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Bangalore - 3 jobs in March 2015

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Coho Data (http://www.cohodata.com) - { Vancouver, BC, Canada | Cambridge, UK | Bangalore, India }

We’re building a high-performance scalable Enterprise Storage system. We’re a well-funded startup (a16z, ignition) with a strong Engineering culture and a growing team, a customer-proven product and sales ramping. (http://a16z.com/portfolio/)

We hire very strong systems software developers. A number of our staff built the Xen hypervisor and we publish academic research, most recently at USENIX OSDI’14 and FAST’14.

Primarily a Linux shop.

Hottest positions: - Release Manager (Vancouver, BC) - Senior Director of Engineering (Vancouver, BC)

Other roles: - Storage Systems Hacker (C, git, python, bash) - Senior Software Engineer with Networking skills (OpenFlow) - Test Automation Development (our test system is ... awesome) - Optimization and Profiling (C, valgrind) - DevOps (debian, python, buildbot, git, bash)

Unsurprisingly, we highly value caffeine and beer.

If you’re interested, there are more details on our website http://www.cohodata.com/jobs or linked-in: https://www.linkedin.com/company/coho-data and you can apply by email to: jobs@cohodata.com


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CTO -- Bangalore, India -- VISA

Babajob helps people at the bottom of the pyramid elevate their class level by finding a better job.

2014 was awesome for us. We added 2 million job seekers, 50,000 employers, grew to 60 employees and launched two amazing products. We’re well-funded and have healthy cash flow.

In the next year, we must go from handling 20,000 missed calls a day now to 200,000; from 1m desktop and mobile visitors a month to 20 million, from a Dev team of 9 to 50 and an operations and sales team of 25 to 250.

We’re looking for someone who has lived through this kind of growth and company transformation at another startup, because we haven’t and could use some steady hands. We’re looking for someone with the charisma to attract and inspire a stellar collection of developers, designers and PMs.

Most importantly, we’re looking for someone passionate about not only scaling something huge, but scaling something that changes the world for the better.

If this sounds beyond interesting to you, email our CEO Sean Blagsvedt at {first_name}@babajob.com.


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Shippable (Seattle, WA) is looking for MEAN Stack programmers (Node.js, Angular.js) with 2+ years progressive software development experience and passionate about developing sophisticated enterprise/cloud technology applications. (hiring in Bangalore, India also)

Education: BS in Computer Science or equivalent. Solid foundation in computer science, with strong competences in operating systems, computer networks, data structures, algorithms and software design

Experience: Coding large systems and great debugging skills. Writing unit tests and testable code. At least one scripting language, such as JavaScript, Python, Node.js or Angular.js

Nice to have: Working knowledge of Docker, MongoDB, and RabbitMQ

About Shippable: Shippable is focused on a disruptive new vision- make software development frictionless, fast, and high quality.

Shippable is a leading continuous delivery platform that enables customers to innovate faster without compromising on quality. Our company’s mission is to address the challenges and opportunities of developing software applications across multiple teams and to bring enterprise grade CI/CD to all businesses. More than 35,000 developers and over 4000 businesses are using Shippable to `ship quality code faster`.

We are a well-funded startup (Techstars alumnus) focused on containerizing the application development lifecycle. Shippable reduces friction between Dev and Ops by enabling seamless shipping lanes for applications from code to production. We heavily leverage Docker containers to achieve this and we are the first company to run Docker in production.

Apply at http://shippable.theresumator.com/apply or Email us at resumes@shippable.com

Visit us at http://www.shippable.com/