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New York City - 74 jobs in March 2015

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Glowforge - Seattle, WA - Full-time

We're looking for (more) full-stack software engineers, back-end engineers, and front-end engineers. We could also use an amazing visual design and a mechanical engineer who has injection molding experience.

We're well-funded and founded by three technical founders (one YC alumnus) with 7-9-figure exits. We're building an insanely challenging hardware+software product straight from the pages of science-fiction that's aimed at makers and creatives. It's early-- our product team is just 5 folks, but we're growing.

You can read our "coming out" article in the New York Times here: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2015/02/15/slice-and-carve-the...

Actual job openings here: https://jobs.lever.co/glowforge


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Location: Almaden CA, Austin TX, Dublin OH, Littleton MA, New York NY, Pittsburgh PA, Rochester MA, Raleigh MC, Yorktown Heights NY


Experience a world-class internship program! You’ll work on cutting-edge cognitive computing technology, grow your expertise through experiential learning, and have an opportunity to demonstrate your talent.

Internships Opportunities for PhD Students

Cognitive Software Engineer - SWG-0691293 You will be responsible for creating and maintaining machine learning models. Working knowledge and familiarity of various statistical machine learning models are essential. At the same time, you’re an open minded, innovative, hacker who uses basic mathematical and statistical thinking to solve complex problems. You will be exposed to some of the latest tools and technologies, and leading edge experts within the field of cognitive computing.

Cognitive Research Staff Member - SWG-0710288 You’ll be responsible for discovering, creating, and writing about machine learning models. Knowledge and familiarity of various statistical machine learning models are essential. You’re open minded and innovative, using mathematical and statistical thinking to solve complex problems.

I'm available for any questions you might have at tparikh [at] us [dot] ibm [dot] com


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San Francisco | VISA | REMOTE

I'd like to put in a word for the Career Agency team at http://OfferLetter.io - we are building the first true talent agency for tech. We align incentives with individual engineers (and do not take money from companies), help them improve their messaging and polish, intro them directly to CTOs and VPs to help cut past recruiting bullshit, and provide negotiation advice.

We want everyone to find "the team", not "a team".

I'm an ex-Twitter (Growth) / ex-Amazon (Identity) engineer, and am building what I would have wanted at every step of my career.

One of our client profiles [#35 employee at Twitter] is up here, for the curious: http://offerletter.io/blog/201502-Fifteen-years-of-durabilit...

[0] See http://OfferLetter.io for more information

[1] We are neither recruiting agency (since we do not take money from companies) nor job board, and as such are compliant with the terms of the post

[2] We are located in San Francisco, but have worked with people in Seattle, New York, and Austria, and regularly help folks on visas.


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NYC -- Harry's (www.harrys.com) is hiring full-stack engineers and data engineers.

We're a high-growth company with a small engineering team (11 of us) across our web platform and data engineering teams. We've grown our business substantially over the course of two years, acquired our manufacturer, and are now one of the only companies in the world that manufactures its own blades and sells them directly to consumers.

We're hiring full-stack engineers on our platform engineering team: http://jobs.harrys.com/apply/NM24Ks/Software-Engineer-Platfo.... Want to build a massive e-commerce website and online retail operation? This is for you.

We're hiring data engineers on our data engineering team: http://jobs.harrys.com/apply/WvjhxJ/Senior-Data-Infrastructu.... Want to solve complex problems by building out infrastructure and products that intelligently use lots of data? This is for you.


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Product Designer - REMOTE.

Grasswire https://grasswire.com is a real-time newsroom that's curated and fact-checked by everyone.

Fresh off the closing of a seed round from our dream team of investors and with a passionate and growing user base, we're looking for a designer to join our three-person team. Creating a crowdsourced newsroom is something that has never truly been done before, and we are looking for someone who can own the product from original design to final implementation.

Grasswire has offices in New York City, New Jersey and Provo, Utah. Our team works remotely, coming together face-to-face for occasional strategy sessions.

About the Job: We're looking for a designer who can go from brainstorming with the team to sketches to pixel-perfect mockups quickly and with thought.

We are designing not only for web, but for mobile and email.

We work intensely during the days, and enjoy and appreciate work-life balance during the evenings. You won't be expected to work many weekends or 16-hour days, but expect to work hard when you're at work.

Because this is remote position, communication is inherently difficult. We need someone who can be accessible at all times during work hours, and who can communicate effectively even when not face-to-face.

This is a full time position.

