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Houston - 5 jobs in December 2015

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Full Circle - Houston, Tx - Mid-to-Senior Level Full Stack/Backend Developer - Full-Time


We are a small team of developers supporting a growing business which provides organic/locally-sourced groceries, delivered weekly, on a subscription-based model. Originally started by an organic farmer just outside of Seattle, WA, Full Circle now delivers to much of Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Alaska. This position is part of our Houston-based development team.

You must have:

- a bachelor's in CS (or 4 years of relevant experience)

- plus an additional 4 years of relevant experience, at least

- the ability to work from home as necessary (our Houston base is small and without a full-time space yet)

You should be:

- sufficiently experienced in coding non-trivial web applications

- comfortable designing, refactoring, and normalizing SQL schema (we use MySQL)

- at home using Git and a linux shell, e.g. bash

You would ideally be:

- experienced in Ruby on Rails and/or PHP

- familiar with elements of a distributed architecture (job queues, batch processing, caching, etc.)

- fully capable in Javascript

If you are interested please send your resume and an introduction to: technology.jobs@fullcircle.com


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Vurb - San Francisco, CA (H1B OK) - http://vurb.com - Full Time only

Just launched Android and messaging across iOS & Android ("Best New Apps") - http://techcrunch.com/2015/08/20/vurbchat/ Won TC Disrupt and raised over $10M with a small team

WHAT WE DO: Vurb combines mobile search, apps, and messaging - partnering with services like Yelp, Foursquare, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. Rather than jumping between different apps to find something, we're bringing your apps and your friends together in one place - an app you'll use every day.

INVESTORS: Max Levchin, Drew Houston, Naval Ravikant, CrunchFund, Redpoint, Tencent + others.

APPLY IF: You are looking for a rapidly growing small team and the opportunity to take on significant responsibility and ship quickly. Examples of challenging problems that you could help us solve include:

- Manage and index millions of objects around places, events, movies, etc with blazing fast read-write access

- Develop search relevance and content discovery infrastructure on millions of objects and TB’s of data

- Develop mobile apps for not only scaling app performance but architecting the app to support a growing number of services and verticals


* Full-stack Engineer - generalist opportunities across the stack: backend, frontend. Go, JavaScript, node.js, react.js, backbone.js, AWS

* Search / Data Scientist / Data Engineer - search, classification, ranking, ML, graphs, data crawling/processing. Advanced CS degree required.

* Mobile Engineer - iOS / Android engineers (2+ years experience)

* Product Designer - UI/UX

INTERESTED? http://vurb.com/careers | jobs@vurb.com


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Credera, https://www.credera.com/ – Dallas, Houston, Denver – Full-time – ONSITE only

We seek natural problem-solvers who are passionate about software development at work and at home. We offer the opportunity to work with some of the newest languages and frameworks, accelerate your career with more variety and a faster pace, recognition/salary/bonus rewards along the way, and enjoy a transparent and collaborative culture with minimal travel.

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will create custom software solutions that solve clients' most challenging problems using a combination of industry standard and cutting edge technologies including Spring Boot, Scala, MongoDB and AngularJS. You'll design complex, robust, high-volume software solutions leveraging open source frameworks and client-side technologies. You will work closely with your project team to conduct peer code reviews, make and communicate technical decisions to clients, and see the impact you have on the direction and end success of a solution.

We are looking for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Management Information Systems, or related field of study, experience with Java/JavaEE technologies, open source frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate, continuous deployment environment and tools (Jenkins, TeamCity, etc.), and knowledge of Enterprise Integration Patterns (Camel, Spring Integration). If you're interested in any of our locations, please contact Paige Edwards at pedwards@credera.com or view all of our job opportunities athttp://bit.ly/1whqjEt.


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Houston, TX | Product Manager | Onsite

About the company: GoCo is raising the bar for Houston Tech! We have an amazing team of developers, designers and sales folks that are on a mission to simplify and automate all the annoying admin work small businesses have to put up with (and make the workplace way more fun for those companies' employees along the way).

We've recently raised $1.8M and we need your help!

About the position: As a PM at GoCo, you'll be a mini-CEO. You'll need to help us figure out what we should build and how we should build it. And you'll probably make mistakes along the way. But that's OK. We're all about learning quick. The ideal GoCo PM would demonstrate these 4 main traits: - Excellent communicator: You'll need to be a great listener so you can understand users' problems. And once you understand those problems, you'll need to convey your proposed solutions via email, PowerPoint decks, whiteboarding or just sitting down and talking with devs, design, and execs. - Half analytical, half creative: You'll quantify and prioritize what's going to deliver the most bang for the buck. Sometimes, those features won't be very creative. What's worked before can work now. But sometimes, you'll really have to really think out of the box. - Design: You don't need to be a designer. You don't need to know how to make things beautiful. But you do need to know how to distill complicated flows into something that's intuitive and simple. - Bias for action: You need to get stuff done! As a PM, you'll report directly to the seasoned Chief Product Officer and have massive opportunities for personal growth, leadership, and career advancement in a rapidly growing company.

You don't need any direct PM experience (though that's awesome). You just need to demonstrate the traits outlined above. Any experience with HR or insurance is a big plus.

Struck your fancy? Email me, Michael Gugel (the co-founder and CPO) at gugel@goco.io.


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Software Engineers / Designers / Sales / Operations

Downtown Seattle, WA

We're optimizing the trucking and logistics industry; automating what is, today, a $749B industry that still relies on phone calls and paper.

Some of our open engineering positions:

- Front-end engineer - Live and breathe JavaScript, HTML, and CSS? Come work on our single-page app using React and redux!

- Mobile engineer - We have Android and iOS apps, and we’re interested in people competent in either native or react-native mobile development (both is a huge plus). These are beautiful, bulletproof apps that solve real-world problems for truck drivers and carriers.

- Back-end engineer - We’ve got some fun CS problems to solve around route optimization and market making, plus working on the API that connects all these clients.

If you’re a high-performing engineer but don’t have one of these specific tools on your belt, we’d still love to talk. We trust awesome people to learn the tech!

We're a small, close-knit team that hails from both startups and large tech companies, backed by some big names. Jeff Bezos, Pierre Omidyar and Drew Houston are all investors.

I'm one of our full-stack software engineers (employee #2). I've worked at several software companies large and small, but this one feels like a rocket ship. I'm working with some of the smartest people I've ever met, both engineering and business, we're building a great product at an incredible pace, and growing our business like crazy. I'm excited to go to work every day.

We just exited stealth mode a month ago:


If you're in Seattle (or willing to relocate) and looking to be on a small team where you can have a huge impact, email me at alex@convoy.com or check out our jobs page https://convoy.com/about.html#jobs