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Oslo - 1 jobs in February 2015

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Telenor Digital - http://telenordigital.com/ - Amsterdam, Netherlands / Oslo, Norway - Relocation offered

Telenor Digital is the R&D company for Telenor, a telco with $12 billion in revenue and ventures around Europe and Asia. Our team in the CTO office gets to have all the fun: we get to play with amazing emerging technologies, not in the “not going anywhere” pure research way, but instead applying it to projects that make their way into the hands of real customers. We ramp up fast, we fail fast (hopefully learning a thing or two along the way), and we have a lot of fun doing it.

Projects we worked on in the past year are launching Firefox OS devices in Bangladesh, working on the WebRTC implementation in Firefox, write patches to improve the graphics stack in Mozilla. We have a great relationship with Mozilla and we submitted hundred of patches in the past year. Most of your code will end up open source.

We're doing most of our stuff in JavaScript and C++, but one of our new projects will be in Go, we also do some embedded software, we try to use all the newest tech, and if you get enthusiastic about new technology and open source, then you totally want to submit your resume.


ALSO! We're hiring an engineer specifically to work full-time on WebRTC implementation in Mozilla. Same team, same fun, just fully WebRTC focused!