Benefits: Highly competitive compensation package (Silicon Valley/NYC salary level) Flexible Schedule Work from home if desired (no commute!) Monitor(s) of choice Stock Options

To apply visit https://grasswire.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0kk1/


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Senior Web Engineer (Node.js, React.js, Javascript) - iHeartRadio - http://www.iheart.com - New York, NY (Manhattan, NYC) (Visa sponsorship offered)

Looking for senior engineers to join our small team of 2.

iHeartRadio is a free music streaming radio service owned by iHeartMedia (the nation's largest owner of radio stations). iHeart.com is a modern single page app powered by React and Node. Other technologies we use include Sass/Compass, Foundation, Nginx, git, GitHub, Docker, and Varnish. We practice agile development.

Compensation: $100k-170k + 20% bonus

Perks: Loose vacation policy, free snacks/fruits in the office, free lunch every Thursday, occasional free concerts, no clock watching

If interested in learning more, email me at jeremybernier [at] iheartmedia.com or apply online at http://jobs.iheart.com/job/senior-web-engineer.html


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Amicus (YC S12) is hiring a lead developer and a CTO. We build a tool that helps nonprofits manage and distribute tasks to remote volunteers. 680,000 tasks have been completed by volunteers though Amicus to date. And 380,000 of those have been completed in the last 8 months.

Stack is Rails, Backbone, Ember, Mongo, on AWS.

For more information, check our http://jobs.amicushq.com/ or email jobs+HN@amicushq.com. NYC, New York.


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Spring - Senior Engineer - New York City - http://shopspring.com (fulltime, onsite)

Spring is one of the Best Apps Of 2015 according to Apple. Buying things directly from brands on mobile sucks - people don't use the individual brand apps or eCommerce sites for shopping - so we've built Spring to solve this problem at scale.

Our team is small but we’ve hired the best from companies like Google, Foursquare, Bitly, and Chartbeat, and we’re looking to add other software engineers to the team. http://jellolabs.com/team/

Our current stack is Go (all our backends are in Go), PostgreSQL, AngularJS and ObjectiveC and we picked them thoughtfully because they are the right tools that will help us move fast and build high quality products.

More details https://spring.recruiterbox.com/, or simply email hey@jellolabs.com.


Lead iOS Engineer

We're looking for an iOS developer with a great sense of UX, that can both build the best iOS app out there and also help give valuable feedback on building some industry-leading world class UX.

More details https://spring.recruiterbox.com/, or simply email hey@jellolabs.com.


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Button - NYC - http://usebutton.com

Come be Engineer #6 at Button! We’re looking for full-stack generalists and iOS and Android pros.

WHAT WE DO: We’re building a platform and loyalty network that connects mobile apps together. We’ve announced partnerships with Uber, Resy, and Tablelist, and we’re just getting started. (The nature of what we do puts us in touch with a lot of growing mobile startups.)

WHO WE’RE AFTER: We’re a merry band of hackers and entrepreneurs, and we’re looking for someone similarly minded. Our backend is a mix of NodeJS and Golang, and we have a rich iOS SDK (and need help building Android).

Ideally you’ll have 5+ years of experience working on hard technical problems in a related environment. But more important is an ability to work through hard problems, a drive to innovate, and an insistence on clean and well-tested code. Our lead engineers are veterans of Google and Venmo.

WHAT YOU’LL DO: As engineer #6, you’ll either specialize in our mobile SDK or our backend. Both are being built to integrate into hundreds of top-tier apps, with millions of users per day, so performance and correctness are absolutely critical. We’ve still got a lot of work to do, so as an early engineer you’ll have a lot of influence over design decisions and directions.

CONTACT: Interested? Apply at http://www.usebutton.com/join-us or drop us a line at recruiting@usebutton.com, and Chris or Mikey will get back to you! (Please mention HN, too!)


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Greater NYC Area | Linux systems admin | Full-time REMOTE (with on-site support as needed) | Digitally Imported - DI.FM

Digitally Imported is seeking a Linux Systems Administrator for a full-time position in the Technology group. This is a permanent position with a thriving music company... Also, you get to work from home (for the most part - our datacenter is in Secaucus, NJ and you will be required to be on-site for emergencies and scheduled maintenance).

We're a midsized (~30 full time employees) organization where almost everyone works remote from wherever they are around the globe. You'd be responsible for managing a mix of Linux (Ubuntu and CentOS) and Windows servers, both physical and virtualized - including proactive monitoring of system health, performance tuning, and disaster recovery design/implementation. If you know MySQL, Varnish, Exchange, or Rails/Passenger, even better!

