase.com to apply.


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Sustainable Engineering Lab @ Columbia University | Full Stack Engineer | New York, NY (NYC) | ONSITE

Looking for work that can have a real positive impact? Our projects span software, hardware and geography in an effort to increase access to resources that improve the human condition [1], [2], [3]. We're looking for a software engineer with full stack knowledge to help us build our platform for sustainable development. You'll be joining an open-minded peer group of hackers and academics working in Python, R, Javascript, PostgreSQL, Node.js, MongoDB, and React among other technologies. Interest in design is a plus. Potential for international travel.

Send resume to cn2302@columbia.edu

[1] Our site: http://sel.columbia.edu

[2] Our solar irrigation work in Senegal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yjz8ox40YZM

[3] Mapping the grid in Nigeria: http://sel.columbia.edu/nigerian-utility-kedco-maps-10-milli...


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DramaFever - FT in NYC, Philly or REMOTE - Android & iOS Engineers

We're a group of 130+ people building an experience for the shows and movies our customers love watching. With roughly 50 other engineers, you'll be responsible for creating a user experience enjoyed by millions. DramaFever is responsible for: dramafever.com, shudder.com, docclub.com… and more to come!

- We're looking for engineers who will take ownership of functionality and deliver the best solution possible. - Our stack includes python, go, AngularJS, AWS, docker, chef, etc. - Strong written and verbal communication is one of the most important parts of our jobs. - We are fully funded, but the start-up nature and environment is still thriving (expect booze, beanbags, and bike workstations in the office). - We offer a lot of flexibility in our work structure - what you deliver is what counts.

See more at: http://www.dramafever.com/company/careers.html


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Oscar Insurance is a healthcare startup using technology, data & design to change the way people find and access care. We are disrupting the healthcare industry by putting people first, not business and cost. www.hioscar.com

We're currently hiring for a variety of Full-time/Onsite roles here in our New York City location.

Software Engineer: Data https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/16268?gh_jid=16268

Software Engineer:Platform: https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/13633?gh_jid=13633 IT Engineer: https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/32248?gh_jid=32248

Software Engineer: Product: https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/13586?gh_jid=13586

Site Reliability Engineer: https://www.hioscar.com/about/jobs/13255?gh_jid=13255

Oscar was recently valued at $1.75 billion following a $32.5 million investment by Google Capital. http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015/09/15/google-bets-on-insura....

Check out our Engineering Blog for updates on new projects: http://dna.hioscar.com/tagged/engineering

If you have any questions please contact Erin: erin@hioscar.com


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JPMorgan • New York City / Brooklyn • Full Time • Onsite

The New Product Development (NPD) group at J.P. Morgan is seeking Haskell engineers to join our software development team. NPD focuses on high-impact and transformative technologies and solutions serving the bank and its customers, via exploratory R&D leading to rapid pilot and production deployments. Successful projects are handed off to a partner line-of-business group while blocked or infeasible projects “fail fast.” You will work with a highly creative and talented team to transform how JPM does business.

The ideal candidate will be able to work closely with a group but also drive projects independently. Developers are encouraged to interact at every level of product development. New projects arise frequently with ample opportunity for developers to spearhead new efforts. Open source contributions are encouraged.

Exposure and expertise in any of the following areas is desirable:

· Network engineering

· Cryptography engineering

· Distributed Systems

· Programming language design (e.g. compilers, interpreters, development tools)

· Database Systems

· Software assurance / verification (Model Checking (TLA+), QuickCheck, Jepsen, Coq, HOL)

· Industrial/production Haskell development

The Haskell group in NPD is focused on solutions in blockchain/distributed databases; smart-contract DSLs; REST APIs; data anonymization; probabilistic modelling; and ML tooling. We are Haskellers who enjoy leveraging ever-more-powerful abstractions and maximal expressivity to deliver robust, correct, performant, maintainable and generally kick-a$$ software.

I'm one of the tech leads in the group, please email me at first name dot last name at gmail dot com if you wanna learn more ( please include a CV and perhaps a cover letter), and include "functional enterprise job" in the subject.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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New York, NY | ONSITE, REMOTE | Multiple Positions | Fulltime | Neota Logic, Inc. Help us engineer the future

At Neota Logic, we have been developing a no-code hybrid reasoning SaaS platform that domain experts can use to develop highly intelligent web applications. We are a small engineering team looking for two experienced and skilled engineers; a full-stack and a Java GUI expert.

If you want to be part of an exciting crew, work on challenging tasks, and are good at throwing rubber bands at people, drop us a line. If you’ve read SiCP (and understood more than half of it), we’ve been waiting for you! Expect lots of fun across the board; we have many (about 42) interesting problems waiting for a sharp mind to solve them.

MS and above in Computer Science strongly preferred. Remote for exceptional and proven candidates.

Java GUI expert Skills/Qualifications: * Strong CS background * Can think through problems and design the solution appropriately * Lots of experience with Java Swing and JavaFX * Experience with any Java GUI automation testing tool * UX experience desired but not required.

Full stack expert Skills/Qualifications: * Strong CS background * Can think through problems and design the solution appropriately * Experience with a multitude of languages and tools. If you are not familiar with what we are using (Scala/Java/Play/Ant/git), you should be prepared to learn.

More information available at http://www.neotalogic.com. Please contact me directly with your resume and any questions: jarvis --- at --- neotalogic.com


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General Assembly | New York, NY | Full Time | REMOTE | ONSITE

Recently voted Fast Company’s #1 Most Innovative Company in Education and #28 Most Innovative Company in the world, General Assembly is a venture-backed, post-Series C, NYC-based startup in our fourth year. General Assembly transforms thinkers into creators through education and opportunities in technology, business, and design. We offer classes, workshops, long-form courses, and events in worldwide markets including New York where we are headquartered, Atlanta, Austin, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Melbourne, and Washington DC. We also partner with Fortune 500 companies to spur innovation through increased digital fluency and more effective approaches to collaboration.

Looking for:

• Senior Developer (REMOTE | ONSITE) https://boards.greenhouse.io/generalassembly/jobs/29901#.Vjf...

• Data Engineer (ONSITE) https://boards.greenhouse.io/generalassembly/jobs/50830#.Vjf...


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New York, NY | Backend Engineer | FULL-TIME | ONSITE |

## Looking for:

- Senior Backend Engineer https://angel.co/winendine/jobs/95402-senior-backend-develop...

- Senior iOS Developer https://angel.co/winendine/jobs/79368-senior-ios-developer

## Phyton, Django, SQL, AWS, Aurora

Competitive Benefits and unlimited vacation policy. If interested please reach out to jobs@winendine.com.

Young Americans spend more money dining out than they do on grocery shopping. They view spending the night at a great restaurant as a social opportunity, yet have difficulty discovering where to go and what to order.

Wine 'n Dine, a restaurant and dish discovery app, has gained early traction, raised a substantial round of funding and are rapidly developing solutions for a problem we deeply understand.

Our team is small and nimble and we plan to keep it that way. Builders. Doers. No talkers. Self managers. No politics. Humans who thrive in high impact situations. We're tackling an exciting problem and we're having a great time doing it.

If interested please email jobs@winendine.com!


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WayUp (formerly Campus Job - YCW15) - https://www.wayup.com/joinus/ (ONSITE)

WayUp is the largest marketplace for college students to find part-time jobs, internships, and full-time entry level jobs for graduating students. Everyone remembers their first job. And now, we’re helping everyone get their first job. We democratize hiring by enabling all companies, no matter how big a recruiting team you have (or don't), to easily reach amazing students all over the country.

We are one of the quickest-growing companies from our batch, and we're growing out our engineering team and looking for great hackers who love getting features in the hands of users. We're absolutely obsessed with our users and making the experience of finding a job better, and you should be too. We're looking for all types of roles, including a senior engineering hire to help us scale:

- Senior Engineering Lead (Python, previous leadership experience - help us scale our team and develop great engineering processes)

- Back-end developer (Python/Django, excited to work with tools like Elasticsearch, Aloglia, Redis, etc.)

- Jr iOS developer

- Designer (UX/Graphic/HTML/CSS)

- Don't see what you're looking for? Reach out anyway!

We're based in New York City and we're tons of fun--we work with college students all day long :)

Come join us! https://www.wayup.com/joinus/


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IBM Watson | Multiple positions | Pittsburgh | Onsite | Full-time | Citizen; Visa for well-qualified candidates | Scala; Java; Python; Ruby; C; Golang; Watson Explorer

Want to be a part of a quickly growing product team, fueled by customers' never-ending thirst for knowledge? IBM Watson Pittsburgh has dominion over Watson Explorer and two recently released Watson Developer Cloud services: Document Conversion and Retrieve & Rank. We're a large, hilarious family seated in the heart of Squirrel Hill, a neighborhood of bonnie Pittsburgh. No office parks or egregious commutes here - unless you live waaay outside the city!


