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Camarillo - 1 jobs in March 2015

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Connexity - Camarillo, CA (Los Angeles area)

We're seeking a Rails developer with a keen interest in both technical challenges and business opportunity. We work at a scale where seemingly "small" improvements can have a big impact.

We do online display advertising, and run 50 to 100 million impressions each day. Our total transaction volume is between 5 and 10 billion per day.

As you might have guessed, we're not serving that volume through Rails itself. Our Rails app is used to administer hundreds of advertising campaigns across hundreds of publisher sites.

This role is a great way to learn advertising tech as well as other tools.

In addition to the conventional Rails work, you'd get hands on experience with Redis, Hbase, PostgreSQL, and Scala. Several on the team started in the Rails app and have moved into other areas of interest (low-latency RTB bidder written in C or sophisticated reporting and optimization). Not really possible to get bored around here unless you're a boring person.

Our team is sharp and works well together. We enjoy perks such as paid lunch, a 9/80 schedule (to get every other Friday off) and unlimited vacation; the culture of our team recognizes and respects the importance of your non-work life. Also, Ventura county is a pretty nice place to live/work. Unless you prefer to start with a HR-oriented chat, you can reach me (a lead engineer on the team) at david.larsen@connexity.com.