We don't watch the clock or mandate any set schedule outside of occasional (teleconference) meetings - we're just looking for kickass work. We're great about ensuring you're set up with whatever you need to make your home office work, and music isn't just our business, it runs in the blood of the company - we're DJs, audio engineers, performers, and more... all supporting streaming of great music to a fanbase who has been listening to us for more than a decade.

More details and a full list of desired qualifications here - http://www.di.fm/jobs

Feel free to email seth[at]di.fm or nick[at]di.fm with any questions, or please send a resume to jobs[at]di.fm to apply.


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Naked Apartments

Full Stack Rails Engineer | REMOTE | Full Time | Anywhere, USA

Naked Apartments has set out to simplify renting, starting in NYC. We’re a small team, growing fast, and already taking a big bite out of Craigslist’s juicy NYC revenues, but we’ve set our sights on much bigger goals.

Our team is optimized for developer impact and freedom.

* A TRULY REMOTE job. We’ve taken Jason Fried’s TED talk [1] to heart and built an entirely distributed team, including even our CEO. This isn’t a remote bait-and-switch job, we have no physical office for employees to report to.

* Flexible work schedules. Work the times that work best for you. Our team cares about what gets done, not about how many hours you stare at your screen.

* No wire frames, pixel perfect designs, or 35 page specs handed down from out of touch product managers. We trust our engineers to help define business needs and shape them.

* Engineers get to take an idea from conception all to way to production, coupled with a team support system to get feedback and iterate until you’ve built a something we’re all proud of.

* Friendly, funny, energetic co-workers.

* Our company is profitable and growing.

We want team members we can trust, who not only care deeply about well written and tested code, but our business as well. Be ready to learn, grow, and help the team do great things together.

Send us an email, we’d love to hear from you: jobs@nakedapartments.com

* http://www.nakedapartments.com

* http://www.nakedapartments.com/about/jobs

[1] http://www.ted.com/talks/jason_fried_why_work_doesn_t_happen...


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Axial | Senior Python Engineer, Mobile Engineer, Frontend Engineer | New York, NY - http://www.axial.net/axial-engineering/

We are working to make the private capital markets more transparent by bringing together capital providers, advisors and entrepreneurs who operate in the middle market.

Backed by top-tier VC firms, we are furiously adding to our Engineering team to build the tools necessary to serve our varied customer base and grow the network.

We are hiring for multiple positions and you can find the list here - http://www.axial.net/axial-engineering/.

Located in the Flatiron, we are in the midst of everything awesome NYC has to offer.

Reach out to me at farhan.ahmed@axial.net if you have any questions.


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Thinknum - https://www.thinknum.com – New York, NY - VISA

Thinknum is Github for Finance, a platform that allows investors to access the web’s financial knowledge. We have thousands of analysts using our platform, including many from major financial institutions. We’re a graduate of 500 Startups and raised $1m in funding led by Pejman Mar Ventures. Thinknum has been featured by the New York Times, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and Forbes.

We’re growing quickly and currently hiring engineers number 4, 5, and 6. You can check out a list of open positions at https://www.thinknum.com/jobs. If you have any questions, please email us at founders@thinknum.com.


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BindHQ | Fulltime in Venice, CA or Remote

Multiple open positions for professionals looking to help us attack the insurance tech space. We're primarily based in Southern California but have employees in Portland, New York and Wales UK.

Full Stack Engineer | 75-110k Experience with PHP/Js and Scala or Clojure Experience or Interest in building Micro-sevices

Interaction Designer | 60-85k Primarily digital Design for web applications and mobile Tools. Experience designing for print a plus

Front-end engineer | 75k Sales Manager | 60-80k (base)

You can learn more about the roles here http://www.bindhq.com/careers.html

Interns are welcome to apply as well


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————— underdog.io ——— Soho, NYC ——— https://www.underdog.io —————

We’re (https://www.underdog.io) looking to make our first hire, a Lead Software Engineer, in New York City.

Today, we're a curated two-sided marketplace for talent. We help growing startups hire amazing people across all verticals at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting firms. We started underdog.io because we experienced the pain of hiring first-hand, having worked at top startups in NYC.

We're currently live in NYC, but we've had serious requests to open in 10 other cities. While the plan is to scale the recruiting piece quickly, the bigger vision is not as focused on recruiting. We're moving towards building a defensible network between companies while building candidate-facing tools.

