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Bangalore - 2 jobs in December 2015

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Bangalore, India. Many Positions. Full time. This is my Eighth monthly post and have hired a couple of great guys from the past posts.

Expanding the scope to include crypto and math majors - especially with experience in Blockchains. Please read on.

I have recently taken up a role to build a payment network from scratch, out of Bangalore, India. It is funded by a big corporation, but will be arms-distance from their central business.

It is a large, complex and fascinating problem to crack. The potential to bring banking to 600 million un/underbanked Indians is what excited me to work on this.

In the past I have built both fast-data and big-data companies and have a few patents in this space.

We are looking to hire a good core team of full time math, physics and CS majors, UI UX and product managers, who will work of Bangalore, India.

If you are interested, please email me at google's email service - takenottie. Thanks for reading.


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AeroLeads | https://aeroleads.com | USA or India | PARTTIME or CONTRACT | Prospect Generation Software

AeroLeads is a bootstrapped startup based out of Bangalore, India. We are a prospect generation SaaS software used by thousands of startups and businesses who start their sales with our software.

We are looking for SDR in USA (Preferably) or India who can work with us part time or on contract basis to get us more visibility and sales.

Please mail me to "pushkar at aeroleads.com" if you are interested.