Currently open:

* L2 Support * Product Management

There are likely to be software engineering jobs opening very soon, so bookmark this post and come back to that link in a couple of weeks. If you apply, make sure that you've completed the (admittedly lengthy) entire application. If I see it, I'll respond with a thank you message!

Watson's entry-level/college graduate machine, the Blue Spark program, is running right now. http://www-03.ibm.com/employment/ and search for `watson blue spark`. We have offices all over, in NYC, Boston, Columbus, Austin, San Jose, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, and more. If you're graduating in December or in May, give it a shot! You can use the first link above and simply search for "Blue Spark" if you want me to get notified that you've applied.

I'm the software engineer tech lead on the Watson Explorer connectivity team and former consultant with the product's Professional Services team. I've been around a long while and I can rightfully say that Watson group really does move quickly lives up to the "startup speed" thing seen in the press. Watson seems a lot different from what we've all thought is IBM, and I'm glad to be a part of the team keeping it that way.

You can read my post history for more about our interview process, our team functions, and our excellent culture that has a ridiculously high retention rate in our engineering department.

If you want to chat with me, hit me up on Pittsburgh Code & Supply's Slack chat (http://www.codeandsupply.co/chat) or email me <my hn username> at us · ibm · com with "Hacker News" in the subject.


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Peloton Cycle | NYC, NY | Onsite | Full-time | https://www.pelotoncycle.com

At Peloton we are changing the way people get fit by delivering live-streaming indoor cycling classes to the most advanced indoor bike.

Remote positions considered for the right candidate.

We are actively looking for:

* Software Engineer (Python) - https://www.pelotoncycle.com/company/careers/oDxKYfwC

* Frontend Engineer - https://www.pelotoncycle.com/company/careers/onAKYfwp

* iOS Engineer - https://www.pelotoncycle.com/company/careers/onyb0fwQ

* Android Engineer - https://www.pelotoncycle.com/company/careers/oesJYfw7

* Software Engineer (DevOps) - https://www.pelotoncycle.com/company/careers/ovb7Zfww

More info: https://www.pelotoncycle.com/company/careers or just shoot us an email jobs@pelotoncycle.com


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New York, NY | Software & Mobile Engineering & Deep Learning/Computer Vision Research | Clarifai, Image Recognition | http://clarifai.com/careers | Full-time | On-site

Join our team backed by USV, Google ventures, NVDIA, Qualcomm, Osage, Lux Capital, LDV Capital & Corazon Capital. Software/Infrastructure Engineers, Android & iOS Engineers, Lead DevOps Engineer, API/Developer Support Engineer, Front End Engineers, Research Scientists & Research Engineers: Deep Learning & Computer Vision, GPU Engineers & Data Scientists Clarifai was founded in 2013 by Matthew Zeiler to bring the world’s best image recognition technology to market. Our expertise in deep neural networks helped us achieve the world’s best published image labeling results [ImageNet 2013]. Since then Clarifai’s deep learning systems have improved orders of magnitude in speed, vocabulary size, memory footprint and have expanded beyond images to extract knowledge from all forms of data. See what we’ve built and demo it here: clarifai.com.


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Appboy-New York-Full Time-ONSITE

Appboy is currently looking for full time software engineers to join their team! Appboy is a NYC based start-up specializing in smart marketing automation. Our powerful SDK and dashboard have enabled companies like Urban Outfitters, Samsung, EPIX and iHeartMedia to create targeted marketing campaigns to their users.

Check out our open positions and feel free to apply! If you have any additional questions please email Cat Espiritu at cat.espiritu@appboy.com.

Android Developer:http://grnh.se/mk7sjd iOS Engineer: http://grnh.se/2iwr38 Full Stack Engineer:http://grnh.se/a65pdv Sustainable Software Engineer:http://grnh.se/o1n804


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Kensho: Boston, MA (Cambridge), New York, NY (NYC), San Francisco (SF), Stamford, CT: FULL TIME Software Engineers, Data Scientists (esp. Machine Learning or NLP), SRE, SET, or UI Designers ONSITE

Kensho's growing engineering team [0] overlooks Harvard Sq. We are making financial analysis faster, accessible, intuitive and beautiful through our partnerships with Goldman Sachs [1] and CNBC [2].

Please say hello at https://kensho.com/#/careers

To really get our attention:

* Engineers: Prolific technologists who think sharply, code swiftly, and are never blocked on small problems. Major bonus points for experience with sophisticated timeseries analysis or scaling content ingestion pipelines.

* Data Scientists: Experience at-scale with machine learning, NLP or modeling (PhD preferred).

* UI Designers: A portfolio/demo that shows how you would display complex data in intuitive, beautiful and engaging ways.

Technologies we use:

  * python, pandas, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn, nltk, et al.

  * Javascript, React, Angular, d3

  * Google Cloud Platform

[0] http://kensho.com/#team

[1] http://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2015-07-28/how-goldma...

[2] https://www.cnbc.com/kensho


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Uber | Full-time | San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; NYC, NY; Other offices globally - http://bit.ly/1ED5x3m

We have numerous open positions in engineering, product, data science, and other roles. Come help us solve hard problems. You also get free Uber credit! Feel free to email me for more info: <my hn username>@uber.com


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DramaFever - FT in NYC, Philly or REMOTE - Android & iOS Engineers

We're a group of 130+ people building an experience for the shows and movies our customers love watching. With roughly 50 other engineers, you'll be responsible for creating a user experience enjoyed by millions. DramaFever is responsible for: dramafever.com, shudder.com, docclub.com… and more to come!

* We're looking for engineers who will take ownership of functionality and deliver the best solution possible.

* Our stack includes python, go, AngularJS, AWS, docker, chef

* Strong written and verbal communication is one of the most important parts of our jobs.

* We are fully funded, but the start-up nature and environment is still thriving (expect booze, beanbags, and bike workstations in the office).

* We offer a lot of flexibility in our work structure - what you deliver is what counts.

See more at: http://www.dramafever.com/company/careers.html


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LiquidTalent | ONSITE in NYC

LiquidTalent allows you to click a button and request a phone call with awesome hiring companies (for both contract and full-time).

Hirers need to respond within 30 minutes or else the request expries, and you'll know what they decide in that time.

We're looking for a senior Rails dev to help us build out more powerful search and discovery features on our platform. You'd be working with the engineer lead (Rails dev), 1 other junior Rails dev, 1 senior Angular dev, and 1 Swift dev.

We're a super early startup with seed funding. It's an amazing time to join, as you'll have a lot of autonomy, and you'll have a good amount of control over the direction of the product. Every week is a completely different experience.

If any of this sounds interesting, contact me at ken {at} liquidtalent {dot} com



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Opencare | Toronto, ON | Full-time | Onsite

Opencare is on a mission to transform healthcare. We are building a data-driven doctor recommendation engine. In other words, we use millions of data points to connect you and your loved ones with healthcare providers who will get you healthy, faster.

We are a technology company that happens to be in healthcare, and we treat ourselves as such. We're looking for incredibly smart, insatiably curious engineers to join our team. Currently a team of 12 (seed-stage), we're funded by top investors from the valley and NYC and growing extremely quickly.

Read more: http://careers.opencare.com/p/a36eb7dfd424-senior-software-e...


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PromptWorks - New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA. ONSITE. Relocation assistance available.

We are a development shop that focuses on software craftsmanship. Our calling is to help companies create amazing, intuitive web applications, APIs, products, and services.

Pair programming, continuous integration & delivery, kaizen, and TDD/BDD aren't just ideas we pay lip service to, but core practices of our day-to-day work.

Open positions in Philadelphia:

    - Senior Software Engineer
    - Software Engineer
    - Senior Front-end Engineer
    - Sales Intern
Open positions in New York:

    - Senior Software Engineer
We use lots of Ruby, Python and JavaScript.

More info: http://www.promptworks.com/jobs/


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CLVmetrics |Lead Front-End Engineer - Early Employee | Philadelphia, PA w/ NYC 2016 | Onsite w/ some Remote

CLVmetrics (http://www.clvmetrics.com) is a technology company with a simple but important belief: companies should treat their customers differently based on each customer’s lifetime value (CLV) to the business. Our goal is to enable firms to do so by providing access to the cutting-edge statistical models of co-founder Wharton Professor Peter Fader that forecast customer behavior far into the future.