In the interest of full transparency, it's a big job with lots of positives and negatives.

The Good:

• Traction (https://medium.com/@joshuagoldstein/our-first-four-months-bu...) after a few months.

• Proven business model - we're making significant money every month. In fact, we're making enough to pay market rate, and we haven't raised money yet.

• Full technical autonomy. We've built our internal CMS and tools with Python/Flask, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, S3, etc. but you're in charge of choosing the technologies going forward.

• Work out of Founder Collective's (a well-known VC) space in SoHo.

The Bad:

• Less structure and certainty than a funded startup.

• Only full-time developer until we build an engineering team.

Email chris@underdog.io to apply.

Sorry, we can't sponsor visa candidates.

Keywords: New York, NYC, Developer, Dev, Python, Flask, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, S3, https://www.underdog.io/


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Digital Security Trainer - Freedom of the Press Foundation https://freedom.press

Remote candidates, preferably NYC or east coast preferred. We offer a competitive non-profit salary.

We are looking for a full-time technologist to organize and lead digital security trainings for journalists. The Digital Security Trainer will be responsible for designing and implementing a curriculum around digital security that covers a variety of topics, including: threat modeling, email encryption, chat encryption, mobile security, and others. The trainer will travel around the country (and sometimes internationally) to hold seminars and hands-on training sessions inside newsrooms and journalism schools with the goal of teaching journalists to better protect themselves and their sources.

The trainer will also help update and maintain FPF’s ‘Encryption Works’ guide, which is a thirty page how-to white paper about some of the most common digital security practices. In addition, the trainer will become familiar with SecureDrop, the open-source whistleblower submission system FPF maintains, and potentially help with installations and trainings inside newsrooms.

For more information, including required skills and experience and instructions for applying, see our full job description: https://freedom.press/jobs/digital-security-trainer


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NYC Engineering@SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world's leading audio platform, allowing everyone to share and discover unique content anywhere, anytime, on the web and on mobile. Monetization Engineering builds the platform that helps creators monetize their content and brands engage with SoundCloud's audience.We’re currently seeking an iOS Engineer to support our monetization efforts.

You’ll have 2+ years experience developing modularized applications with Objective-C and Cocoa frameworks, have experience in network programming and working with client-side data persistence utilizing CoreData. You’ll understand how to modularize applications using dependency management tools and build adaptive UIs for iPhone/iPad (Interface builder & Autolayout). Ideally you’ll have experience with unit & functional testing using tools like XCTest, Specta or Kiwi, etc. We also make extensive use of ReactiveCocoa, so understanding functional reactive programming concepts is definitely desired .

Interacting with designers, product managers and our teams in Berlin is very much part of our day-to-day, so communication skills are vital . We are looking for strong problem-solvers who can apply their engineering skills to a wide range of the platforms and environments we support.

Apply: http://soundcloud.com/jobs/2015-02-01-engineer-mobile-apps-n...


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Full Stack Engineer | NorthPage | http://northpage.com/careers.html#job3 - Southbury, CT. (Boston/CT/NYC area) | REMOTE potential

We're a Digital Marketing Analytics software company growing our engineering team and looking for engineers that enjoy working across the entire stack - front (Angular, Bootstrap, Sass) to back (MySQL, Redis, Solr, Java SE, AWS). You'll join a team with an engineering culture that fosters technical transparency and mutual mentoring. We're solving interesting problems related to digital marketing performance and seek talented engineers to help us deliver solutions and insight to our customers for achieving digital marketing success.

- Salary is competitive/open and ultimately depends on the candidate's fit and experience. - This position is based in our corporate headquarters in Southbury, Connecticut, but for the right person, we are open to other possibilities, especially if you are either in the Boston or NYC areas.

To apply, send an email to careers [at] northpage.com with the subject 'Full Stack Engineer'

Please be sure to tell us about your experience (resume, GitHub profile, past projects), what you're working on now, what you're looking for in a new opportunity and the best way for us to contact you.


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Kensho, Boston, MA (Cambridge), Stamford, CT, New York, NY: FULL TIME Software Engineers (INTERN in Cambridge)

Kensho is a small engineering team[0] headquartered in Harvard Sq. We are making financial analysis more accessible, intuitive and beautiful through our recent partnerships with Goldman Sachs[1] and CNBC[2]

Software Engineers

We're hiring fun-loving nerds at every experience level. While we primarily use Python (especially pandas and NumPy) and AngularJS, that is just implementation detail and you can interview in the language of your choice. We look for people who a hungry to learn, figure things out quickly, and love technology and math.

