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Kansas City - 1 jobs in February 2015

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Epiq Systems in Kansas City, KS

We assist law firms with their complex IT needs, like ediscovery, printing class action mailings, tracking bankruptcy filings. Excellence is expected and paid above average for. Corporate culture is more conservative than many places but the organization still adapts to technology reasonably rapidly.

We're looking for 5 positions. 3 coders but I unfortunately don't know much about it. C#. We have scrums but aren't that agile.

1 Windows Admin - This is a mainly OS position. There's an apps team but mainly we need server OS troubleshooting, development of monitoring, etc.

and the position I'm rooting for, Linux Admin, pardon the pun. You'll be the third member on the team.

- RHEL6, OEL6, Oracle RAC 11g, Puppet, Git

More than anything we're looking for the right person. There are a lot of ways to skin the cat and we'd prefer you not have a militantly religious view on your cat skinning method. Can you be open to learning how we skin the cat then help us understand how your method is better? If we're stuck skinning the cat in a stupid way for a while will that drive you nuts?

Email me at ddoughty youKnowTheSymbol epiqsystems.com for the linux or windows positions. The developers positions can be found at https://epiqsystems.tms.hrdepartment.com/cgi-bin/a/alljobs.c...