To accomplish this goal and allow companies to implement customer-centric marketing strategies, our world-class team of statisticians, marketers, and engineers is building an enterprise-grade cloud-based analytics suite to commercialize our own award-winning research on consumer behavior, marketing theory, and statistics. Our team has the technical expertise across stack to implement our models at scale, and we are looking to add an expert front-end developer to the team to help us design and develop a stunning front-end that will allow our customers to discover novel insights about their customers, develop marketing interventions around CLV, and track the results of those actions.

Candidates should be comfortable with a major JS framework such as React/Angular and a visualization library such as d3. Candidates should also have a strong sense for UI/UX.

The key challenges that you will face are:

-Presenting a new metric: Predictive CLV is a new metric that has never been accessible before. The success of its penetration depends critically on effective communication to our clients.

-Visualization of massive data sets: We need to present output from millions of customers and billions of transactions in an elegant and simple-to-understand fashion.

-Design for different stakeholders: We need dashboards and visualizations appropriate for a range of audiences from performance marketers to the C-suite.

Please email justin@clvmetrics.com to apply.


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AngelList - SF, NYC, REMOTE

Eng team is 14. We look for generalists who can do product too. Email me directly - kapil at angel.co



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SocialCode (socialcode.com) - San Francisco, CA, New York, NY, and Washington DC - http://socialcode.com/company/open-positions/

SocialCode is a technology and insights company that manages digital advertising for the world's leading consumer brands. We decode human intentions and deliver actionable feedback from consumer data on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

If you're interested, email me directly at greg.f@socialcode


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Full Stack Developer @ J.Crew 770 Broadway New York, NY 10003 (ONSITE) We are looking for a Full Stack Developer who is eager to work on some of the best work of his/her life. This position will focus on the User Interface portion of the stack, but the ideal candidate should also have a monstrous appetite to learn and work on every aspect of software development. Tasks will include researching new techniques/frameworks, building new APIs/standalone apps, brainstorming creative solutions to tough technical problems, and automating deployments. Responsibilities: - Working with the product team to design, build, and deploy user interfaces - Improving and adding features to existing applications - Troubleshooting client issues - Maintaining a robust test-suite Must Have: - Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or a related field Math, engineering, etc.) - Experience with nodejs - Experience with cross browser development and with at least one Javascript framework (Backbone, Angular, etc) - Experience building applications on REST APIs - Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) - You should also be organized, an independent thinker, and a good team player Nice to have: - Experience in a functional language (Clojure, Scala, Haskell) - Familiarity with technologies like git, lodash, jquery, require, react, promises, etc. Contact: megan.layton@jcrew.com


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Applecart | New York, NY | Full-time Onsite

Applecart is a technology start-up that deploys proprietary social graph technology to enable its clients to run smarter national and statewide political, issue-based advocacy, nonprofit, and corporate campaigns. Part high-level political consulting firm, part data-driven R+D lab, Applecart develops innovative technical solutions custom-built to solve the most significant problems facing American national and statewide campaign efforts, national advocacy organizations, and corporations. Applecart is perhaps best known for creating the largest voter turnout increase in U.S. history. Our roots are in politics, where we have tested and honed our methodologies at the largest scales possible. Applecart brings the urgency, efficiency, and ingenuity of a political campaign to campaigns and large corporate and nonprofit organizations alike.

Applecart’s work has been featured by The Colbert Report, CNN, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, USA Today, The Huffington Post, among other prominent news outlets.

We are hiring for various positions in NYC. We are currently looking for candidates to fill the following roles: Junior Python Engineer, Hadoop Developer, Data Scientist, Senior Data Scientist, Senior Python Engineer, System Administrator, and Python QA Engineer.

For more information, or to apply, please visit https://applecart.catsone.com/careers/index.php?m=portal&por...


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Jun Group | New York, NY | Orange County, CA | Full Time | ONSITE

Our name means truth, and our culture is all about openness and honesty. This is a place where individuals are heard, diverse perspectives are encouraged, and the CEO makes time to take everyone to lunch, one and two at a time. It’s a place where we ask every developer to spend part of their time going beyond our strategy, to show us their own.

When you work here you develop on the national stage, reaching tens of millions of users around the world, thousands of times a second, every day. Our technology is integrated into the world’s most popular apps and sites. Our clients are household names: Coke, Samsung, Chevy, Activision, McDonald's, Kraft, etc. We were rated #54 on Crain’s Best 100 Places to Work in NYC.

Senior Software Developer, Android. Work on our native SDKs that are installed on millions of devices around the world. Compensation $200k+

Senior Software Developer, Server Side Technologies. We use Ruby (JRuby on Rails) or Scala (Play Framework). Compensation $200k+

More information about these positions can be found on our careers page, here: https://careers.jobscore.com/jobs2/jungroup?sid=68


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Canopy - http://canopyapps.com - NYC - ONSITE

Android Engineer

We’re seeking a full-time Android Engineer to join our small, collaborative team and own the end-to-end development of our Android applications.

You'll be responsible for building, launching and maintaining the next generation of our Android apps that help 30+ million non-English speakers in the US gain access to better healthcare by enabling clinicians to communicate instantly and accurately across different languages.

If you're interested in joining a sharp, motivated team as the 4th developer and 8th employee -- send your info to mcullinan@canopyapps.com

Our products: Canopy's technology helps healthcare providers and patients communicate across language barriers.

- For Patients: Better understanding of care

- For Healthcare Providers: Enhanced productivity and ability to deliver care

- For Health Systems: Reduce cost, enhance legal compliance and improve quality of care for underserved communities

Canopy is the winner of innovation awards from the National Institutes of Health, and is a winner of the 2014 PILOT Health Tech NYC award. Our products are used by 100,000+ doctors, nurses and other clinicians across the country.

Why us? We're a small tight knit team located in the heart of NYC, working to solve the language barrier problem in healthcare and improve the health of millions.


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Priceline.com | New York, NY | Norwalk, CT |Visa Support

Hiring: Engineers UX/UI Designers Technical Writers Product Managers Android Developers iOS Developers Interns Sales


Great place to work on fun products with smart people. Awesome work/life balance and lots of new and exciting projects. Feel free to reach out hannah.buchanan@priceline.com (I am a front end developer)


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PolicyGenius | Front-End/UI Engineer | Brooklyn, NYC, NY | Full-Time | Onsite

The role:

We're looking for a mid-to-senior-level front-end/UI engineer to help us build and maintain the UI of our apps.

About you:

- You’re a front-end developer with a sharp focus on clean design and modular component-based code.

- You have a strong opinion on BEM/OOCSS/SMACSS or the modular CSS architecture of your choice

- You believe in the value of creating and maintaining a living styleguide

- You’ve contributed to a Rails and/or React app, creating maintainable stylesheets (SASS) and JavaScript.

- You follow best practices (browser testing, refactoring, consistent code standards).

- You know how to ask the right questions and are comfortable articulating your thoughts and decisions.

About us:

PolicyGenius is changing the way America shops for insurance. We're an online education and shopping platform for insurance akin to TurboTax for insurance. It's a big confusing industry and we're making it easier for consumers to understand insurance and purchase it. Check out our CEO's article in Entrepreneur about how we're disrupting this industry: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/250095

Questions/application: Email josh@policygenius.com


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Datadog | NYC | Full-time | ONSITE / REMOTE

Datadog builds killer monitoring tools for dev and ops teams. We are looking for talented people who can solve hard problems:

- processing millions of data points a second

- writing rock solid client code that runs on hundreds of thousands of machines

- teasing trends out of a massive pipeline of data.

- writing solid, modern front-end code and visualizations

Check out the positions and apply here:



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MongoDB, Inc | NYC, New York, NY | Onsite | Full-time

The MongoDB Cloud management service, Cloud Manager, is a cloud-based web application for deploying, monitoring, and backing up MongoDB deployments of any size and configuration. Ops Manager is the enterprise counterpart to Cloud Manager, designed for our largest enterprise customers to run in their own datacenter. Cloud Manager currently monitors tens of thousands of MongoDB nodes and backs up multiple petabytes of data. On a typical day, Cloud Manager processes over a billion metrics and replicates tens of billions of backup operations.

* Cloud Services Engineer

We are looking for a server-side engineer to join us in building the best database management system for the leading next-generation database server.


  * Be a self-starter with a passion for technology and a burning desire to constantly improve yourself, the product, and the codebase
  * Design, implement, and test features for Cloud Manager and Ops Manager
  * Work in an agile team environment with a fast release cycle

  * Experience with multi-threaded applications, concurrency and distributed systems.
  * Expertise in one compiled programming language (preferably Java, C++, or C#), and interest in learning Java
  * Experience with MongoDB is a big plus 
Additional details available at link below, but feel free to contact me at [hn handle]@mongodb.com, too. I've now been at MongoDB longer than with any other company and love talking about why.



