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Paris - 9 jobs in November 2015

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Clustree – Paris, France or REMOTE anywhere – Full time

Clustree is the first big data driven decision making solution for talent management. We revolutionize human resources in large companies giving them the evidences they currently lack to support their decisions. We just raised 2.9M dollars and won the DisruptHR competition last week.

We work on cool problems with microservices using Python, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Spark (lots of machine learning!), Docker and Kubernetes. We offer true remote: I work from Reunion Island and only travel to Paris twice a year.

Engineering positions:

- QA Engineer: https://www.hellohired.com/clustree/jobs/606-q-a-engineer

- Data Scientist: https://www.hellohired.com/clustree/jobs/603-data-scientist

- Software Engineer Back-end oriented: https://www.hellohired.com/clustree/jobs/604-software-engine...

- Software Engineer Front-end oriented https://www.hellohired.com/clustree/jobs/605-software-engine...

- HRIS Software Engineer (not remote): https://www.hellohired.com/clustree/jobs/681-hris-software-e...


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Criteo | Palo Alto (US) & Paris (France) | Full-time & Interns | Onsite | Relocation + Visa Support provided

Criteo is looking for exceptional software engineers, machine learning engineers, research scientists, data scientists, and project managers. We own the largest Hadoop cluster in Europe. We leverage our 40-petabyte Hadoop cluster to train machine learning models for dynamic ad targeting. Specifically, we predict click and sales for each banner we show, we recommend products from catalogs with millions of items in real-time, and we also optimize the look and feel of each banner.

About our scale: we reach >1B people monthly, recommend products from a global catalog of >3B entries, 800k HTTP requests / sec (peak activity), 30,000 ad impressions per second (peak activity), 7 in-house data centers on 3 continents, >15,000 servers, <10ms to process a bidding request, ...

If you’re curious about this opportunity, just visit: http://www.criteo.com/careers/

Apply online or send a resume to d.lefortier@criteo.com.


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NEXEDI | Lille/Munich/Paris/Tokyo | ONSITE | 3/6/12 months TRAINEE/INTERNS

We keep a group of trainees contributing on research projects and prototyping things we are curious about. Most of our staff are former trainees and this is our preferred way to find people that fit our mindset. If you are passionate about open-source aka free software and like one of our topics below, get in touch.

Current topics (http://www.nexedi.com/jobs):

   - Prototype JavaScript Unhosted Social Network
   - Help on our Python Big Data, Machine Learning Platform
   - Help porting the Babel routing protocol to Rina
   - Extend our HTML5 Web Component Framework
   - Upgrade our Web App Store / Add Some JavaScript Apps
   - Explore Our Prototype of An Decentralized Web Cloud
   - Try prototyping a Web Version Control System
   - Try to use WebRTC to create a Web Mesh Network
   - Experiment with ERP5 and WebAssembly
About Nexedi: We are a small team from all over the world (headquarters in Lille, France) creating open source software since 2001. Our work is split between client and research projects with ERP5 (Enterprise software), SlapOS (Cloud Hosting), Wendelin (Big Data platform) and OfficeJS (HTML5 offline applications) being our main solutions around which we provide services. We all work with Chromebooks, our offices are paperless and we have no meetings = we hack.

Apply To: jobs(at)nexedi.com


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GarageScore | Arcueil, France | Mostly ONSITE, southern suburb of Paris | Lead Full-Stack Web Developer

About 85 percent of car drivers no longer trust their garage! GarageScore is a nascent start-up developing the first label of garage and car dealer satisfaction, with the aim of restoring this trust, and allow serious car professionnals to be noticed. Join our founder team of four passionate entrepreneurs!

We are looking for a passionate developer that is comfortable with the full stack of a web application, has a strong sense of the customer, and wants to lead great projects. Co-teaming with the CTO (myself), they will share responsibility of architecting and developing our products, with a direct impact on our customers in the automobile industry.

