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Copenhagen - 2 jobs in March 2015

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Front-end/Full-stack Web Developer - DTU Biosustain - Copenhagen Area, Denmark - VISA

Our research institute genetically engineers microbes for the production of chemicals that might otherwise be produced using petroleum-based feedstock. (We work with fine chemicals, not biofuels). Our aim is to apply an engineering process to something that used to be a slow and expensive scientific workflow. For that purpose we are building a mostly web-based platform to automate the engineering process and collect and analyze experimental data. We are looking for another developer to help out with this; someone who can take ownership of what they build and potentially grow into a lead developer position in the future.

Our web stack currently, in no specific order: AngularJS, ECMAScript2015, Redis, Python 3, Flask, PostgreSQL 9.4, Socket.IO, Docker. The application is very front-end centric so most of the work will always be done in JavaScript. The API is written in Python and our scientists write most of their algorithms in Python. We currently use AngularJS for the front-end, however this is not set in stone.

We will help with getting a VISA, as well as with administrative issues related to relocation. Our working language is English. We are a very diverse workplace; 70% of our staff have an international background.

The salary depends on qualifications and needs to be agreed by your union representative -- so I cannot give an official range -- but a rough personal estimate is DKK 450k-600k.

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Realm (http://realm.io) is hiring Android, iOS, .Net and JavaScript Engineers, in SF, Copenhagen or REMOTE.

We are a YCombinator company (S11) building a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & Core Data. Learn more at http://realm.io/jobs or email tim@realm.io if you have any questions!