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Houston - 4 jobs in March 2015

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Vurb - San Francisco, CA (H1B OK) - http://vurb.com

We launched last week and are currently featured on the iTunes Store in Best New Apps! - http://techcrunch.com/2015/02/26/mobile-search-david-vs-goog...

We also won TC Disrupt and raised over $10M with a small team

What we do: Vurb is evolving the mobile search and sharing experience, by creating a single app to find, plan, and share - partnering with services and apps like Yelp, Foursquare, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. Rather than jumping between 6 different apps to find something, we're delivering a cohesive experience in one place - an app you'll use every day.

Investors: Max Levchin, Drew Houston, Naval Ravikant, CrunchFund, Redpoint + others.

Why me? Apply if you are looking for a rapidly growing small team and the opportunity to take on significant responsibility and ship rapidly. This is a hard problem with the potential to improve how we do things on the Internet.

* Full-stack Engineer / DevOps - generalist opportunities across the stack: backend, frontend, APIs, JavaScript, node.js, backbone.js, AWS

* Mobile Engineer - iOS / Android engineers (2+ years experience)

* Search / Data Scientist / Data Engineer - search, classification, ranking, ML, graphs, data crawling/processing. Advanced CS degree required.

* Product Designer - UI/UX

* Head of Business Development

Apply at http://vurb.com/jobs | jobs@vurb.com


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Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies in Houston, TX is looking for Flight Controllers to support human spaceflight operations at NASA Johnson Space Center. See the official job posting here [1]. This posting is looking for people to support various International Space Station disciplines, however I personally am within the Extravehicular Activity group. I am not directly involved with hiring at all; I'm purely interested in getting more people with software development experience into my group.

About my job: I work at the NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL)[2] and Mission Control Center (MCC)[3]. People in our group are in charge of Extravehicular Activities (spacewalks)[4], such as the one going on right now[5]. This group plans on-orbit activities, trains astronauts to perform spacewalks (at the NBL and other facilities), and assists astronauts with execution of missions from MCC. This is one of the coolest jobs on the planet. In addition to working on projects that you get to see played out in space, you get to do things like SCUBA and work in the spacesuit in the NBL.

While not officially part of the job posting, having a background in software would be awesome; there are huge portions of our jobs begging to be automated. For example, I've long wanted to improve EVA procedure building [6].

[1] https://cw.na1.hgncloud.com/sgtinc/loadJobPostingDetails.do?...

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutral_Buoyancy_Laboratory

[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_C._Kraft_Jr._Missio...

[4] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extravehicular_activity

[5] http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/#.VPM1YPnF-So

[6] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=5585535


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DialMyCalls.com (www.dialmycalls.com) - Remote, Houston, or West Palm Beach

We are an alert/emergency communications provider for schools, religious organizations, and government entities, etc. in the US & Canada. Our clients rely on us to get messages out quick via phone and other means. This includes voice calls, SMS, e-mail, and social media.

We are looking for a full time Sr. PHP developer with front end experience as well. Our stack includes PHP, JQuery, Bootstrap, RabbitMQ, MySQL, MemcacheD.

We offer a highly competitive salary, vacation time, PTO, weekly lunches, matching 401k, and some other nice things.

Please send your resume to: mfreedman@ontimetelecom.com


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At DotProduct, a mobile 3D Computer Vision company, we have two open full-time positions in engineering. Location is either in our R&D headquarters located in Wiesbaden, Germany (Frankfurt am Main area) or in our office in Waltham, MA.

  == 1. Senior R&D Engineer in Computer Vision ==
  == 2. Software Engineer in Mobile ==

  == About the Senior R&D engineer position:
We are looking for a software engineer with a strong Computer Vision or Graphics background and experience in GPGPU or mobile development (ideally both), to join our core technology R&D. We prefer candidates who are proficient both on a theoretical/algorithmic level and in practical implementation (mostly C++ and shader languages) of Computer Vision and Graphics algorithms, and who can make contributions to our product and core technology from the start. Candidates should be able to present relevant work experience either through previous work (employed, freelance, PhD studies, Post-Doc etc..) or extra-curricular work / open source contributions.

  == About the Software Engineer in Mobile position:
We are looking for a strong, hands-on, detail-oriented coder with experience in mobile development (Android or iOS), to join front-end and tools development. Practical skill and programming experience are preferred over academic achievements for this role. Required language skills are Java and C++. Experience in iOS technologies (Objective-C, Swift, Metal), bash, Python, Javascript and web-development are a plus (but not required). A background in Computer Vision and Graphics is not required, however the ability and interest to learn about them is. Also, candidates should have the ability to discuss, design and implement UI.

  == General information:
Our technology stack is for the most part Java, C++ and GPU languages. Platforms we target are (in order of importance) Android, Windows, MacOS, iOS and Linux. We strive to make everything we do really really fast. Our R&D team is still intimate so any new hire can have large impact on product and future developments. Both positions are local and full-time. We prefer candidates who are able to spend at least 3 full days per week together with the team in the office.

Besides the opportunity to work with an international team of experts on leading mobile Computer Vision technology and a nice work place we offer a well-above market rate salary. Significant equity is part of the compensation package.

  == About DotProduct:
We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and Computer Vision professionals that brings real-time dense 3D capturing to mobile devices equipped with advanced camera sensors. Our current product, the DPI-8 Kit (consisting of an off the shelf NVIDIA tablet and a Primesense Carmine sensor) has been launched in August 2013 and enjoys great success with high-end 3D professionals in various industries. We are backed by Intel Capital and various angel investors. Our office locations are Houston, TX (manufacturing and order execution), Boston, MA (management, marketing, sales) and Wiesbaden, Germany (R&D). Contact is jobs (at) dotproduct3d (dot) com www.dotproduct3d.com