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Symbiont.io | New York, NY | Full-Time

We are a venture-backed, New York City-based startup that is using distributed systems and blockchain technology to revolutionize financial markets. We are looking for intelligent and passionate self-starters who are able to pick up new programming languages and frameworks quickly.

We offer competitive salary, plus equity and benefits. Applicants must live in the New York Metropolitan area, but work schedules are flexible. By joining Symbiont, you have the opportunity to become an integral team member on a project to revolutionize modern finance, as well as the ability to define and build truly cutting-edge technology.

Full job descriptions for all positions: https://angel.co/symbiont/jobs

[1] http://counterparty.io

[2] http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/0823a136-0ead-11e5-9ae0-00144...

[3] http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-08-04/wall-stree...

[4] http://in.reuters.com/article/2015/06/09/symbiont-blockchain...


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New York, NY | ONSITE | CloserIQ (https://closeriq.com)

CloserIQ is the network connecting top sales talent to venture backed tech startups. We are a self-funded and highly profitable recruiting tech startup combining powerful software with world class service.

We're currently hiring for three roles:

Talent Advisor: http://clsr.us/jYihA/8bd29 (ONSITE)

Our Talent Advisors attract, engage and onboard top sales talent to the rapidly growing CloserIQ network. You’ll be joining a small team of sales leaders, technologists, and growth hackers as a “sports agent” for the top revenue generators in the tech community. Looking for candidates with interest in sales and recruiting.

Business Operations Intern: http://clsr.us/j8h2w/8bd29 (ONSITE)

We're looking for smart and tech savvy interns to help out as we grow the business. We're a team of 6 based in midtown east. You'll work with our founders, talent team and engineers on all aspects of the business and have a meaningful impact on the success of the company.

Freelance Writer: http://clsr.us/jl7MKQ/8bd29 (ONSITE or REMOTE)

CloserIQ is looking for a freelance writer to help us create and curate relevant content as we build out our content strategy. The focus of this work will be within the scope of sales and careers, along with some viral content.


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[ original post ]

Jack Erwin -- New York, NY - SoHo

Experienced Full Stack, Front End and Data Engineers -- ONSITE

Jack Erwin (http://jackerwin.com). A new approach to men’s shoes. We started Jack Erwin to create truly timeless men’s shoes. We’ve partnered with the finest factories and artisans in the world, created custom styles available only here, and eliminated costly markups and middlemen that drive up the costs of other quality dress shoes. The result is a better choice in men’s footwear. As we build Jack Erwin, we are focused on growing our team and our brand one strong teammate at a time.

Senior Full Stack Engineer: http://www.jackerwin.com/pages/full-stack-engineer

Front End Engineer: http://www.jackerwin.com/pages/front-end-engineer

Data Engineer: http://www.jackerwin.com/pages/data-engineer


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[ original post ]

SSG | New York, NY | ONSITE | Software Engineer (low-level ++) | ssgllc.com | resume@ssgllc.com

At SSG we have brought together some of the world’s brightest traders, researchers, and technologists to collaborate and solve some of the most intellectually stimulating and technically challenging problems faced in any industry. Our cross discipline team holds degrees in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Math, Physics, and Statistics. We share ideas and collaborate to maximize our differing experiences and backgrounds. Our team finds inspiration everywhere, including academia and parallel industries, sparking our next great ideas.

As a core developer you will focus on building scalable solutions for handling a variety of data, where optimization and speed are at the heart of our systems. We write highly performant systems using a mixture of tried and true methods (C/C++), and we constantly evaluate newer technologies and the open source communities that support them.

Are you driven by your desire to build and constantly improve high performance systems? Are you interested in the technological challenges of building systems that are able to swiftly gather information from data sources all across the globe and writing the software that enables researchers and traders? Are you grounded by your pragmatism? Do you hold yourself accountable, while working well with others?

If so, we want to speak with you.

Necessary Skills •Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering. •Experience writing performance optimized code using object oriented programming in C++ •Strong background in data structures and algorithms. •Experience writing low level software and expertise in threading •Extensive experience in distributed systems and parallel processing •Excellent communication


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[ original post ]

Max2 Inc, Makers of Scene - http://www.sceneapp.io - Full-Time or Intern - ONSITE - New York, NY Available Positions: iOS Software Engineer - Android Engineer - Data Scientist

Scene helps you find places for you to go through personalized recommendations, planning with friends, curated collections and by providing real-time venue activity through live ephemeral media submitted by our users and merchants. We are looking for talented developers with a passion for delivering polished mobile user experiences and working through complex problems to join our development team and accelerate our app development. We offer competitive compensation and benefits including early stage company stock options. Work alongside a young, dynamic and talented technical team with experienced leadership and have direct meaningful involvement in building a new consumer platform in a real startup environment!


     - Graduating in May 2015 or have graduated from a Master’s or undergraduate degree in Computer Science or related fields   
     - Strong understanding of MVC or MVVM architecture pattern 
     - Strong knowledge in object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm, and problem solving 
     - Proficient with memory management 
     - Ability to be detail-orientated but also design, build and iterate prototypes quickly 
     - Experience with Git, agile methodologies & unit testing 
     - Strong but well founded opinions on code style, structure, automated processes and product building.
Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/max2?lever-source=HN


Send us your resume and any links to your projects at: careers@sceneapp.io


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[ original post ]

BetterWorks | Full Time | Palo Alto | Onsite http://grnh.se/6ow4xk

* Fullstack Engineer

We are looking for a passionate engineer to help solve some of our challenges. These challenges include: balancing speed of implementation, simplicity, polish, building sophisticated features (data visualization, collaboration, etc.) to support our users.

BetterWorks™ enterprise software provides the easiest way to set and manage goals. Rooted in Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), it uses Goal Science™ insights to help high-performing companies get aligned, stay focused on the work that matters and ultimately become more successful. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto with an office in New York City, and is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Formation 8. BetterWorks has an experienced team from innovative companies like Apple, Box, Cisco, Palantir, Salesforce and Yammer. To learn more about BetterWorks, visit www.betterworks.com.


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Synthesio - http://www.synthesio.com | Solutions Engineers | London and Paris

We're one of the leading social media analytics companies - every month we pull in >2bn pieces of social data, and allow our users to slice and dice that data to answer all sorts of interesting questions, like:

- Why are people buying our products vs. our competitors?

- What people on social media are driving discussion about our brand?

- How can we calculate what subjects are getting people excited about a particular political candidate?

I'm the VP product here in NYC, while our engineering team is in Paris. I'm looking to hire a couple of positions reporting to me, and then we're hiring a bunch of folks throughout the organization.

Solutions Engineer - http://synthes.io/1RK3Ypu

This is a presales engineer role, but with some fun extras. Since you're reporting with the product organization and R&D, we spend more time working on product strategy and partnerships than a typical SE does. The ideal candidate will be someone who can talk APIs and implementation plans as well as a deep and abiding interest in big data and social analytics. We have positions open in both London and Paris, and we would really prefer you be located in one of those two cities.

There are links to the job postings next to the title, you can always feel free to email me at mzito@synthesio.com if you have any questions or comments, or you can also reach out to our internal recruiter at syard@synthesio.com. For the rest of our job postings, take a look at: http://synthesio.applytojob.com/


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Fog Creek Software | HQ in New York City | Full-Time | Onsite, Remote, and Ad-Hoc Remote friendly.

Fog Creek Software is a small, friendly software company in New York City that was designed from the ground up to be a great place to work. We work on interesting projects with smart people, treat everyone like royalty, and eat lunch together every day. Over the course of our adventures we created FogBugz, Kiln, Trello, and co-created Stack Overflow.


Currently seeking Support Engineers (https://www.fogcreek.com/Jobs/SupportEngineer/) and Account Executives (https://www.fogcreek.com/Jobs/AccountExecutive/)

I hope you'll check us out.


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Senior Software Engineers - NYC Full Time ONSITE

Brickwork Software (http://brickworksoftware.com/) is a one-year-old startup changing the way customers engage with brick & mortar stores online. We are looking for exceptional frontend and rails backend software engineers to help us shape the product and the company while growing with us.

About you: A ‘T-shaped’ experienced software engineer with Ruby on Rails experience, love of great products and clean code. As a key early hire, you will have a big impact on our codebase, engineering process and culture.

About us: We are a smart, efficient and fun team that has a great time working together. Brickwork is funded, has a strong customer pipeline and is experiencing tremendous growth. NYC-based candidates welcome.

Get in touch at: work AT brickworksoftware.com with some links to where we can find out more about you and the best product you’ve recently discovered.


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Regalii | New York, NY | Full Time | Onsite | https://www.regalii.com | Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Do you want to join a fast growing YCombinator startup that is actually making the world a better place? Do you want to live in the best city in the world - NYC?! Then, join Regalii!

