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Myrtle Beach - 1 jobs in February 2015

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Myrtle Beach, SC - Ruby on Rails Developer - http://KidsCanGiveToo.com

Do you want to make a big impact in the lives of children and charities?

Company Description: KidsCanGiveToo.com is a seed-stage company that provides an online birthday party service making it easy for kids to share half of their gifts with a charity. Guests receive invitations, RSVP online, make donations, and the money gets split between the child and a charity of their choosing. For charities, we offer an innovative way to raise significant funds with very little strain on their resources. Our big vision is to fund charities while changing the mindset of a generation: streamlining how we give gifts to celebrate kids' birthday parties.

Job Location: Near Myrtle Beach, SC (Low cost of living, great weather - Learn more at http://WhyNotTheBeach.com). Come visit, and work remotely while you relocate here at your pace.

Looking for: A skilled full-stack Ruby on Rails developer who has a “get stuff done” attitude and wants to make a real difference in the lives of children and charities. You’ll be among the first full-time hires, and in addition to a career filled with purpose and opportunity you’ll get a combination of salary, equity & benefits. We respect work-life balance and offer vacation and work at home time. KidsCanGiveToo welcomes visionaries and dreamers - individuals who don’t wait for change, but make it happen!

You should have experience working on a team building consumer-focused small to medium-sized ruby on rails applications. You should be self motivated, and able to prioritize between feature development, bugs, and new issues that arise. You’ll be an integral part of the team… strategizing, building the dev team, and helping define the culture!

Contact: barb+jobs@kidscangivetoo.com

KidsCanGiveToo is part of the http://Startup.SC incubator program.