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Los Altos - 1 jobs in March 2015

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Los Altos, CA - Remote or Local - Backend Engineers & Applied Data Scientists interested in Practical Artificial Intelligence

What if computers automatically presented solutions to your upcoming tasks?

Like when your flight is delayed or cancelled -- what if your computer automatically provided options for alternate flights to get you to your destination.

Or, for sales people, when they get a scheduling request -- what if the natural language request could be converted into a simple YES/NO decision -- and the context of the their schedule presented so they could make a decision quickly.

These are the types of experiences we are building and our small venture backed (Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, and Eric Schmidt) company is now looking to grow!

We are currently overwhelmed with data and have built the base platform and now looking to scale up our users from our waitlist as well as grow our features!

Today, computing is reactive. Users pull out their phone and start from scratch with an empty search box. There is no context for the task at hand, and no history of the user's preferences. It won't be this way for long, your computer has an incredible volume of data about you stored in email and in calendar so a world where this rich context is put to use to make your life easier is inevitable. We are building rich user profiles and analyzing the tasks each user needs to accomplish in real time -- so that when a user pulls out their phone, they are proactively presented with personalized solutions.

This is a full time position with a competitive salary, benefits and equity in the company.

To apply, please send me an email at wferrell AT gmail.com