How would you handle distributed time series data? How quickly could you process and analyze unstructured news and events to understand the significance of each? When you design, prototype, scale and automate, do you watch out for bridges and hop-ons? You're gonna get some hop-ons [3]

A willingness to play bughouse, ticket to ride, and shoot zombies is a plus.


[0] http://kensho.com/#team [1] https://twitter.com/GoldmanSachs/status/554680474392870913 [2] https://www.cnbc.com/kensho [3] http://apps.npr.org/arrested-development/joke-15.html


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REDI Technologies (http://www.redi.com)


Locations :: New York, NY and Dallas (Plano), Texas

Background :: Our mission is to “make trading better”. REDI is a mature startup dedicated to taking an already successful trading platform to the next level. As a tech company that operates in the financial trading industry, we have a very different perspective and approach. Our next-generation platform is focused on building a community for the buy-side, sell-side, and technology providers, bridging the Wall Street and the FinTech startup spaces. We take a highly open and collaborative approach to building our technology (everything from C++, Java, .NET, Ruby, Angular, NodeJS, Chef, etc). We need individuals with a passion for technology, and an unparalleled drive to deliver world-class software across the desktop, web, and mobile contexts. Financial knowledge is not required, but a strong engineering mindset and razor-sharp problem solving skills are a must.

Roles (FULL-TIME, H1B, VISA supported) ::

  - Software Engineers
  - DevOps Engineers

  - Test Engineers

  - Product Managers

We'd love to hear from you. Send any inquiries or resumes to: jobs@redi.com

- Josh (CTO)


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Thinkful | https://www.thinkful.com/ | New York, NY | EdTech | Senior Software Engineer

Founded in 2012 in New York City, Thinkful is on a mission to reinvent education. We are building a school that trains the workforce in the technology skills necessary to sustain innovation and growth in the economy. We are developing a method of online learning that emphasizes practical, sustainable skills and prepares students to achieve their career goals.

We are looking for experienced engineers with a passion for education that want to join us and help shape the way people learn online.

Read more here: http://goo.gl/EiGs6e

The company was founded by Dan Friedman—one of the Thiel Fellows—and Darrell Silver, founder of Perpetually (acquired by Dell), our CEO and technical co-founder. The culture is balanced: analytical but fun, serious but sane. You will be joining a small, agile team with big challenges ahead of us.

If you are interested, apply through the website (http://goo.gl/EiGs6e) or email darrell@thinkful.com to hear more.


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Signpost, Fulltime & Onsite in New York

We build cloud-based marketing software that gives local businesses the power to effortlessly build and manage customer relationships.

Our platform builds customer profiles by capturing every email, call and credit card transaction. Signpost’s automated marketing engine then uses this data to drive new customer conversion and loyalty, reviews and referrals from existing customers. We empower local businesses by delivering measurable results while saving valuable time.

Named one of America's Most Promising Companies by Forbes, Signpost is backed by Spark Capital, Google Ventures, OpenView Venture Partners, Scout Ventures and a group of angel investors including Jason Calacanis, Thomas Lehrman, and Jack Herrick. The company is headquartered in New York City with locations in Austin and Denver. We're looking for smart, passionate leaders to join our team and have real ownership and impact from day one.

Open Positions:

Senior Software Engineer (NYC) - http://grnh.se/qi3ock

Software Engineer (NYC) - http://grnh.se/w7vlqe


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[ original post ]

Planetary (http://planetary.io) — fully REMOTE — we're looking for a full-time Backend Developer and a part-time Design Intern.

We're a New York City-based digital product studio where happiness, empathy, and exploration are our core values. We want to inspire our clients and build products that will make them (and their customers) more productive and impactful in the industries they represent.

Working with startups and big corps alike, we've had the opportunity to forge new approaches to product development and change the way many of our clients think about the process. We build everything from platforms to mobile apps. With so much exciting work happening, we'd love for you to join us and be part of the team! Check out the job pages[1][2] and shoot me an email if you're interested: josh@planetary.io

[1] http://planetary.io/jobs/backend-developer

[2] http://planetary.io/jobs/design-internship


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New York City, NYC NY Justworks - http://www.justworks.com We are building a platform for people to administer every part of their business, starting with payroll, benefits, compliance and tax filing. We've also built out PTO tracking, some reporting/analytics features and a B2B payments feature. We aren't just about payroll.