We are revolutionizing the process of sending money abroad to make it instantaneous, safe and completely transparent. We have created the world's best cross border financial management platform. The platform is leveraged by the largest remittance companies in the world.

We are creating some novel tech. A portion of the engineering team is focussed on integrating with utility company APIs and another is focussed on our scraping engine which automates payments to be done via utility company websites on a user's behalf.

If you are interested, please drop careers@regalii.com a quick line. Somebody on the engineering team will get back to you within 2-3 hours.


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* EVERWISE * |Software Architect| Software Engineer |Sr. Software Engineer | Sr. Front-end Engineer |Sr. DevOps Engineer | NYC, USA - Fulltime - ONSITE What is Everwise? Everwise connects professionals with the people and insights that can help them succeed at every stage of their career. We are a venture-backed startup with big ambitions. We are tackling the $300B career development industry with a unique, data-driven software platform. http://fortune.com/2015/05/10/everwise-mentor-program/ Market-rate salary, generous stock options. to apply checkout: https://www.geteverwise.com/careers/ Keywords: ruby new york city angular nginx rails aws digital ocean bootstrap javascript coffeescript


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Hinge | New York, NY (on-site, full time)| All The Things

We're hiring for Android, iOS, DevOps, Backend API and more. Hinge is an amazing dating startup because of its team, culture and product. I'm proud to work here, you can see a bit of that here: http://team.hinge.co

I joined as #13 and now we're 27. We've been growing the engineering team to iterate on more features while scaling. I originally wanted to be at Hinge so I could get some Android experience so after being on API for 9 months I switched teams. Culture has been pretty awesome so far, really like working with everyone and there haven't been any politics. We've got a pretty stable 3 week release cycle on the mobile clients and backend services ship a few times a day. PMs are the best I've ever worked with, and the leadership are providing career development and good vision.

Feel free to send me an email with any questions.


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LiftForward | Midtown NYC NY, New York | ONSITE

LiftForward is a marketplace lending platform for small businesses.

We're looking for our 4th (and 5th) full-time engineers so this is a rare opportunity to join a well-funded early-stage company. Just raised $250M so things are really heating up.

  * Fast growing and profitable early-stage fintech startup
  * Small team, so you will have an opportunity for a high-impact role
  * Developers have lots of autonomy
  * Great pay and a low-stress, engineering-driven culture
We use lots of ruby and javascript (emberjs) so a few years of experience with those would be great. That said personality & hustle is way more important than what specific tech you may have worked with. We've all come from totally different backgrounds but ramped up quick and will help you do the same.

details here: http://liftforward.workable.com

or email me mike ~at- liftforward.com


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Architizer [http://architizer.com] | New York, NY | Full Time | ONSITE | Will sponsor H1-B

Architizer is the largest and fastest growing network for high-end residential, commercial and institutional architecture online. We’re currently the go-to site for the world’s leading architects and designers to showcase their work and we have an aggressive schedule for continued innovation in online services related to the built environment. We are looking to further enhance the site to empower design professionals to operate in a networked world, source products, find work and ultimately build better cities.

We're looking for a design-savvy Senior Front End Engineer to drive and define front end development efforts on our platform.

We're looking for someone with great AngularJS chops, but also:

- 5+ years of demonstrable experience working on web applications

- a proficiency for developing and implementing UI and UX features

- experience working with Grunt/Gulp, Bower, and Jasmine

- experience working in Agile methodologies and environments

We're also looking for a Data Engineer to work on our growing data pipeline. We're looking for a well-rounded software engineer to ensure data quality, enrich current data points, and reveal insights from our current data sets.

This is an exciting time at Architizer. We've built the largest community of building professionals in the world, and we're now using that position to build revolutionary tools that we hope will transform an industry worth $1 trillion in the US alone.

Have a look at our current openings here: [http://grnh.se/men3tq]. Or reach out to me directly at andrew@architizer.com with your resume attached.


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Broadway Technology | Software Engineer | New York, Austin, Seattle, Waterloo


I love working here! We’re a technology company, built and run by engineers. Stable and growing fast. Emphasis on high-quality code and doing things right, and maintaining an excellent team culture and work environment.

We have a unique way to build distributed systems, and for over a decade we've used it to build complex trading systems for the world’s largest financial institutions. Now we're also starting to solve real-time problems across every industry.

Looking for Senior Engineers (5+ years in an industry-standard language e.g. C++,C#,Java), and Senior GUI devs (C#/WinForms). Also some Product Manager and UI Designer roles. Check it out! Also hiring students/new grads.

Apply on the site, or feel free to message me directly if you have any questions.


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Dataminr | New York City (NYC) / Bozeman / London | Site Reliability Engineer - DevOps

As a Twitter firehose partner, Dataminr must be able to ingest and process all the world’s tweets in real-time. A SRE’s job is to ensure our users have the best and fastest experience possible. We work day and night so that we never miss a tweet and our users around the world are able to receive alerts ahead of any other source.

Our operations principles are simple: automate everything and find the root cause of issues on the first occurrence.

See more at:

NYC - Onsite: http://grnh.se/mxe762 Bozeman - Onsite: http://grnh.se/26esng London - Onsite or Remote: http://grnh.se/8p1yrc


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Peace Plus for iPhone and iPad | New York, NY, USA | Remote | Part-Time | Contractor | https://www.footbits.com > https://bit.ly/peaceplus

Footbits is a mobile application development studio. We are looking for a talented iOS developer to work on part-time basis or as a contractor. We are based in NY but allow remote workers.

Some exposure to Python and Django would be helpful, too, but definitely not required. An ability to grow as you go is MUST. We are constantly iterating and shipping our product. While we love to experiment, we also want to be remained focused on our core goals.

We are currently angel-funded and looking to grow by 10x in next one year. An ideal candidate is someone looking to grow with the company.

Submit your github, resume, side projects etc. to contact@footbits.com to be considered.


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Manhattan, NY | ONSITE | FULL-TIME | Wine 'n Dine

Wine ’n Dine was created to solve a simple problem: discovering the best restaurants and what to order once you’ve walked in the door. We believe the food culture revolves around sharing and that the best restaurant recommendations always come from friends. So, we’ve created a beautiful platform that cuts through the noise. Where to eat and what to eat, courtesy of your closet friends, at your fingertips.

We're hiring!

iOS developer: https://angel.co/winendine/jobs/79368-senior-ios-developer

Backend developer: https://angel.co/winendine/jobs/95402-senior-backend-develop...

Join a team of 5 and contribute directly to the core product!

contact: jobs@winendine.com


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AddStructure - Chicago, NYC - REMOTE - Full Stack Developer

Founded in 2014, AddStructure is an angel-backed startup focused on providing state of the art natural language processing applications to large enterprises. Have you ever visited a product on Amazon or a restaurant on Yelp and wondered how they've automatically summarized those reams of reviews? We provide that same capability and many others to our Fortune 100 and Global 1000 customers. We tackle some of the hardest problems in text analytics and produce results that border on magic.

We're currently hiring multiple developers with various levels of experience. As you'll be among our earliest employees, there's a great opportunity to play a fundamental role in building a strong foundation to support future growth. Above all else, we're looking for smart, capable people with a "can do" attitude.

Our ideal candidate will possess all or most of the following attributes:

* Flexibility to work in a fast-paced startup environment * Strong understanding of modern frontend development practices * Fluency in Javascript/Node.js, HTML, and CSS/Less * Familiarity with frameworks like Backbone and Bootstrap * Experience with source control, testing, and deployment tooling - git, grunt, etc. * Competency with both relational databases (SQL Server, PostgreSQL) and NoSQL databases (MongoDB) * Interest in learning new technologies and helping with a wide array of technical tasks

Required: * At least 2 years of development experience * Located in the domestic United States * English fluency

Preferred: * Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or similar field * Experience with server-side programming in Java, C#, and/or Scala * Experience with Apache Spark, Kafka, Cassandra and related distributed computing systems * Experience with administering Amazon Web Services (EC2, EB, EMR, etc.)

Email us: jobs@addstructure.com


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SalesBetty | NYC; Remote ok | Full stack; javascript ruby rails | Part-time contract; technical co-founder

SalesBetty is looking for a full stack web developer. Can start as part-time contract, open to technical co-founder. You will own the whole technical product as we are pre-launch.

We're helping non-technical people at small businesses do sales like the big guys. Building tools to automate lead gen, sales outreach and followup all in one place - something many small businesses need but don't have the money to buy or technical skills to build & integrate. We're building an easy way for non-technical business owners to sell with the help of tech.

