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Melbourne - 2 jobs in March 2015

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Dialogue Group (Project name TBC) | http://dialoguegroup.com.au | Melbourne, Australia but REMOTE totally OK | UI/UX designer | Salary negotiable – it's a contract/hourly role

We're producing an awesome new app/ecosystem in the tertiary healthcare (hospital) space. Think slack meets trello meets doctors.

It's super-early days. We have ideas, we have some potential workflows, but a core part of this product's success will be its interface and user experience. Doctors are one of the most time-poor audiences around, and so being able to pick up the iOS/Android app + web interface quickly and easily will be the 'make or break' in delivering our product.

I'm looking for someone who can help us with the UX/UI on an advice basis, and provide design mockups for us to then do an MVP build on top of (are you an awesome dev? I'd prefer to build it cross-platform so if you have experience for stage 2 feel free to get in touch).

I'm a strong 'ship it early, ship it quick' advocate, so if you're someone who can take 'mockups' from sketch to full HTML (or even better, Angular/Ionic or similar in JavaScript) you will win all the dogepoints.

Remote job (but we'll need to Skype here and there to chat and meet obviously...), happy to pay you on an hourly basis as a contractor, which is why I haven't put a salary range up! I should say though that I'm not looking for a $500/hr super insane skilled person, but also not a $20/hr eLancer...mid-level I guess then. If you're currently working somewhere awesome FT and just feel like helping someone else out (paid obviously) as a side project that's okay too...

Anyway, get in touch. My email is hugh at dialoguegroup dot com dot au, and we can have a chat.


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FastMail's still looking for the perfect next Frontend person, and we're looking for a Tech Writer to join our team too. Melbourne, Australia - full or part time: