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Irvine - 1 jobs in February 2015

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Reliable Reef in Irvine, CA

We make cloud-based monitoring systems to provide real-time data and analytics to water managers.

Full Stack LAMPP/MEAN developer (Onsite or Remote) - Looking for someone to join our team to further develop our platform with an emphasis on stability and ease-of-use for the customers. You would be the primary developer on our web stack and likely lead future engineers.

Embedded Linux & Firmware developer (Onsite) - Looking for someone to join our team to further develop our embedded applications and sensor firmware. Electrical Engineering background would be helpful as well as a background in signal processing.

About us: We are a team of 4, based in Irvine, working with some of the largest municipalities and fish farms in the world. Currently having all the skills to pay the bills is not needed, we want someone who we would love to be around, is willing to learn anything and everything to get the job done and has a genuine interest in what we are doing. We are looking for someone fun, works closely with people, gets a high from making people happy, and wants to make a change in the world that will save millions of lives and make our food healthier.

If you fit our descriptions, I would love to hear from you at yousif@reliablereef.com.

If you don't fit the jobs, but would love to work with us, I would love to hear from you too :)