Company is pre-launch. Founder is a former Googler, and has been CEO of a 10 person startup, so knows the sales needs of small teams well. Proven need and known market. Send a note to hi@salesbetty.com


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BoardVitals | New York, New York (NYC) | http://boardvitals.com | Full Time | ONSITE

BoardVitals is a education technology startup with a focus on healthcare. Our product helps physicians prepare for medical boards by bringing together content from major publishers, universities, and top healthcare professionals to create the largest training ecosystem in medicine. We are seeking full time team members to help build out features and scale our infrastructure.

What you'll need for this position:

- At least 3 or more years of experience with Ruby/Rails

- At least 1 or more years of experience with Angular.js or similar (ember, react, etc.)

- Fluency with prominent Ruby Gems such as delayed_job and devise

- Strong understanding of REST & API-based architecture

- Strong understanding of relational databases, comfortable working with PostgreSQL in particular

- Excitement about writing quality code, constantly improving the codebase

- The belief in the long term benefit of writing tests and TDD

- Experience optimizing and architecting performant code for use at scale

- Strong desire to be part of a great company

- An open mind and a collaborative and friendly attitude

- Mobile experience a plus

What you'll do:

You'll work with our product and technology teams to help us improve the end user experience of our software. You will be a strong driver in moving all of our applications forward. You'll have the opportunity to mold the architecture of our platform and ultimately make decisions on how to implement features and fixes within the platform.

Interested candidates should email resume and online profiles (e.g. GitHub) to matt@boardvitals.com.

Tech Stack: Rails, Angular, Postgres, Heroku


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Full-Stack Developer | New York, NY | Onsite

Jopwell is diversifying the workforce by helping connect talented minorities with top-tier companies. We're looking for a programmer who is interested in working us as we build a platform that has the ability to reshape the recruitment landscape.

We're a small team right now, but what we've built so far has already created massive value for our companies and candidates. Whoever joins will participate in designing and implementing a number of services fundamental to helping connect highly qualified candidates with America's most sought after companies.

Please check out the job description here for more details: https://www.jopwell.com/careers

And if you're interested, please email me directly at randy@jopwell.com!


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Level Solar - Boston / Cambridge MA / NYC -- http://levelsolar.com

Level Solar is a residential solar installer. We are a startup, one year in, and already have hundreds of installs in the Long Island area. Our HQ is in NYC and we have a software team growing in Cambridge MA. Some examples of project directions include:

- automating key parts of the lead to sale process - js app development - Enterprise application integration development and administration

We are looking for a few awesome contributors. Please respond if you are experienced in object-oriented programming and mobile development. Please also mention if you've worked with sales automation, solar, or projects in the internet of things space.

Please reach out to devs <<at>> levelsolar <dot> com.


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EquityZen | Manhattan, NYC | Onsite | Full Time

EquityZen improves the way startup employees are paid. We unlock the value of their equity compensation in a way that benefits all key players: the shareholder, the company, and the investor. We build industry-defining technology as the premier platform for private placements. Watch the short video here to learn more: https://equityzen.com/press/

Why join EquityZen? Our promise to you: you will learn more, faster than you can imagine.

* Front-End & Full-Stack Software Engineers (js/bootstrap/angularjs, django/python, PG, AWS)

Meet us & get started here: https://equityzen.com/careers/


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RJMetrics - Philadelphia, PA

RJMetrics is growing our team! We are currently searching to find: Senior Software Engineer(s), Director of Security, Security Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Warehouse Analyst, and more!

At RJMetrics, we inspire and empower data-driven people with powerful hosted software. Hundreds of high-growth e-commerce, software-as-a-service, and mobile businesses like Threadless, Chubbies, Food52, Tradesy and Wanderable use our analytics platform to collaborate and make smarter decisions using data.

RJMetrics is backed by some of the most successful technology investors in New York and Silicon Valley, but we are Philly born and raised. We are located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia in convenient proximity to all major rail lines.

Contact me sglasberg@rjmetrics.com for details, or apply:rjmetrics.com/jobs


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New York or Raleigh| Full-Time Onsite| Scala Developer


Infusion is looking for a Scala Developer with strong communication skills. This could potentially be a team lead position.

We are hiring in our New York and Raleigh offices.

Infusion creates digital experiences and advanced technology solutions that bring our clients' businesses to new levels. From high performance trading systems to next-generation retail environments and beyond, Infusion unites insight, creativity, and technology to accelerate and transform business for leading companies around the world.

To apply, please email: msteinberg@infusion.com

I look forward to speaking with you!

- Matt Steinberg


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[ original post ]

Viacom -- New York, NY - Full Time

Looking for Sr. Data Engineer



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[ original post ]

NYC ONSITE: Roost (YC S14) https://goroost.com

Roost: - Is the leading SaaS provider of web push notifications. - Is currently handling over 100k requests / minute. Scale and speed are incredibly important to us. - Well funded, high growth.

We’re looking for engineers of all stripes who: - Has experience with AWS cloud technologies. - Prefer deep experience with node and/or Java. - Takes scaling incredibly seriously. - Experience with NoSQL databases at large scale. - Experience in and willing to help with ops. -Wants autonomy to create awesome products

Benefits: -Flex vacation policy -Manhattan offices -Healthcare -Competitive equity

Email casey@goroost.com with resume for more information.


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Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center | Data Scientist with the Strategy Group | New York, NY

The Strategy and Innovation team leverages the power of data and analytics to shape strategic decisions at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, a world renowned organization dedicated to the progressive control and cure of cancer through programs of patient care, research, and education.

We have a multidisciplinary team including data scientists, operations research engineers, software engineers and user interface designers.

For more information, see



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Global Hedge Fund| 2 positions | NY, NY | Onsite | Full-Time| Visa (full time) | Security Engineer

We are a global hedge fund with 1800+ employees and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. We pursue a global multi-strategy approach to investing, seeking to achieve above-average risk-adjusted returns.

We are looking for 2 positions (1 senior engineering, 1 junior operations) in the Information Security team to work on building our program. We are a small but focused team and do everything from packet analysis, to writing code, to prepping decks for management, usually in the same day! If you can thrive in chaos and have the ability to get stuff done, please contact me at: infosec@mlp.com


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Justworks Inc: New York City, NY - Fulltime - Onsite Only - Will relocate

Site Reliability Enineer Web Developers Front-end Engineers Product Designers and more!

http://bit.ly/1NMwpCp OR email jobs@justworks.com


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Underdog.io | New York, NY | https://underdog.io | Full-Time | ONSITE or REMOTE

We’re looking to hire a full-stack engineer (engineer #3/employee #6).

Today, Underdog.io is a curated marketplace for talent. We connect amazing people with founders and hiring managers at top technology companies.

We don’t charge placement fees because we’re not recruiters. We’re building technology to reduce the noise of the job search and match. We started Underdog.io because we experienced the pains associated with (1) hiring while working at top startups and (2) looking for new opportunities.

Our platform is currently live in SF and NYC, where we work with 180+ awesome startups. We’ve had to turn away one of every two companies that have tried to join the network. We've proudly bootstrapped and profitable.

As we scale, we’ll focus on building tools for candidates to organize, search, and discover new job opportunities. In our view of the future, job candidates don’t receive unsolicited outreach from recruiters and companies don’t pay placement fees for the vast majority of their hires. Job search is organized and talented candidates have more high-quality options.

We use Python/Flask, Javascript/Node.js, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, AWS. We're also working on a project in Ruby/Sinatra. And we're big supporters of open source.

Link to Github: https://github.com/underdogio

Link to recent Medium post: https://medium.com/@cmuir/lessons-from-sixteen-months-of-boo...

Email chris@underdog.io to apply.

Keywords: NYC, Brooklyn, Developer, Dev, Engineer, Python, Flask, Node.js, Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Open Source, https://underdog.io/


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[ original post ]


New York, NY | onsite, fulltime. San Francisco, CA | onsite, fulltime.

At Percolate, our vision is to create technology that builds the world’s best brands. Our mission is to be The System of Record for Marketing. And we’re achieving both with a team of smart, passionate and caring people working to deliver inspired marketing solutions from offices around the world.

We're currently looking for:

   * Android Developers
   * iOS Developers
   * BE (Python/Django) Developers
   * FE (React) Developers
   * Designers
   * Lots more 
Details: https://percolate.com/careers/?gh_src=c4ua8m


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Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign

Full-time; Brooklyn, NY

We have open headcount for 1 Engineering Manager (Frontend), 3 Senior Software Engineers (Frontend), 1 Software Engineer (Frontend), and 1 Site Reliability Engineer. On the frontend, our Stack is:

* Flux (React on the backend and client + NuclearJS)

* Sass w/a custom built UI bootstrap & component library

* Lots of NodeJS for static HTML builds and static assets hosted on S3

* Testing: Karma + BrowserStack for integration tests and Selenium + WebDriver.io + BrowserStack for end-to-end tests. Both use Mocha and Chai.

