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Sunnyvale - 3 jobs in February 2015

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Sunnyvale - San Francisco - GoDaddy is looking for a passionate full-stack software engineer who loves Ruby and Rails, Open Source and has a keen understanding of high performance architectures and technologies to join our Online Presence team. This team is building our e-commerce Online Store solution based on a popular Open Source project called Spree. You will be building products that will scale globally and help small business owners all around the world, as well as contributing code and our learnings (good and bad) back to the Open Source community.

See the full description: http://hire.jobvite.com/m?337D1hwA Check our GitHub page: http://github.com/godaddy


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-= MATASANO SECURITY =- Chicago. New York City. Sunnyvale. Hiring Application Security Consultants Full-Time or Internship, work visa sponsorship available.

February - The shortest month of the year, and one of the coldest (maybe not so much in our Sunnyvale, CA location). That month every year when we set aside some time to show appreciation for our loved ones through gifts, greeting cards, dinner dates, flowers, and a well considered application security posture.

Maybe that last one isn't on everyone's minds, but it is here at Matasano Security. In many environments, while application security is desirable, it generally isn't a primary requirement. Applications need to perform their core purpose, whatever that may be, so they can aid business by driving revenue. The conflicting priorities can lead developers to make poor design decisions, rush implementations, and spend less time considering attack scenarios than would be ideal. This isn't their fault! It's a function of conflicting priorities and focusing on those which are most tangible, and most measure.

At Matasano this balance is different. Application security is our passion, and our goal is to fill the unmet needs our clients have to strengthen their posture. Our singular focus on security helps us maintain an aptitude and laser guided precision that's far above the mean. We truly enjoy combing through code, reviewing the flow of information into and out of an application, and finding places where malicious actors can leverage vulnerabilities to their advantage. We love our clients, but it's not the sort of love you'll read about on little candy hearts. We tell them the truth about their security, not just rosy platitudes.

Sometimes this can mean delivering bad news when we're able to totally compromise an application and execute our own code on its server. Other times it means explaining that when the server asks the client to identify itself, the client can just lie. Often it means explaining that their homegrown encryption scheme is no more unintelligible than Pig Latin. But with this bad news comes some assistance and guidance to help them prioritize improvements and strengthen their products.

This sort of work requires a very particular set of skills. A strong Application Security Consultant needs to deeply understand programming and application design. They require a foundation in the common application vulnerabilities, exploitation techniques, and mitigations. But more than this they need to be creative and able to maintain multiple perspectives simultaneously to find places where those perspectives are in conflict. They need to quickly learn and teach themselves, their peers, and their clients. Above all, they need to be able to communicate well and provide actionable advice to our clients.

If you want to see more about the sorts of things we do and love, here's some resources; Our blog - http://chargen.matasano.com The Matasano Crypto Challenges - http://cryptopals.com Microcorruption, Embedded Security CTF - http://microcorruption.com

If you think you have what we need, or just want to learn more about us, visit http://matasano.com/careers or contact us via careers@matasano.com.


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Dolby Labs - Sunnyvale, Full time (Embedded Software Engineer)

Dolby Laboratories creates technologies that enhance the entertainment experience.

We are looking for Embedded Systems Software Engineers in the Advanced Imaging Group at Dolby. On this team you will revolutionize how people create, deliver, and enjoy entertainment worldwide on PCs, gaming consoles and mobile devices. To do that, we need the absolute best talent, including insatiably curious engineers and scientists.

At Dolby, science meets art, and high tech means more than computer code. As a member of the Dolby team, you’ll see and hear the results of your work everywhere, from movie theaters to smartphones. We continue to revolutionize how people create, deliver, and enjoy entertainment worldwide. To do that, we need the absolute best talent. We’re big enough to give you all the resources you need, and small enough so you can make a real difference and earn recognition for your work. We offer a collegial culture, challenging projects, and excellent compensation and benefits.

The qualified candidate will develop novel image/video processing and video compression technology that enables the next generation of Dolby technologies.

The role will involve:

  - Developing software that enables the next generation video technologies created by Dolby.
  - Working closely with Research group to develop proof of concept platforms, SDKs, plug-ins for external products, etc.
  - Engage in software development, mapping complex processing power intensive algorithms to existing  decoder platforms, writing test procedures, interacting with customers, etc.
  - Analyzing break through video concepts developed by research and provide feedback to research on the specifications and other technical documentation.
  - Comprehension of reference code from research team with in-depth understanding of each module.
  - Analyzing and understanding the system architecture of the TV SoCs, gaming consoles, STB architectures, etc. supplied by partner companies and create high level design to map the Dolby technologies on their products.
Application Details:

Apply by sending your resume to dolby@gapjumpers.me or apply at https://www.gapjumpers.me/questions/dolby-laboratories/qs-19...

We are committed to having a meritocratic and transparent hiring process.

In order to proceed to the next stage of the interview process, we want to make sure that you are genuinely excited about Dolby and are able to solve the types of challenges we face.

So, every applicant will be given an equal opportunity to prove themselves to the engineering team at Dolby in an interview.