We are a PEO, which means we coemploy our customers employees (similar to Trinet/Ambrose or ADP Total Source, if you've ever heard of those). Because of that we're able to do a lot of really cool things including offer health insurance at a massive discount, as well as bring many other benefits traditionally reserved for large companies to startups and SMBs. We're growing very quickly (35-40% month over month) and just raised a $6mm series A from Thrive, Index, a few others[1]. Our founders are former Amazon, Etsy and Groupon executives who have had successful startups in the past. We handle payments and lots of very sensitive information (bank numbers, social security numbers etc.) so we need people who are comfortable working in that environment. Basically we're looking for senior level engineers to help build the foundation for a really awesome engineering org. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions (will@justworks.com). We're also hiring in sales. http://www.justworks.com/careers/

Full time in NYC only, no contractors, no remotes, sorry.

[1] http://blogs.wsj.com/venturecapital/2014/10/09/justworks-rai...


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Software/Data Engineer - New York, NY, USA

Entry level or medium level software developer position providing a great opportunity for a talented engineer to learn and apply the most modern technologies in big data and low latency applications within a world-class digital marketing company, IgnitionOne (http://www.ignitionone.com/). Work location is New York City, at Grand Central.

Skills: • reasonable proficiency and knowledge of Java • 1+ years of hands-on development or course-work experience • Object Oriented Programing • Must be able to thrive in a fast-paced, rapidly-changing development environment • Strong written and verbal communication skills • Must be a team player with commitment to success

Bonus features, but not required (they will be learned on the job): • real time, high volume transaction systems • working with multi-threaded and highly concurrent systems • in-memory databases (Redis, Aerospike, Memcached), NoSQL databases (Cassandra) • Kafka, Spark, Storm, Hadoop, Kinesis, S3, Redshift, PostgreSQL

To apply, email cstanca1@gmail.com


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[ original post ]

Seen.co - New York City Looking for: Full-Stack / Architects / Data Hackers

Come join a growing team tackling a big challenge - summarizing mobile stories by ranking their real-time media and alerting users to what’s noteworthy by building automatic summaries. We're doing it with smart, decent people, and funding from great investors in one of the best cities in the world! Our team is made up of experts in search, ranking and mobile products. Altogether we are applying 2 patents, 8 papers and 3 Google Research Awards to integrate machine learning with breaking news and social curation.

We're building a core of passionate devs and the next few hires will have an important hand in the direction of the product. The existing team has experience at Yahoo, Endeca and Frog Design and we value folks who are curious, hard working, humble and love a good challenge.

Full list of jobs and descriptions here: https://angel.co/seen/jobs or just email us directly jobs@seen.co


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TheLadders - NYC Office

TheLadders mission is to help professionals improve their career. Its something we all have and few of us really know what we are doing. We seek to leverage technical solutions to what is a fundamentally human endeavor.

We're looking for excellent engineers who are interested in collaborating with their engineering, product, data science and marketing colleagues to create great products for our customers.

Some tech we use to accomplish that:

Backbone.js, iOs, Android, Scala, Java, RabbitMQ, Storm, ElasticSearch.

We believe in investing in our engineers and have a generous training stipend. Additionally, we seek to foster a culture that values learning and collaboration. To learn more about our engineering culture check out these posts from our engineering blog:

http://dev.theladders.com/2015/02/conclave/ http://dev.theladders.com/2013/02/onboarding/

We look forward to hearing from you.

email: sallen@theladders.com


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Location: Almaden CA, Austin TX, Dublin OH, Littleton MA, New York NY, Pittsburgh PA, Rochester MA, Raleigh MC, Yorktown Heights NY


Experience a world-class internship program! You’ll work on cutting-edge cognitive computing technology, grow your expertise through experiential learning, and have an opportunity to demonstrate your talent.

Internships Opportunities for Undergrad and Masters Students

Tools Developer - SWG-0691285 You’ll specialize in designing, developing, and testing tools that enable Watson to work with large datasets, domain experts to train the systems and developers to consume cognitive capabilities. You’ll also be developing capabilities that make the Watson development team more productive and efficient in its solution delivery.

Java Developer - SWG-0694944 You’ll be well versed in Java Object Oriented (OO) programming with experience in systems development, distributed computing and linux development. Experience and conceptual understanding in highly available systems, performance engineering, parallel processing and web application development is also advantageous.

