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Palo Alto - 11 jobs in February 2015

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Theranos - Palo Alto

Visit a lab for a Doctor’s appointment recently? Two vials of blood is a lot isn't it? Theranos is looking to completely redefine healthcare by solving speed and accuracy issues of current lab testing by combining SW engineering and life sciences using 1/1000 less blood than what is typically drawn today; our process have results in Doctors’ hands in as little as 2 hours allowing them to provide significantly more accurate treatments in the time that it matter.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLTAFbKbC8w&feature=youtube_... (A bit long)

An advanced stage startup, Theranos primary stack is .Net - We are looking for engineers who want to make a positive impact in healthcare. Also looking for embedded, Senior iOS & Sr. SQL Server developers.

VISA & Relo assistance (for those already in the US) - Sorry No remote – No International Relocation.

What’s it like working @ Theranos? http://vimeo.com/107759726

For more about each position: http://www.theranos.com/careers/software-development

email michaelw at theranos dot com


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Monetate - Remote (US/Canada only) or Philadelphia or London -- http://monetate.com

DevOps Engineer

Monetate powers personalization for the world's best brands. We deliver more than a million requests per minute using our 100% Linux, 100% AWS platform.

Location We're a geographically distributed team, and we welcome applicants from the US and Canada. If you prefer working in an office, we also have positions available in London UK, Conshohocken PA, and Palo Alto CA. We're all-in on distributed teams. We use technologies including Slack, BlueJeans, and GitHub to stay connected, and we get together a couple times per year as well.

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our growing Engineering team. Our engineering team is passionate about scale. We believe in respect for each other and for our customers as a core value. We believe that, as professionals, we should find our work fulfilling and it should contribute towards our happiness in life. We believe that a small team with full technical authority and responsibility is key to both happiness and project success. We believe in working with the best and we commit to continual improvement.

Why we need you:

To help us deliver reliable, zero-downtime releases using tools such as Terraform and CloudFormation. To help us create machine images using tools such as Ansible and Packer To help us monitor our infrastructure and applications using tools such as Circonus, CloudWatch, and Sensu.

You'll be successful in this role if:

You are a Linux expert who can program a bit (and wants to learn more!) You've used AWS or other virtualized infrastructure You prefer automation tools such as Ansible, Chef, or Puppet to ssh and shell scripts You've spent several years administering Linux/Unix services in production

Bonus Points for:

Python expertise Experience using AWS services at scale Experience running high-volume Internet services Contributions to Open-Source Software

Contact kway at monetate dot com


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Fast track the screening process by solving our little challenge: curl http://challenge.shopcurbside.com

Curbside is enabling a new way to shop, built for the era of instant mobile commerce. The Curbside app makes it easy to find, buy and pickup products at nearby stores. Curbside searches realtime local inventory across retailers and uses location-based technologies to alert stores when a customer is arriving for a pickup. Curbside helps consumers quickly get what they need and helps retailers better serve their increasingly mobile centric customers. The Curbside Merchant Console enables alerts to staff as customers arrive to pick up orders and also manages online order workflow.

Curbside’s investors and advisors include Index Ventures, Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Gil Elbaz & David Waxman’s TenOneTen and Chicago Ventures.

Tech Stack: Clojure, Python, Javascript, iOS, Android, Elasticsearch

Problem space: mobile commerce, big data, search, machine learning, reverse engineering, distributed systems, location services, user experience.

http://www.shopcurbside.com/jobs • Palo Alto, Ca. • Relocation Available


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Palo Alto, CA and San Francisco, CA - Full time - Full Stack Engineer

YC alum. Our product serves several thousand businesses in over 140 countries. Profitable, 4-person Stanford team.

Recruiting for our new venture to power the Internet's business model for the next 20 years. The current model of display ad-supported media is rapidly falling out of favor. We are building a better way and getting rid of the idea of the starving artist online. Email hn@crowdbooster.com


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Syapse (Palo Alto, http://www.syapse.com), a startup that helps doctors treat cancer, is hiring UI and Platform engineers.

We are a part of the genomics-based personalized medicine revolution that's taking medicine by storm. Our customers include some of the world's most prestigious hospitals such as Stanford and UCSF, and we just signed a deal with one of the largest hospital chains in the world:


Yet we are still a young rapidly growing startup!

You do NOT have to be a biologist or a doctor to work for us. Instead, we are looking for hard-core senior UI and platform engineers, to help aggregate, analyze, and present vast amount of genomic data to practicing doctors. Enabling doctors to make better decisions for each patient saves lives.

Our technology stack includes Semantic Web (RDF, OWL, SPARQL), Python, Java, and heavy Javascript.


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Box - San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA - Full time - Frontend & full stack engineers

Crocodoc (YC W10) founder here. When our company was acquired by Box in 2013, we launched a new set of developer APIs on the Box platform for anyone (even those who don't use Box itself) to use for converting documents to HTML. We're now powering apps from LinkedIn to CoTap to the newest version of WebEx.

We've also open-sourced one of our biggest projects (https://github.com/box/viewer.js) and are expanding into developer experience as well.

We're looking for frontend and full stack engineers to join our close-knit team and help us push the limit of what browsers and mobile devices can do. (Fast, pixel-perfect rendering of documents using just HTML, SVG, and CSS turns out to be really hard!)

We're also building out a developer experience team and are looking for someone who is passionate about UX, APIs, and making developer tools easy and fun to use.

