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San Jose - 6 jobs in November 2015

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IBM Watson | Multiple positions | Pittsburgh | Onsite | Full-time | Citizen; Visa for well-qualified candidates | Scala; Java; Python; Ruby; C; Golang; Watson Explorer

Want to be a part of a quickly growing product team, fueled by customers' never-ending thirst for knowledge? IBM Watson Pittsburgh has dominion over Watson Explorer and two recently released Watson Developer Cloud services: Document Conversion and Retrieve & Rank. We're a large, hilarious family seated in the heart of Squirrel Hill, a neighborhood of bonnie Pittsburgh. No office parks or egregious commutes here - unless you live waaay outside the city!


Currently open:

* L2 Support * Product Management

There are likely to be software engineering jobs opening very soon, so bookmark this post and come back to that link in a couple of weeks. If you apply, make sure that you've completed the (admittedly lengthy) entire application. If I see it, I'll respond with a thank you message!

Watson's entry-level/college graduate machine, the Blue Spark program, is running right now. http://www-03.ibm.com/employment/ and search for `watson blue spark`. We have offices all over, in NYC, Boston, Columbus, Austin, San Jose, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, and more. If you're graduating in December or in May, give it a shot! You can use the first link above and simply search for "Blue Spark" if you want me to get notified that you've applied.

I'm the software engineer tech lead on the Watson Explorer connectivity team and former consultant with the product's Professional Services team. I've been around a long while and I can rightfully say that Watson group really does move quickly lives up to the "startup speed" thing seen in the press. Watson seems a lot different from what we've all thought is IBM, and I'm glad to be a part of the team keeping it that way.

You can read my post history for more about our interview process, our team functions, and our excellent culture that has a ridiculously high retention rate in our engineering department.

If you want to chat with me, hit me up on Pittsburgh Code & Supply's Slack chat (http://www.codeandsupply.co/chat) or email me <my hn username> at us · ibm · com with "Hacker News" in the subject.


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Fetch Robotics - http://fetchrobotics.com/ - San Jose, CA - Full Time / INTERNS

Fetch is a team of experienced engineers working on cutting edge mobile robotics.

We’re now very well funded and we’re looking for experienced and deeply talented people who want to solve real world problems.

-- Full Time

Front End Developer (React) - http://muse.cm/1igS8Yz

Application Engineer - http://muse.cm/1LS13fo

Robot Perception Engineer - http://muse.cm/1LIUxET

Robot Manipulation Engineer - http://muse.cm/1KprQ2y

Robot Navigation Engineer - http://muse.cm/1NVRWdh

-- Intern Positions

Hardware Intern - http://muse.cm/1RpGiqw

Software Intern - http://muse.cm/1kmH6le

Our stack: Ubuntu/ROS/C/C++/Python/JavaScript

We’ve got awesome robots, a disruptive price point and we're growing very rapidly. Simply put, we’ve built something that people want.


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ActiveVideo - Hilversum (near Amsterdam, The Netherlands) or San Jose (California) - Full Time - ONSITE, we can help with relocation/VISA

ActiveVideo is going through a growth phase right now. We have an innovative product to virtualize the set-top box (think using old set-top boxes with a video stream rendered in the cloud), with large customers all over the world. We have operations and QA positions open in San Jose, but our core engineering group is in Hilversum, the Netherlands, where we have a really strong team of competent software and QA engineers. One thing we hear time and again from recent hires is how much they value their new colleagues, and employees judge their own compensation as pretty good in a recent survey.

We're looking for both C++ and Java developers -- though for the latter I should add we're not looking for the enterprise business-rule kind of Java developer, but rather the systems-level Java developer. Our Java codebase is a multi-threaded (evented), very scalable distributed system with strong consistency guarantees. We have a media/codec-related C++ code base (if you like getting your hands dirty with H.264, MPEG2 or Intel's cool GPU-based real-time transcoding, this is for you) as well as our own cloud-based browser engine, where we pretty much run WebKit on the cloud.

And of course we wouldn't be able to deliver quality product without our QA team members, both embedded in the development teams and in an integration-level System QA team.

Find more info here: http://www.activevideo.com/careers#bm-open-positions

If you're interested in a job (that is, if you're not a recruiter), feel free to email me at d.ochtman at the obvious domain.


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PayPal | San Jose, CA | Onsite (relocation available) | Hiring Senior Web Application Engineers

PayPal is looking for JavaScript engineers who want to work both in the browser and on the server-side in Node.js. Come help us as we continue to completely re-engineer the entire tech stack and innovate on how people exchange money and pay both online and offline.

I am one of the hiring managers, you can reach out to me directly at my HN username at paypal.com. We're looking for talented JavaScript developers. Experience with Backbone, React, and Flux would be hugely helpful while experience with other frameworks like Ember and Angular would also be quite useful. We've got some amazing teams of JS engineers and we'd love to have you join!

We've got openings in various areas including online checkout, account servicing, p2p money, etc.

At the present time due to paperwork deadlines, you must be currently legally authorized to work in the USA. We are able to sponsor current VISA; however, we cannot apply for new VISA.


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PayPal, Inc. | San Jose | Full Time | ONSITE

You already know PayPal, the online payments industry leader. But did you know that the cryptographic core of PayPal is now powered by Python? I'm looking for a staff software engineer with 5+ years of experience, excited by high-performance and high-scalability, interested in deep-diving security and systems programming (as opposed to the full-stack trend).

Full details are here: https://www.python.org/jobs/734/ I'm the engineer doing the hiring, you can get at me directly: mahmoud at paypal dot com


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Pinger | Backend PHP Senior Software Engineer | Downtown San Jose, CA | ONSITE full-time

Pinger, the makers of Textfree for iOS & Android, are hiring a backend PHP Senior Software Engineer.

It's an exciting time here at Pinger. We're still small enough that individual contributions really matter, and big enough that our award-winning apps touch millions of people in the one place they interact with the most — their mobile phones.