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Amsterdam - 6 jobs in March 2015

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Impraise (YC S14 - www.impraise.com - Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Impraise is a web & mobile app for real-time feedback, recognition and coaching at work. We are fundamentally changing the way people share feedback and learn at work. We make it very easy for employees to give and receive feedback from colleagues and help managers to understand how to improve the performance of their teams.


* Frontend developer: We are looking for an experienced JavaScript developer who like to use the latest technologies and who also have a strong interest in visual and functional polish. Our stack includes React, Browserify, CommonJS, etc.. https://impraise.recruitee.com/o/front-end-developer-a19c22b...


* Backend developer: We are looking for a experienced RoR developer, bonus points for candidates with experience with AWS and Docker. https://impraise.recruitee.com/o/backend-developer-ruby


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Interface Designer @ Studyflow

We're an Amsterdam based educational startup.

Studyflow is a great place to work - together with designers and educational specialists we are rethinking what education means in a digital age.

Our mission is to build the most personal and motivating learning experience in the world. To fulfill this mission, we are looking for passionate people with the drive to contribute to something greater than themselves to join our top-notch team.



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Peerby (https://www.peerby.com) - Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Holland) - Full time

The Peerby founders felt there's a better way to deal with all that stuff we own and barely use. By sharing stuff with neighbors, you get access to things you no longer need to own. Our mission is to give "everybody everywhere access to every thing by 2020". That's an ambitious goal but it's also what we believe is possible - and necessary!

We're looking for:

Senior marketing manager: http://peer.by/Marketeer

Javascript Developer: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/company/peerby

Our stack: Javascript for everything. That means NodeJS/Express and MongoDB in the backend and Backbone in the browser. For our Android and iOS app we use Titanium/Alloy.

Benefits include free lunch, equity, travel expenses compensated, free yoga and meditation classes, and a great and fun team of many nationalities. Peerby is part of the Rockstart community, with about 50 startups in the old center of Amsterdam.

(I work for Peerby as Member Support.)

All vacancies: http://blog.peerby.com/work/


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Upcoming.nl - Amsterdam, NL (No remote, but we'll relocate you) - Full Stack Engineer

Upcoming is a Dutch 'listicle' website (a listicle is an article consisting of a list of funny/informational/sentimental/whatever stuff). We've been growing continuously since we launched in 2013, already reaching 15% of the Dutch population with zero € spent on marketing. We're (an independent) part of Telegraaf Media Groep, one of the biggest publishers of The Netherlands.

We use python in the backend (Flask, Celery+RabbitMQ), and manage the frontend with Jinja2, jQuery, LESS and Grunt; persistence is done with MySQL and Redis. The deployments are automated, in a Continuous Integration environment. Our backend is developed in-house, with state-of-the-art publishing related features (monitoring of 1000's of feeds to detect trending articles, headline and thumbnail A/B testing, advanced CTR optimizers...).

Since we're part of a big media group, some of these tools are now being used by other teams, reaching tens of millions of users every day.

We'd love to bring on board a pragmatic developer. A CS degree helps, but relevant web experience is more important for us. We'd love it if you have spent some time across the whole stack, but if you consider yourself "just" a frontend or backend developer, we'll hear you out too.

We offer:

- A perfect balance between working on innovation projects and “regular” web development, both with short and iterative development cycles.

- The flexibility and dynamism of working in a startup, with the strong stability of being part of a big company.

- An international environment

- Relocation assistance

- A competitive salary

- 25 vacation days

- Amsterdam! You’ll be living in one of the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

If you’re interested, drop me a line: m.neustadt(at)tmg.nl


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San Francisco | Amsterdam | Famo.us | Full Time

We're a team of 30 in SF and have a few different openings:

- JavaScript & WebGL experts to join our Platform Team - Distributed Sys + DevOps (AWS, deployment, docker, ruby) Hub Team - Interactive Design + JavaScript for our Creative Team

More info here: www.famo.us/jobs and you're welcome to email me for more info m{at}famo.us


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Azarius, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Azarius is looking for a backend PHP hacker to help us develop our custom shopping software. You'll be working with PHP, MySQL, Linux, Vagrant, Ansible, etc. Azarius is an online smartshop based in Amsterdam with several online shops.

You can contact us at info@azarius.net