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Raleigh - 3 jobs in February 2015

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Scry Analytics - Raleigh, NC - Full time - US Citizen only

DevOps Engineer:


This position seeks an individual who wants to work with a team of developers on a day to day basis to make sure the infrastructure around the development team runs as smooth as possible. This includes setting up databases on a windows server virtual machine, configuring web servers and servlet containers to host visualization dashboards, integrating between different web applications onto the same page, writing scripts to automatically load data dumps into databases, installing web apps and pages onto a web server, and hooking up all integrated web applications onto a single sign-on system. The candidate should have good communication skills with both business users and developers. Though this is not a development position, the candidate may be expected to write automation scripts from time to time.

United States citizenship is required.

Required Skills

Proficiency with Windows Server 2012, Apache web server, Apache Tomcat 7 Servlet container, and MSSQL Databases

Experience with installation, management, and integration of software components with web servers, databases, *nix virtual machines, and authentication schemes

Working knowledge of web technologies (HTML, Javascript)

Working knowledge of Java


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Scry Analytics - Raleigh, NC - Full time

Front End Web Application Developer:

Job Description and Responsibilities:

We are looking for a front-end web application developer interested in creating web applications. The candidate must be able to take an idea with only a list of features and translate that list into a concrete design document with emphasis on user experience. Then, after creating the design document and page mock-ups, be able to work with database engineers and software engineers to create a fully integrated web application able to handle big data analytics.

All applicants should be prepared to demonstrate their development ability. During the interview, we may give a simple algorithmic coding test as well as a coding test based on a previous difficulty we’ve run into on the project.

This is a full time position and all applicants must be willing to work onsite – relocation may be discussed in the interview.

Required Skills:

• Proficiency in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Javascript libraries (e.g. jQuery)

• Proficiency with Node.js or Angular.js, preferably both

• Working knowledge of at least one server side scripting language (e.g. Python, PHP, Perl)

• Working knowledge of either relational (e.g. MySQL, Oracle DB) or document based (e.g. Mongo DB, Informix) databases

• Proficient in writing clean code as well as documentation and APIs for code

• Work in a team environment and work on multiple projects in different phases of the development life cycle

Reconmmended Skills:

• Working knowledge of one programming language (e.g. Java, C++)

• Working knowledge of web servers (e.g. Apache) and servlet containers (e.g. Jetty)

• Working knowledge of the full MEAN (Mongo DB, Express, Angular.js, Node.js) stack

• Experience with graphing and data visualization technologies


• Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in web design or programming, experience may be substituted for education


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Scry Analytics – Raleigh, NC

Senior ETL Developer (Pentaho/Talend)

We are in urgent need of a senior ETL developer professional with some or all of the following skills and background (7-9 years of ETL experience):

   * Pentaho and Talend experts on a full-time basis; for most situations we are using Pentaho suite and Talend-DI.

   * Applicants must have a development background with enterprise Databases like SQLServer and Oracle (or preferably PostgreSQL) and their respective scripting platforms.

   * Applicants must have a development background with high-performance ETL tuning and a reasonable amount of experience in core Java development.

   * Applicants should eventually be good teammates within Scry Analytics and good at working directly with our enterprise customers.

   * We have these openings in our San Jose and in our Raleigh offices (in the United States) and we are looking to hire at the associate level, and at the mid-manager levels.

   * Domain knowledge of networking technologies and operations will be good to have; in any case, the candidate should be open to learn the skills on the job.

   * Working knowledge of parallel computing, structured and unstructured databases, machine learning and artificial intelligence is definitely a plus (but not a pre-requisite)

   * Scripting skills on Linux is a must.
The English word, "Scry" means "crystal ball gazing". Scry Analytics (www.scryanalytics.com) provides Big Data Science solutions to do predictive and prescriptive analytics (i.e., to "forecast the future") and our aim is to:

   * Codify work-flows in the services industries so that they are well-defined & repeatable.

   * Collate and harmonize client's data that is required for such work-flow systems.

   * Provide Scry Analytics' proprietary data that improves the key performance indicators and the characteristics of such work-flow systems.

   * Use our proprietary Big Data Science platform as well as deep Computer Science & Math algorithms to build decision support systems that improve the metrics related to these work-flows.
Although Scry Analytics provides analytics and Big Data Science services, our aim is to minimize these services by providing automation and software solutions (where we can). We are currently solving problems in the following domains:

   * Retail

   * Banking and Insurance

   * Inventory & Transportation of After Market Parts; Maintenance

   * Utilities and Telecom

   * Health care
Since most techniques that Scry Analytics is using are taken from cutting-edge research, the kind of solutions that we are building are unlikely to be built by companies that provide data analysts in a staff augmentation mode or those that provide IT professionals. So, we are looking for Bachelors, Masters, and PhDs in computer science, data analytics or math that have a "research" or "advanced development" bent.