Solution Engineer/Tech Lead - SWG-0695086 You’ll facilitate the building of a Watson Solution for a particular customer including achieving the performance needed for success. You’ll work primarily with the Customer, Watson Lab Services Leadership and Watson Core Development to help deliver a signature Watson solution.

Performance Engineer - SWG-0710282 You’ll use your expertise in tools, methodologies and practices to ferret out any performance issues in Watson cloud based solutions. You’ll think preventive best practices, but can also isolate and solution esoteric performance problems on many different products.

User Interface Developer -SWG-0710499 UI Developers are graphic and interaction developers who have an eye for clean, intuitive development. You have the drive to create the best experience for the users and thrive as part of a cross-functional team in a highly collaborative environment

Software Engineer/Cloud Developer - SWG-0713425 You’ll bring Watson solutions to the cloud with your experience in cloud development, large scale systems design/implementation, and service oriented architecture design/implementation. We’re looking for Cloud Developers, Cloud Infrastructure Deployment Engineers, Cloud Operations and Support Engineers, Cloud Security Analysts and Cloud Extensions Programmers.

I'm available for any questions you might have at tparikh [at] us [dot] ibm [dot] com


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FiscalNote, Inc. - DC & NYC - Full time - Authorized to work in US only Open Positions: DevOps Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Architect, Front-End Engineer, SDET, Data Scientist, Ruby on Rails Engineer, Product Manager, QA Engineer

We just announced our Series B investment round last month ($10 million) and are looking to further build out our engineering and data science teams!

At FiscalNote, we've built and continue to develop predictive analytics platforms for open data that impact every corner of industry and society. We're penetrating sectors untouched by advanced machine learning and NLP methods. CNN called us one of the Top 10 Startups in America. The legacy competition is not pleased. We love engineering across a cutting-edge stack, we love our customers, and most importantly, we love our team (at 37 and growing!). Job descriptions and requirements can be found at fiscalnote.com/careers.

Want to be FN Awesome? Email jobs@fiscalnote.com.


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Senior Software Engineer - NYC or Remote

Brickwork Software (http://brickworksoftware.com/) is a one-year-old startup changing the way customers engage with brick & mortar stores online. We are looking for exceptional frontend-focused software engineers to help us shape the product and the company while growing with us.

About you: A ‘T-shaped’ experienced front end engineer with Ruby on Rails experience, love of great products and clean code. As a key early hire, you will have a big impact on our codebase, engineering process and culture.

About us: We are a smart, efficient and fun team that has a great time working together. Brickwork is funded, has a strong customer pipeline and is poised for tremendous growth. NYC-based and remote candidates welcome.

Get in touch at: work AT brickworksoftware.com with some links to where we can find out more about you and the best product you’ve recently discovered.


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Clarifai - New York, remote possible - http://clarifai.com

Image recognition has made an unbelievable performance jump over the past few years, making possible real-world applications that understand images and video. Our CEO Matt Zeiler is one of the world's leading experts in Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Nets, the technologies driving the revolution in machine learning.

Try our demo at http://clarifai.com to see for yourself. With backing from Google, Qualcomm and Nvidia and the attention of major press, we are looking for early stage employees to help build ground-breaking intelligent applications.

== Lead Frontend Engineer ==

- Experienced builder of web applications. Knowledge of modern frameworks.

- Great UI/UX/design sense; product instinct, a knack for what users want and need.

== Senior Infrastructure and Ops Engineer ==

- Experienced architect of web-scale storage and compute systems. All layers down to networking (R DMA a plus) and hardware procurement.

- Keep the lights on. Ownership of site reliability, dictate best practices.

== Research Engineer, Machine Learning ==

- Research background, machine learning. Ph.D. preferred. Neural nets, recurrent nets, reinforcement learning a +.

- Serious engineering and coding skills. Experience with internet-scale data sets. GPU coding in Cuda or openCL a +.

== Mobile Engineer ==

- Great UI/UX, product and design sense. A portfolio of graceful and useful apps where you’ve been lead or a major contributor. iOS or Android. Mobile game, graphics or GPU programming a +.

Tell us about yourself at jobs@clarifai.com to get the conversation started.


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New York City | Python Engineer / DevOps

Maven (https://www.mavenclinic.com) is the healthcare of the future, being built today. Real-time video appointments with top practitioners, delivered to your mobile device instantly. We're well-funded by amazing investors (see link below for more).

Right now we are seeking our #2 backend engineer to join a small & motivated team. You'll be working with awesome co-workers (on the product side we've got: one designer, one frontend/UX, one iOS, one backend).

