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New Delhi - 2 jobs in March 2015

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VARIOUS, FULL TIME - Yumist.com - Delhi, India

Yumist is a full-stack, on-demand comfort food tech startup currently operating in Cyber City and Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon. We own the food production, delivery logistics, on-ground operations and all the tech and design is in-house, too. Raised a little seed round earlier: http://bit.ly/YumistSeedRoundET

Now hiring across various profiles:

#1 ANDROID DEVELOPER - Full time in Delhi, India. Salary: INR500K – INR1000K with 0.0% – 0.3% Equity. Strong experience required in OO design, JAVA (J2EE / J2ME), RESTful APIs, Android SDK and Eclipse. Knowledge of MySQL and Google Location APIs is a plus.

#2 BACKEND ENGINEER - Full time in Delhi, India. Salary: INR400K – INR800K with 0.0% – 0.3% Equity. Strong experience required in PHP, RDBMS technologies, RESTful APIs, Google location APIs.

#3 TECH LEAD - Full time in Delhi, India. Happy to discuss your salary and equity requirements in person. Minimum 4 years of experience required in technologies including, but not limited to, PHP, MySQL, Java, REST APIs, Location APIs and SDKs. Must have a strong product & consumer mindset; and the ability to convert business insights into actionable tech deliverables. Experience in Android app development is a huge plus.

We are ALSO hiring Entrepreneurs in Residence, HR & Admin Managers and Recruiters.

To apply, go to http://bit.ly/YumistJob or email raj@yumist.com.


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Wingify http://wingify.com/ and https://vwo.com - Delhi, India - Full time

Senior engineers for frontend (Angular.js), backend (PHP), Android, iOS and systems (nginx)

VWO is one of the market leading conversion rate optimization platforms that packs A/B testing, heatmaps, surveys and personalization in one solid platform. We've profitably bootstrapped our double digit annual growth to thousands of customers now (including Microsoft, GE, Disney, etc.)

Join us if you want to work on an incredibly sophisticated frontend app (check out our visual editor on vwo.com) or handling 10 billion+ requests/mo excites you (we've rolled out our own content distribution network across multiple continents).

Check out our team culture at http://team.wingify.com/ and engineering blog at http://engineering.wingify.com/

Email me: paras {at} wingify {dot} com