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Los Angeles - 13 jobs in February 2015

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Los Angeles CA - KEYPR - http://keypr.com

We're redefining the guest experience at hotels worldwide. With our mobile app, you check in and go straight to your room. With our web app, hotels get real-time metrics and tools to track.

We're looking for front-end, back-end, mobile, and embedded/firmware engineers.

We use Python, Node.js, AngularJS, iOS, Android, and C. You should be proficient in at least one of these.

If you like to solve challenging problems, please email me at charles@keypr.com. Please include your GitHub profile or links to code or any relevant work.



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OpenTable is hiring | http://opentable.com

OpenTable is a global company dedicated to continually solving new problems to help create amazing dining experiences. We enable restaurants around the world to delight their guests with every meal. We are the leaders in restaurant technology, constantly reinventing ourselves and the products we offer so restaurants can thrive and improve their businesses


- Product (http://hire.jobvite.com/m?3Zoq1hwA)

- Engineering (http://hire.jobvite.com/m?3foq1hwQ)

Many other roles, including:

- Principal Security Engineer ( http://hire.jobvite.com/m?3Ppq1hwr )

- Front End Engineer ( http://hire.jobvite.com/m?3Xpq1hwz )

- Senior Services Engineer ( http://hire.jobvite.com/m?32pq1hwE )

- And many more (http://hire.jobvite.com/m?3Rqq1hwu )

Most of our open positions are in San Francisco, but some are in London, Los Angeles, and Chattanooga, TN.


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GoGuardian - Los Angeles, CA (Hermosa Beach) - https://goguardian.com

We provide analytics, advanced web filtering, and classroom management software for schools with Chromebooks. Our traction has been astounding. We launched in 2014, and already have hundreds of paying districts, with our software installed on over 800,000 school-owned devices. We are now processing 30 million events per day and growing about 10% week over week.

Engineering-wise, we need full-stack help. We're in the process of rebuilding our entire event ingestion pipeline (going from PHP+MySQL to Kinesis+Java+Cassandra+Solr). We've got a team of seven engineers (including myself). We're all responsible for everything (frontend, backend, database, deployments, everything). We're looking for someone who wants to make tremendous impact in the organization - making key engineering decision that will impact the company for years to come. We're looking for killer frontend and backend people as well as data scientists (we've got a goldmine of usage data that we haven't run any non-trivial analytics on).

We're Pre-Series-A and profitable! We're in the process of raising an A round which will enable us to scale up. If you're interested in an early stage startup that's positioned well for stable growth, please reach out!

Hit us up at jobs@goguardian.com


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ZipRecruiter - http://ziprecruiter.com - Santa Monica (LA area) - REMOTE OK for some positions

Our goal is to create the best online services for filling and finding jobs. We bootstrapped for the first four years, growing to 100+ employees. Recently, we raised $63M led by Institutional Venture Partners.

We have a number of open positions:

  - Software Engineer (primarily Python) (Santa Monica)
  - Software Engineer (primarily Perl) (Santa Monica or Remote)
  - QA Automation Engineer (selenium or similar) (Santa Monica)
  - Data Scientist (Santa Monica)
  - Systems Administrator/Site Reliability Engineer (Santa Monica or Remote)
We're growing rapidly and have a large customer base (primarily small and medium sized businesses). We have interesting problems to solve in the areas of search, yield management, analytics, scalability and new product development. If you'd like to learn more, please visit https://www.ziprecruiter.com/hiring/technology or email us at techjobs@ziprecruiter.com


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Upkeep - Los Angeles, CA - REMOTE - Full/Part Time Ruby on Rails Developer

We're an early stage startup, building the next generation home services platform that will empower thousands of professionals while servicing millions of households in the future. We believe there's a big shift underway within the home services industry, led by the wave of mobile and cloud technologies. And we want to be the team that does it right.

Our company is entirely distributed and remote so you won't feel left out of water cooler chats. We're still small so you will have a lot of ownership and influence over the product and processes. And our product is currently used by thousands of professionals and customers every day who depend on it for their livelihood and lifestyle, so the impact is real.



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Unite - Los Angeles, Toronto, Prague - Fulltime or Interns - http://unite.io

We're a stealthy startup looking for engineers to join our small and highly skilled team in our offices in Los Angeles, Toronto or Prague. We are building a global data marketplace, with a focus on advertising industry. We are growing incredibly fast — our servers handle 2000 requests per second and manage more than 700 million users (yes, that's 20% of the internet).

We are looking for experienced front-end developers and full-stack engineers. We use the Angular/JavaScript (with almost all ES6 features) on the front end, and Java/Cassandra/Kafka/Storm on the back end.

Feel free to ping me anytime at engineering@unite.io.


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FarApp - Los Angeles area - Full Time Remote

We're a small company that automates business processes (pushing product data, importing orders and exporting shipment data) to eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. We're looking for an entry-level software engineer to help on the many different projects we're working on. We're improving our service and implementing new features and also implementing customizations for customers who need them.

You can read all about the position here: http://farapp.workable.com/jobs/34228


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ZestFinance | Los Angeles, CA (we do relocation and visa sponsorship)

Here at Zest we use machine learning to provide better credit underwriting.

We're looking for software engineers (among other positions). Experience with Ruby on Rails is nice but not necessary.

The work is stimulating, and the team is filled with great people. The compensation/benefits can't be beat.

Feel free to ask me anything at cgj@zestfinance.com, or visit http://www.zestfinance.com/careers.html


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Los Angeles, CA ~ Bottlenose - http://bottlenose.com/jobs

Bottlenose is building a real-time analytics platform for streaming data. To date have been focused on social data streams and now growing the team to support all types of time series data.

With a solid product in market, we're now growing the team and looking for several software and data science engineers to join our team in LA.

Our tech stack: Node.JS, Python, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, RabbitMQ


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SpaceX - ERP Application Development (Los Angeles)

Looking for people with demonstrable experience in: ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, and AngularJS

We are a fast-paced, highly iterative team that has to adapt quickly as our factory grows. We need people are comfortable tackling new problems, innovating solutions, and interacting with every facet of the company on a daily basis.



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London Trust Media, Inc.

- Hiring 5 or more Ruby on Rails Developers

- Hiring 1 or more DevOps Engineers

We pay very competitively and one of the perks is VIP at our night club in Los Angeles (one of the major night clubs).

jobs AT privatinternetaccess.com

- Please send resume and github at minimum

Cheers, rasengan


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Welocalize | Los Angeles, CA (Santa Monica) | Lead Developer

We help Google, Harley Davidson, PayPal, Expedia, John Deere, Blackboard, Marriott, Cisco, and many more demanding brands get to market around the world by providing a global localization workforce.


About the project


We already have an automated supply chain and internal project and accounting systems. we now want to build:

- predictive models to estimate the output quality and delivery date of a task, at every stage of execution

- a work assignment system to decide which worker in our pool should be assigned each incoming task

- tools that use NLP, machine learning, and signal analysis to analyze incoming content and improve the signal for our predictions

- web applications(s) to help our supply chain management team better analyze the worker pool, run training campaigns, discover at-risk tasks earlier, and generally benefit from the smart stuff we're doing

We're starting a new team in Santa Monica to focus on this. Starting with two developers and a data scientist (plus some extra support), we'll build an MVP and pilot it in production with some of our largest clients.


Who we're looking for


Looking for an experienced senior developer who has built complex production web applications.

Skills needed: - Able to take the lead on making design decisions, setting standards in a team, and resolving issues

- Able to learn new programming languages

- Able to assess the merits of frameworks and 3rd party systems

- Basic knowledge of html / css / javascript (e.g. to build simple admin screens)

- Know enough linux and AWS to set up servers and clusters

- Willing to help steer the product direction

Nice to have:

- knowledge of Rails or Django (so we can reference the design of these frameworks when discussing how to set things up)


What we offer


This is a chance to build systems from scratch in whatever technologies we choose, while gaining data science and machine learning chops.

We are a stable, profitable company, and will not be asking for death marches.

We have 401k match, health insurance, and other typical benefits. The environment will be flexible and informal.


Tech stack


I'm thinking we should consider using python as our main backend language, since many of the toolkits on the data science side use it. But we're going to have a heterogeneous environment regardless. I'd be fine with using Go, Scala, Rust, Elixir, or some other hot language for some of our stack if it helps interest the right person.

If you have any interest in this, please email me directly: doug.knoll@welocalize.com


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Iotum Global Holdings - Los Angeles - Full Time

We are a software company in need of a rock-star Systems Engineer with DevOps leanings to join our team.

  You eat/sleep/breathe technology. 
  Technology is your passion, your hobby, your lifestyle. 
  You are a tinkerer, driven by the desire to innovate.
  Repetitive manual tasks are your pet peeve, and you derive satisfaction out of automation.
  You are OS agnostic.
  You are connected to and involved in the tech community.
  You love participating in hack-a-thons.
  Nerf dart guns are your weapon of choice.
Does this describe you? If so, we'd love to hear from you.

The ideal candidate will be ready to hit the ground running from day 1, working closely with our Software Architect to build the next generation teleconferencing platform and suite of collaboration tools.

Unlike many other environments, more than half of our employees wear technical hats so they're pretty self-sufficient (ie desktop support isn't really a thing around our office). The primary focus of this role will be building and maintaining our customer-facing (and revenue-generating) products and services.

Knowledge and experience in any of the following areas will put you at the front of the pack:

  FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, or any other VOIP/SIP experience
  Designing highly-available infrastructure using AWS EC2, VPC, S3, etc
  Working within an Agile / Scrum team

  Assist Software Architect in designing and deploying a cutting edge technology platform using AWS
  Maintain a diverse, distributed network of collocated and AWS-based servers running Windows and Linux
  Identify opportunities to automate and improve processes that enable DevOps team to be more productive
  Troubleshoot system issues escalated from Customer Service team
  Advise DevOps team on Security best practices
  Share on call rotation with rest of DevOps team
Following satisfactory completion of a 90-day probationary period, you will become eligible for a comprehensive benefits package that includes 100% employer-paid medical, dental, and life insurance as well as 401k matching and paid sick/vacation time.

You must be authorized to work in the United States. Only local candidates that meet the above qualifications will be contacted for interview.

About the Company: iotum is an international company with roots in VoIP, telecom switch development, and innovative voice and mobile services. Today, we provide several teleconferencing platforms and collaboration services to millions of users worldwide, and are working on the next generation of virtual services to make it easier to collaborate and converse around the world.

Apply at: jobs-devops@iotum.com, and include 'Hacker News' in the subject.