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Hong Kong - 1 jobs in March 2015

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Chengbao Ltd. (http://chengbao.com.hk/) - Hong Kong

We run online businesses delivering beautiful, usable software to end-users around the world via web and native apps.

Systems Administrator and DevOps Expertv (http://chengbao.com.hk/jobs/systems-administrator-and-dev-op...) We're looking for an experienced sysadmin to join our team building user-friendly online services for consumers. You'd report to our senior systems architect and join our team of engineers building high-scale services used by more than a hundred thousand people world-wide. Our company combines the best of being financially successful with the culture of a start-up.

Web Designer and Developer (http://chengbao.com.hk/jobs/web-designer-developer.html) We're looking for a web designer/developer who will be involved in every step of designing and implementing interfaces for our website. This involves high level concepting, collaborative brainstorming, sketching, wireframing, visual design and front-end implementation.

Other jobs opening positions in Chengbao: http://chengbao.com.hk/jobs/index.html

Any interest? talk to us at jobs@chengbao.com.hk