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Phoenix - 5 jobs in November 2015

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Serious Mumbo | Phoenix, AZ | Onsite preferred| Full Stack, Front-End

Work on a next generation HTML5 mail client, decentralize email itself. Fulltime equity position for talented dev.

you = {values: ['privacy','open source'], skills: ['node.js','express','redis', 'mongo','react.js','angular']}

email sherman@seriousmumbo.com


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Tuft & Needle | Phoenix, AZ | Full Stack, Front-End, UX

We're disrupting the mattress industry by providing a high-quality mattress for less by cutting out the middle-man markups and scammy industry tactics. In 2013, we set out to build a better product, and a better experience than what was offered to us. Along the way, we've found a passion for creating products of value. Careers at Tuft & Needle go well beyond competitive pay, benefits, and perks (although we have all of those). We're much more than a mattress company. At Tuft & Needle, we are a collection of entrepreneurs who have come together to build something we could not have done on our own.


email sean at tuftandneedle dot com


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Society of Grownups | Boston, MA | ONSITE (WFH options) https://www.societyofgrownups.com/careers#senior-software-en...

We're trying to democratize financial literacy and change the way people talk about money. We need strong Javascript engineers to help us build an accessible, robust financial education platform. We have an inclusive culture, work cross-functionally, and trust each other without resorting to micromanagement. Email careers@societyofgrownups.com if you'd like to talk!

Tech: ES6, Lodash, Ember CLI, Ruby on Rails, Elixir + Phoenix


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Phoenix, Arizona || ONSITE

http://www.giftcardzen.com/ -- we buy and sell numbers, at scale, online. Our stack is RoR on Heroku but we'd love to talk to anyone who's passionate about making great products via technology.

We're hiring developers and many other positions. We're one of the fastest-growing companies in Arizona and we'd love to meet you!


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mPath - http://mpath.com - Palo Alto and San Francisco

mPath is a new type of mobile productivity platform for businesses. Most people don't need all of their business data on their phone – just the pieces that matter to them. With mPath, business folks (non-developers) can modify the app for their needs (without coding). All of this takes between a few minutes and a few hours.

We launched recently, and we're getting quite a bit of traction inside businesses. We need help building out our suite of productivity apps and extending the platform.

Our stack is

- React/Sinatra web app

- Swift 2 using MVVM on iOS

- Java/Dropwizard and Phoenix/HBase on the back end

- Java on Android

Right now, we have a small but very talented team, and we'd like to add more curious, intelligent people who are interested in solving challenging problems. interested [at] mpath dotcom

We have several roles open, but these two are stand-outs:

1. Senior Backend Engineer - Java and Phoenix/HBase

2. Android engineer

Check out http://www.mpath.com/about#positions