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Boulder - 5 jobs in February 2015

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Sensory (www.sensory.com) - Application Software Engineer - Boulder, CO - full time

As an Application Software Engineer within Sensory’s Vision Technologies team, you will bring your intelligence and drive to our patented and award-winning speech and vision products. We’re looking for someone with strong skills in UI design and application development (iOS, Android, and/or Web) to build new user experiences with our multi-platform SDKs, to help build internal tools for data collection and annotation, and to help scale our model building infrastructure using Apache Spark/Hadoop and EC2.

Sensory is a leader in providing speech recognition technologies for consumer products. We’ve recently established a Vision Technologies team to create SDKs that combine speech technology with computer vision. Sensory’s speech technology has shipped in over half a billion units, and we want to do the same with our vision technology.

Here’s the full job description: https://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/78744/application-sof...

Contact us at jobs@sensory.com


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Goosetail Labs - Boulder, Colorado - Mid-Level JavaScript Developer - http://goosetail.com

We're a growing web dev startup based in Boulder, CO. We have a mix of both client work and our own projects. Our stack consists of AngularJS, Node.js, MongoDB, and Express. We practice test driven development with an emphasis on writing clean, reusable code. Weekly code reviews, flexible schedules, the option to work remotely, and a great team are some of perks. The requirements are below, and feel free to reach out to me directly. My email is in my profile.



  2+ years JavaScript experience
  Strong object oriented development background
  MVC or experience with other frameworks
  Understanding of unit and functional testing best practices
Nice to have:

  AngularJS and Node.js experience
  Previous experience with SaaS or other customer facing development experience
  Previous startup experience.
To Apply Email - jobs at goosetail - with your background, salary requirements, and any else you feel is relevant.


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Kapost - Boulder, CO - Sr. Rails Engineer

Kapost is the world's leading provider of content marketing software and services, powering the content operations of more than 100 companies. We're growing fast, from 15 to 60 employees in the past year, and are looking to add to our team.

At Kapost, we believe software development is an art. To that end our culture is centered around hiring exceptional engineers, who are empowered with creative freedom and autonomy. We focus on code quality and collaboration on projects that have a big impact. Our team is made up of extraordinary individuals, both personally and professionally and we plan on always keeping it that way.

You can read more about us here: http://kapost.com/about-us/


Check out our listing on StackOverflow Careers for more information/how to apply:



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Gingr - Boulder, CO, USA - Full time - Engineer #1

Gingr is a SaaS for dog kennels, daycares, groomers & trainers. It helps them manage every aspect of their business; managing customers, reservations, schedules, marketing/interaction tools, and payment collection.

We're at MVP, have >20 customers, growing weekly, and are actively engaged with multiple investors. Our 6 month development roadmap is planned.

I'm Lee, the founder of Gingr and the technical person on the product. Currently, I'm the sole developer on the project. We use PHP, Bootstrap 3, jQuery and some React.js (lots more coming this year).

We're looking for a general LAMP developer who feels comfortable taking on a project, talking through a reasonable time estimate for a project, working together on the design, and delivering a quality feature on time. Other than that, we're flexible.

This job will have a start date of mid-March, pending closing of the funding round.

If you'd like to chat, shoot me an email to lee at gingrapp dot com.


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Rafflecopter - Boulder, CO (Remote/Local/Relocation available)

http://jobs.rafflecopter.com | jobs@rafflecopter.com

We're a fully bootstrapped and profitable startup providing giveaways as a service for marketers, bloggers, etc. Our dev team is 4 people and we're looking to expand our offerings and specialize some of our team members.

Infrastructure Engineer - Looking to redeploy our system onto a new system. Deciding between docker orchestration frameworks like mesos/coreos/helios/etc. Also responsible for anything backend like message queue systems and development-to-deployment toolchain.

UI Engineer - A strong developer-first front-end engineer. Writing reusable and readable HTML/CSS/JS is foremost important. Will work with our main designer/front-end developer to create new interfaces and extend current ones.