More info and application at http://tech.hillaryclinton.com. If you apply, mention Hacker News Who is hiring.


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Ticket Evolution - New York, NY - FULL-TIME, INTERN


Ticket Evolution is an API company building technology to power the secondary ticketing industry.

Our stack consists of ruby/rails, javascript(backbone, node, react), postgres and redis. We are hiring engineers of all levels (Frontend and Backend).

About the job:

* Startup that is financially stable.

* About 10 devs currently and growing.

* Fun startup environment.

* Good comp and all the expected benefits.

* Lots of autonomy (choose the best tools for the job).

Check out http://ticketevolution.com/about for more info about us.

If interested please email jobs@ticketevolution.com


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Authenticated Digital | https://authenticated.digital | NYC, NY | Onsite

We bring trust and transparency to programmatic advertising through pre-bid and post-bid data services.

- Engineering led team (everyone on the founding team commits code) - Huge scale - scaling up to a billion transactions a day - Opportunity to make advertising better for all stakeholders

Looking for Front End Engineer/Full Stack Developer to help build our real time dashboard (React, Flux, es6, Rails)

Looking for Back End Engineer to help enhance our data pipeline and Apis (Lua, Kafka, Samza, Rails)

If this interests you email me at jason@authenticated.digital


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Temboo | New York City | All Positions | Onsite | https://temboo.com

Temboo connects the physical to the virtual. Our software currently ships on devices from Samsung, Texas Instruments and Arduino, and our customers use Temboo to power a diverse range of applications, from offshore aquaculture to smart cities, and everything in between. You'll be joining a small, growing team, where your work will have immediate, meaningful impact.

We're hiring across the board:

* Engineering

* Product

* UI / UX Design

* DevOps

* Sales

* Marketing

* Business Development

Learn more here: https://temboo.com/jobs


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Sure - http://iamsureapp.com/ | Full Time | SF, NYC, Tel Aviv | Onsite / Remote

Sure is doing something fundamentally new in the personal insurance space using data and context. http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/05/insurance-is-the-next-front...

We are growing extremely fast and looking for a front-end engineer to round out the team that includes experienced iOS, Android, and Python developers.

Email jobs (at) iamsureapp.com


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Meetup * NYC Downtown * Full Time * ONSITE

Meetup (www.meetup.com) is about creating community through face-to-face interactions. Whether it's for new moms, hikers, exercisers, business networkers, musicians, foodies, and (almost) any other interest you can think of, we're here to help you find your people.

Are you interested in helping create community?


Variety of positions open:

* Lead iOS Engineer

* Full Stack Engineer

* Android UI Engineer

* API Engineer

* Core Engineers

* Systems Administrator

* QA Automation Engineer

* UI Engineers

* Machine Learning Engineer

* Strategic Analyst

* iOS Engineer

* Category Manager, Recreation

* Category Manager, Tech

* Head of Recruitment

* Associate Community Specialist

* Risk Operations Analyst

* Product Director, Mobile

* Product Manager, Tools

* Senior Mobile Experience Designer


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We're hiring Engineers and Product Designers at Coach. REMOTE OK

Coach makes tools for tutors to help them promote, build and manage their businesses as well as earn additional income. With Coach, tutors can create their own website, use our scheduling tools to book time with students, create and sell courses with our course-builder and accept online payments.

We’re a fast-growing, New York-based company looking to build our team with passionate, like-minded people who want to help us change the education industry through innovation.



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ResearchConnection (https://www.researchconnection.com) | New York, New York | Software Engineer

We are a early-stage funded educational technology company trying to make the research community better for students and researchers.

Looking for a full-stack web developer with experience in PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS and Javascript. Bonus for knowledge in Elasticsearch, SEO and systems administration.

If your interested in working with a small team, having a lot of fun, and breaking down the walls of the educations system, reach out to zachary@researchconnection.com


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AllTheRooms (http://AllTheRooms.com) | New York, NY | ONSITE | FULLTIME

We're geeks who love to travel. We've built the world's largest accommodations search engine, combining hotels with Airbnb, couchsurfing, and tons of other sites.

We're looking for an angular.js developer to work in our midtown office in New York City. You will work with a team of superstar developers, and you will have the opportunity to travel to Medellin, Colombia, city of Eternal Spring, to work at our second office.

For more info, please send a note to wbeckler@gmail.com


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WeWork | New York, NY, | Full Time Software Engineer | https://www.wework.com/careers

WeWork is the community for creators.

We transform buildings into beautiful, collaborative workspaces that provide infrastructure, services, networking events and technology. We are expanding our locations and markets, both domestically and internationally. One of our goals is provide the digital and virtual offerings to enhance our members’ success.

We are hiring for all software-related roles in our New York headquarters, from engineers to PMs and designers.


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Daily Burn - NYC

Senior Front End Developer

Hi, we're DailyBurn a fitness and nutrition company based in Midtown Manhattan. We'd like you to come join our multi-discipline engineering team to build software on a wide array of platforms and technologies.

We're looking or an experienced JS developer to join our team building a rich web app for our video and fitness product.

As a member of our Engineering team you'll get:

* Yearly conference and travel budget

* Your pick of development hardware

* Access to all the corporate benefits of IAC

Our tech stack:

* Rails, React.js, Go

* We support Web, iOS, Android, Roku, PS3, Xbox360 and more

If you'd like to find out more email me paul at dailyburn.com


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fuboTV (https://www.fubo.tv) | NYC, Remote | Full Time

FuboTV is a growing video streaming startup that is changing the way soccer fans watch live matches of their favorite teams. Our platform features some of the world’s most followed soccer leagues, bringing you matches from La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Primeira Liga, Liga MX, and MLS, among other leagues and tournaments. Subscribers can watch all of our content from nearly any device at no additional cost, including PC/Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android Tablet, Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV.

We're remote friendly with distributed team across US. We will also consider candidates outside of US.

We're hiring for:

Sr. Javascript Developer (https://jobs.lever.co/fubotv/c1066922-cdad-4af3-930a-f1e59fe...)

Sr. Android Developer (https://jobs.lever.co/fubotv/c3b7ba94-1174-4eaa-bcd0-1a1e1c5...)

iOS / tvOS Developer (https://jobs.lever.co/fubotv/71589e19-2607-4733-a629-7faf183...)

To apply please use the links above.


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Kasisto- Lead Developer, NY, NY, Full-time Onsite

Kasisto is looking for a hands-on Development Lead to help manage a team of Engineers as well as contribute to projects. Product is a virtual assistant for enterprise clients.

Candidate should be hands-on with Java programming and be familiar with Agile process; comfortable doing code reviews and mentoring Jr. Dev's. Interest in AI and Automatic Speech Recognition systems is preferred. See the video on www.kasisto.com Send resume to careers@kasisto.com


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IgnitionOne | New York, NY | Java Developers and Leads | Full Time | ONSITE

A leading digital marketing firm is hiring mid and senior level Java developers. Experience building high performance systems essential. Knowledge of Kafka, Storm, NoSQL databases, and Postgres are major plusses. Python and PHP (with the good taste not to use the latter) nice to have.

Great company to work for with exciting technology and growth potential. Please contact patrick (dot) may (at) ignitionone (dot) com with your resume.

No recruiters, please.


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Skiplagged - New York, NY | REMOTE / ONSITE | Front-end, Backend, and Mobile (iOS and Android) Engineers

Our mission is to make it easier to experience the world. We provide an innovative travel service that actually saves people a lot of money on airfare, for example. Just google us for more info :).

We're a small team of engineers and are looking to hire as many great engineers as we can find. If you're interested, tell us why and send along your resume to apply@skiplagged.com


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Betastream - New York City - Full Time - ONSITE

We're usually a team of remote freelancers working towards the same goal, but one of our client has some big clients coming in that warrant someone physically present full-time. We need someone with at least technical knowledge of PHP and/or LAMP and/or FRONTEND and expert in either QA or Project Management.

pl@beta.io with your resume and sample of your work.


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12Sided Technology - NYC - multiple positions

Low-level/embedded C developers for high-peformance network capture and data-analytics system.

We are looking for people who love to push the (quite impressive) boundaries of modern Haswell architectures, build userspace solutions for pulling data off of merchant nics and network processors, and also love to do cool things with data.

Please apply at recruiting@12sidedtech.com


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VTS | NYC | Software Engineer (Angular/Rails) https://boards.greenhouse.io/vts http://building.vts.com/ We're building a centralized system for commercial real estate leasing.