Technologies currently used by our services:

- JavaScript (mostly ECMAScript 5 flavored)

- Node.js, Express, Loopback on the back-end side

- Backbone on the front-end side

- MongoDB / Redis storage

You can demonstrate:

- at lest five years of experience in web application crafting, a significant proportion of which as a team lead

- significant experience of JavaScipt, and ideally Node.js

- deep understanding of the DOM, HTTP, and RESTful design

- strong knowledge of a decentralized version control tool, ideally Git

For us, the ideal candidate:

- communicates with precision, concision, and clarity, in English and ideally in French

- shows opinonated ideas, but can listen to others

- is highly sensitive to big little details

This is a FULL TIME position. Please write to jobs@garagescore.com, and ask for Eric.


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Synthesio - http://www.synthesio.com | Solutions Engineers | London and Paris

We're one of the leading social media analytics companies - every month we pull in >2bn pieces of social data, and allow our users to slice and dice that data to answer all sorts of interesting questions, like:

- Why are people buying our products vs. our competitors?

- What people on social media are driving discussion about our brand?

- How can we calculate what subjects are getting people excited about a particular political candidate?

I'm the VP product here in NYC, while our engineering team is in Paris. I'm looking to hire a couple of positions reporting to me, and then we're hiring a bunch of folks throughout the organization.

Solutions Engineer - http://synthes.io/1RK3Ypu

This is a presales engineer role, but with some fun extras. Since you're reporting with the product organization and R&D, we spend more time working on product strategy and partnerships than a typical SE does. The ideal candidate will be someone who can talk APIs and implementation plans as well as a deep and abiding interest in big data and social analytics. We have positions open in both London and Paris, and we would really prefer you be located in one of those two cities.

There are links to the job postings next to the title, you can always feel free to email me at mzito@synthesio.com if you have any questions or comments, or you can also reach out to our internal recruiter at syard@synthesio.com. For the rest of our job postings, take a look at: http://synthesio.applytojob.com/


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Sqreen - https://www.sqreen.io | Full-time Onsite backend developers | Engineering team in Paris

Sqreen's mission is to provide robust security layer to help developers protect their applications against weaknesses. We develop security solutions that combine instrumentation, defensive algorithms and machine learning.

We are obviously looking for Python, Node, Java, .Net gurus - not only security gurus.

We have a cool and modern stack based on Docker, AWS, Mongo and Meteor and we do full continuous integration.

Our product is now in private beta, so you will likely help us ship our incoming products.

You can find our job offers here: https://www.sqreen.io/jobs/

Please email jobs@sqreen.io if you want to discuss!


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Drivy | Paris, France | Backend / Fullstack

Our goal is to replace car ownership by a better service: shared cars available at every corner will offer the flexibility and proximity of ownership without the burden of maintenance.

We already have a significant traction and rank #1 worldwide on the market of peer-to-peer car rental, but we believe the adoption should be 100 times larger in just a few years.

We're currently looking for Backend, Fullstack and Data engineers to join our tech team in Paris.

Positions are detailed here: https://en.drivy.com/jobs

If it sounds like something interesting to you, please contact me directly via michael+jobs@drivy.com

About remote work: it is possible, but we strongly favor applicants who can come to Paris (at least a few days per month).


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Maker In Residence — INTERN — @Sigfox. Paris, FR.

Build hardware PoCs showcasing the SIGFOX network. Real use cases, pure R&D, funny stuff .. Whatever.

Using the HW solutions from our partners : Adeunis, Atim, Atmel, Axsem, SiLabs, Telecom Design, Texas Instruments, ...

Skills i'm looking for

* A couple of hw projects references

* ability to do some basic web UI

* not afraid of trying new things

* not too dangerous with a soldering iron in hand

* writing skills

Apply: devrelations@sigfox.com --edited: formatting --


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Snips.ai | Paris | Onsite

Snips is looking for exceptional data-scientists, engineers, designers, and project managers well versed in machine learning, NLP, context awareness, and/or mobile software development. Snips will be used in countless connected devices in the years to come ;-)

If you’re curious about this opportunity, just visit: snips.ai/jobs.hmtl