Drop me a note if you're interested at damico@box.com or ryan@crocodoc.com


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Palo Alto, CA



- Team: ~35 people, ~10 engineers from MIT, Berkeley, CMU, Google/Google Research, Facebook, Y Combinator, Microsoft Research, Palantir, Jane Street, IBM Research, Yahoo! Research, ... (https://www.infer.com/about-us)

- Investors: Red Point, Andreessen-Horowitz, Sutter Hill Ventures, Social+Capital, ...

- Customers: Box, Jive, Tableau, Zendesk, AdRoll, Nitro, New Relic, Optimizely, and many more (https://www.infer.com/customers)

- Product: machine learning applications for non-technical users to help their businesses more effectively win and retain customers

- Looking for: strong engineers and data scientists excited to join an early-stage startup to help grow & shape the company


- Build on and extend our sophisticated model training pipeline that uses data extracted from the web and other sources

- Build beautiful visualizations to communicate results and frontends to allow non-technical users to build complex models

- Develop and operate secure, scalable cloud infrastructure to manage and process customers' large, confidential datasets

- Create and shape the processes used to guide the engineering team to work together effectively


- BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Math or related fields

- Depth in software engineering, algorithms, and general analytical problem-solving

- Familiarity with Python preferred


- https://www.infer.com/careers

- hiring+hn@infer.com


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Lambda Labs (https://lambdal.com/jobs-at-lambda-labs) a machine learning and AI company that makes the Lambda Labs face recognition API.

Where: Palo Alto, California

You: Looking for Math, EE, CS, and Neuroscience PhD dropouts / candidates / post docs / or simply curious individuals interested in machine learning, representation learning, and deep learning with strong math fundamentals.

Desired experience:

  - Training neural networks with gradient descent.
  - Strong math fundamentals: Linear Algebra, Multivariate Calculus,
    Mathematical optimization
  - GPU programming (Cuda/OpenCL) a plus.
Interns OK!

Email your resume and github link to: s[at]lambdal.com


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Diffbot (Palo Alto, CA) - INTERN/REMOTE/VISA

AI/Computer Vision startup spinout of Stanford, looking to revolutionize web search. We apply techniques in NLP and CV to analyzing webpages, converting them into structured data. Our extraction APIs currently power Microsoft, eBay, Facebook, and many startups.

We're looking for experts in: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Data Fusion / Record Linkage, and crawling and scalability.

Read more about our mission here: http://goo.gl/bcx7cW and let us know who you are: jobs@diffbot.com


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Boxfish - Palo Alto CA - Full Time Software Engineer (Java)

Boxfish captures and indexes every word spoken on on television, analyzing the content and finding related conversations online. We're building an advertising and analysis platform to enable brands and agencies to reach these audiences.

We're looking for experienced Java developers who want to build something awesome to join our team in Palo Alto.

Email us at jobs@boxfish.com to introduce yourself.


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WebAction - Downtown Palo Alto, CA. Local only


Hiring Lead Front-End Developers, UI/UX designers, Web Developers, and Big Data Platform Developers (java).

WebAction is a real-time big data platform that bridges the gap between users and terabytes/petabytes of diverse, fast moving, and physically disparate data with a simple, SQL interface and state-of-the-art visual app designer. We do this by offering high-speed acquisition of over 50 types of data sources with pre-built adapters, distributed stream processing and caching, and real-time querying of stored data in one platform. As a result, our customers rapidly create real-time, mission critical data-driven solutions that would normally take months to years of development effort with a mish-mash of multiple paid products or development-intensive open source libraries.

Founded by a team of Silicon Valley veterans with proven track records (CEO of WebLogic/GoldenGate Software, executive team from GoldenGate software), WebAction is backed by some of the most respected names in Silicon Valley. We're also well funded (recently raised $11m Series B by a private equity firm with a $15 billion fund).

We offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits package, generous equity for the right candidates. Our office is also a short walk from some great restaurants and coffee spots on University Avenue in Downtown Palo Alto.

For the Lead Front-End Developer Position:

-Turn mockups and wireframes into functional, fluid web components

-Implementing beautiful and robust dashboards using d3.js or other js/HTML5 charting libraries

-Building re-usable dashboard-development frameworks

-Creating user interface and web apps for various industry applications like ATM monitoring, predictive fraud detection, and data center monitoring


-Strong knowledge of Javascript, CSS, HTML, and jQuery

-Enthusiasm for working in a startup environment

Nice to haves

-Experience with Backbone.js, angular.js or other front-end MV* frameworks

-An interest in the type of scalable systems you hear about at Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

-You’re interested in telling stories and revealing anomalies through data visualization

For the Platform Engineering position, we ask that you have experience writing clean code in Java and have a strong desire and skills to work on a scalable, highly optimized data management infrastructure. We ask that you have the following skills:

-Large-scale distributed systems

-Highly available, highly scalable architectures, Hadoop (MapReduce / Pig / Zookeeper)

- Data Serialization (Avro / Thrift / Protocol Buffers)

- Experience with HBase or Cassandra or Elasticsearch

-Real-time messaging (0MQ / Kestrel / Kafka or similar), Real-time event processing, Continuous Queries

For the Web Developer position, you should be well versed in HTML/CSS/jQuery. You should be able to work with designers to create visual components that maintain the integrity of the design while achieving fluid performance in the browser.

If you're interested, shoot us an e-mail at jobs@webaction.com