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Next Big Sound / Pandora Media NYC or Remote (US only) Data Engineer (Hadoop/Pig/Hive/Oozie/Java/Python) https://jobs.lever.co/nextbigsound/ba3e00d6-e8c1-48ea-9573-9...


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Pivotal | ONSITE SF, NYC, Palo Alto and many, many locations worldwide | Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, Data Scientists | Visa and relocation assistance

First things first. We look for aptitude over APIs. It doesn't matter whether your résumé says PHP or PhD: if you're smart, know some stuff and have empathy, we want to work with you.

Pivotal's goal is to change the way the world makes software and we kinda sorta really mean it. We're broken into three basic divisions: Pivotal Labs (yes, that Pivotal Labs), Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Big Data. Rotations between divisions, temporarily or permanently, are possible.

We have offices in San Francisco, New York City, Santa Monica, Palo Alto, Seattle, Boulder, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Toronto, London, Dublin, Tokyo and Sydney. We will soon be opening an office in Berlin as well, with more to come. Relocations, temporarily or permanently, are possible.

Each of the three divisions has a constantly evolving and deliberately cross-pollinated culture. We are constantly thinking about how we work and how we can work more sensibly, effectively and enjoyably.

-- Pivotal Labs, from which the company draws its name and cultural seed, helps clients to become better at development. For engineering we are religiously lean and agile. In practice that means we pair program and TDD every line of code from the outside. Our product managers are fantastic at keeping products sharply focused, our designers are masters from users to pixels. We have a growing data science practice, and some engagements include all four roles.

-- Cloud Foundry solves application deployment and management. We're the main contributors to CF. We're expanding what is the leading opensource PaaS and our distribution has the fastest-growing sales of any opensource product ever. It's also the only PaaS I'd personally bet a company on -- except for integrated upstream code, every line is pair programmed and TDD'd. We dogfood the cutting edge of the technology on our own commercial public cloud (Pivotal Web Services). It works because we took the XP and Lean DNA of Pivotal Labs and scaled it up to build the best cloud platform bar none.

-- Big Data is home to a fleet of battled-hardened products that we have been progressively open sourcing. Greenplum Database tackles some of the largest datasets in the world with the comfort and familarity of PostgreSQL. Apache HAWQ (incubating) brings Greenplum's distributed query planner to Hadoop. Gemfire, which we donated as Apache Geode (incubating), is an in-memory distributed grid with years of high performance in high-stakes systems.

-- Generally

At our offices we have free breakfast, weekly tech talks, good benefits and competitive pay. Ping pong is not mandatory, but it's popular. I think west-coast ping pong is harder to beat, but east-coast style is more entertaining to watch. The beer fridge has more IPA than I prefer but I guess that's life in paradise.

We provide visa and relocation assistance. In the NYC office we have about 15 people from overseas, including Australians like me.

You can apply through our website: http://pivotal.io/careers. You can also email me at jchester+hn@pivotal.io to answer any questions you might have and potentially help me score one of our generous referral bonuses.


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Condé Nast | Full-time | NYC, SF, LA

We're hiring data and front-end engineers at Condé Nast. Come work with a great team, cool tech (Storm, Druid, Presto, and Node), and a huge audience. Feel free to email with questions (lgsilver (at) gmail.com)


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NCC Group (formerly Matasano Security, iSEC Partners, and Intrepidus Group) - Austin, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Sunnyvale, CA

Your pumpkins got smashed by teen hooligans. Someone ate all of the Reese's and left only that coconut garbage candy behind. Your frustration has you thinking about the bigger picture. Maybe it's time to consider that career or company shift you've had on the backburner for so many months? I guarantee you we'll be eating Halloween candy for months to come!

NCC Group is constantly hiring security consultants from ALL backgrounds to join our team. If you’re a tinkerer, a breaker rather than a builder, or someone who wonders “why” and ends up down the rabbit hole 36 hours later with a disassembled air conditioning unit surrounding them... we’d love to hear from you! Our process welcomes those with years of experience, as well as those with little to no direct experience in what we do.

The bottom line: if you love security and research, NCC Group just may be a perfect fit for you.

What do we do exactly? Penetration testing, security analysis, and cutting-edge research into current technologies and attacks (breaking things). You spend most of your day thinking about security systems and how they can break. You get to be creative and have a lot of freedom to be clever while learning new technologies at a very fast pace. Engagements are usually 2-4 weeks long and in a year you will be exposed to 15-20 products and technology stacks. Your work will typically initiate person-months of security improvements in products millions of people use. You will have access to senior engineers/architects and your findings/ideas will be heard by senior decision makers. You will have enormous impact in making the software people use safer. All of our consultants are also security researchers, with dedicated research time. Not too shabby!

If you want to learn more about us check out our:

Blog - https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/blog/ Cryptopals - http://cryptopals.com/ Microcorruption - http://microcorruption.com/

If you're ready to apply, contact us at: https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/careers/.

We also have numerous infosec architecture and policy positions available, should your interests and background align: https://www.nccgroup.trust/us/about-us/careers/risk-manageme...

We also have many positions in the UK and beyond! Should you be interested in those opportunities, please check them out here: https://www.nccgroup.trust/uk/about-us/careers/current-vacan...

We'd love to hear from you!

NCC Group Recruiting Team


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The Rockport Group | http://www.therockportgroup.com/ | New York, NY | Full Time | Onsite

Rockport is an industry leading provider of commercial mortgage origination, underwriting, securitization and asset management software. Our software platform is used by some of the largest financial services companies in the world to power their business, including banks you've probably heard of, investment funds your parents' retirement funds may be invested in and insurance companies that may insure everything around you.

We are always looking for talented engineers to join our development team - we have three roles in mind at the moment; see descriptions below:

- Financial Software Engineer: http://www.therockportgroup.com/about/careers.html#financial...

This role is highly visible within the firm and you will be working closely with other developers, as well as our product integration team, sales and senior management. This part of our product suite is extremely sensitive to the growing needs of our customers and changes in the marketplace and you will have a chance to contribute to the product roadmap as well as our strategic direction.

Understanding of real estate finance and structured products as well as experience with the technologies and languages we're using – C#, VBA, Excel and SQL – will also be helpful, but we're open to exceptional candidates with any background.

- Software Engineer http://www.therockportgroup.com/about/careers.html#engineer

You will have a chance to work with a variety of products and technologies, such as web front ends created with AngularJS, database-backed web services powered by SQL Server and ASP.NET Web API and XAML-based .NET applications that provide superior desktop experience and connectivity with Microsoft Office. You will use technology to create elegant products that meet the complex needs of our demanding customers and use your insight and creativity to contribute to the technical roadmap and architectural decisions that will shape our products for years to come.

- Senior Software Engineer: http://www.therockportgroup.com/about/careers.html#senior-en...

See above. But also, as a senior member of the team, you will guide and mentor less experienced members of the team, provide leadership in your areas of expertise and represent the engineering team to senior management.

You can send your resume to careers@rockportllc.com - also feel free to contact me @ dkang@rockportllc.com


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VFILES • NYC • Full Time • ONSITE • Full-stack + iOS

VFILES is the hippest and foulest-mouthed unification of community, content, and commerce in the fashion world today. To spare you a longer, platitudinous spiel about the brand, here's some things to watch/read about us:

• Our most recent user-generated fashion show: https://www.vfiles.com/vfiles/32011/media/459248 • New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/02/fashion/building-blocks-al... • New Yorker Magazine: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/a-model-funera... • Nylon: http://www.nylon.com/articles/how-vfiles-is-changing-fashion

We're looking for

• an experienced iOS developer: We’ve recently started a relationship with Thoughbot (a great bunch of open-source- and robot-obsessed developers) to build an iOS app. They’re about a month into development with Swift 2, targeting iOS 9, and using functional, modern programming techniques. We want you to hook into their process, and eventually take over all iOS development.

• a full-stack engineer: Our application is a decoupled suite of Snap services serving an increasingly mature Angular frontend. You'll not only get to work with Haskell every day, but also fun tools like Neo4j, ZeroMQ, ElasticSearch, and more. Engineers here always have the right to experiment with new techniques and technology to solve problems.

You'll join a team of four engineers in a company of about twenty people amongst the editorial team, shop team, video production, etc. Everybody here is at the top of their game; it's a very refreshing environment to work in, regardless of your interest or lack thereof in fashion and pop culture.

As for fringe benefits, we throw the best parties in town (hosted by A$AP Mob and crashed by Kendrick Lamar), have company trips to gorgeous Montauk, organize funky Soul Cycle rides and boxing workouts with designers, models, and other personalities, and are invited to essentially everything that happens in New York.

You can write us at engineering ∀ vfiles ∘ com if you are interested in hearing more and coming in to meet us.

At this time we can only consider local applicants willing and legally able to work at our Soho offices without sponsorship.