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Dublin - 3 jobs in March 2015

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Udemy - Dublin, Ireland - Full-time, permanent - Full-stack Engineers Udemy's mission is to help anyone learn anything online. Our online course marketplace serves a huge, global community of five million students and includes more than 22,000 courses served up in more than 40 languages, designed by our community of 10,000 expert instructors. Founded in 2010, Udemy has raised a total of $48 million in venture capital and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Our stack is primarily MySQL, Python(3.4)/Django and Angular. We're big on testing, code quality and agile methodologies.

I'm looking for someone who can: - Build scalable, testable and robust software systems to support a high traffic website. - Operate at all levels of the stack, with strong experience in a some areas. - Work in a fast paced agile environment with rapid iteration. - Be effective in a distributed team through strong communication. And wants to: - Continue learning and developing their skills at Udemy. - Be involved in code reviews, mentorship and contributing to the development of others. - Help shape the culture of our new Dublin office. - Have a direct impact on a product people love.

Get in touch for a chat: jonathan.cremin@udemy.com


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Hosted Graphite (www.hostedgraphite.com) - UI / Front-end developer. REMOTE or Dublin, Ireland

We provide monitoring and metrics for hundreds of companies, based on Graphite, the open-source metric aggregator. People rely on us to tell them when their apps and servers are misbehaving, and we're only getting started. We've got some very interesting projects lined up for 2015, and we'd like you to be a part of it.

We've been around for ~4 years, and have a team of very smart people* who are fun to work with and enjoy what they do.

Ballpark range of €40 - €60k for the job described, more for someone who can do job++. No ninjas, rockstars or brogrammers, please.

More detail about us and the job in the full listing: https://hosted-graphite.clinch.io/jobs/ui-developer

* = sometimes that also includes me.


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AYLIEN | Dublin, Ireland | Full-time or contract | Remote or relocate

AYLIEN [1] is a leading provider of Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics solutions. Our Text Analysis API is a package of 10 different NLP tools including Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction and Categorization.

We are looking for Simplified Chinese NLP experts to help us localize our solutions for the Chinese market.

If you're interested to hear more please drop us an email at hello@aylien.com.

[1] http://aylien.com