We're looking for someone with real experience building distributed systems, who likes to do things the right way the first time. Python/SQL/*nix should be strong points for you, anything else is icing on the cake.

Learn more & apply here - http://goo.gl/DSd7Co.


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TripleLift - http://triplelift.com/ - New York, NY - Full Time

We're looking for both back and front end developers to help scale our tech. We've found our product market fit and are now focused on execution - we've been redesigning and rewriting a series of applications to be highly performant and concurrent since we're seeing significant volume now and trying to get ourselves ready for the next step.

Our product is a way for website owners to ditch banner ads in favor of native ads that will allow them to design their sites the way they want without having to worry about monetization from the beginning. When they are ready they include a bit of JavaScript and we will dynamically resize/crop ads and leverage their existing HTML to make sure the ads provide a less disruptive experience.

Feel free to email me at dgoldin@triplelift.com with any questions!


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McKinsey Digital Labs - NYC or Remote with travel - Software and Enterprise Architects

Hiring: developers turned enterprise and software architects, with a knack for integrating large and complex systems!

We're looking for software architects who come from strong development backgrounds and like weaving together the complex patchwork of multiple generations of disparate systems.

If your perfect day involves working with a hipster solution architect building snazzy AngularJS front-ends in the morning, having lunch with a CIO that loves his IBM/CICS, and wrapping up over beers with a team of developers, to stir up new ideas for how to connect it all together, then send our awesome recruiters a note!

Recruiter Email: MDL_Recruiting_NA@mckinsey.com

Enterprise Architect Job Description: http://goo.gl/C99unT

Software Architect Job Description: http://goo.gl/zwFP9P


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Nomi - New York, NY / Atlanta, GA

Nomi is a retail analytics startup building an API and marketing platform for the physical world. We've installed over 100,000 sensors, cameras, and beacons that collect over 4 billion data points every month about customer behavior. Our insights enable retailers to measure, analyze, and optimize their marketing and retail operations.

We try to select the right tool for the job and are fairly language and framework agnostic: Python, Apache Storm, Kafka, HBase, MongoDB, redis, Hadoop, AWS, git, AngularJS, Vagrant, Docker, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Java, Druid, Celery.

We are hiring big data engineers, algorithms engineers, data scientists, backend developers, embedded systems engineers, and computer vision engineers. Visit http://nomi.workable.com/ for detailed job descriptions and submission form.


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Level Solar - Boston / Cambridge MA / NYC -- http://levelsolar.com

Level Solar is a residential solar installer. We are a startup, one year in, and already have hundreds of installs in the Long Island area. Our HQ is in NYC and we have a software team growing in Cambridge MA. Some examples of project directions include:

- automating key parts of the lead to sale process

- mobile development on internal apps

- mobile development on external (customer-facing) apps

- (IoT) home automation and data collection

We are looking for a few awesome contributors. Please respond if you are experienced in object-oriented programming and mobile development. Please also mention if you've worked with sales automation, solar, or projects in the internet of things space.

Please reach out to jim <dot> wagner <<at>> levelsolar <dot> com.


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New York City - Moat

Moat is a growing analytics startup with products in two core areas:

1) Analytics

Moat Analytics analyzes content and advertisements for many of the most trafficked websites on the Internet. We gather terabytes of data a day and give customers metrics like ad viewability, attention and user engagement. This product has helped make these metrics a standard in the online ad industry.

2) Search

We index the Internet for online ads. This allows us to give advertisers, publishers and adtech companies an overview of the entire online ad ecosystem. This is hugely valuable information - our customers can see their competitors' ad campaigns, find prospects by seeing the clients of similar sites or see trends in the industry before anyone else. We have a free product, moat.com and a premium product, Moat Pro.

Both technical and non-technical openings can be found at jobs.moat.com


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BREAKFAST - Brooklyn, New York

Front-end engineer (Full-time)

Breakfast is a small team of software & hardware devs that create design and experience driven products such as Instaprint https://instaprint.me and Points https://pointssign.com

We're looking for an experienced front-end engineer. Your role is to lead our front end development. You'll be working closely with the design and dev team to build functional, fast loading, responsive apps. We are looking for you to help us make decisions on tools, architecture and implementation in the UI space (mobile and web). If you're interested in this crucial role in an early stage small start-up - send us a note jobs+frontend@breakfastny.com


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15Five - http://www.15five.com - New York, San Francisco or remote


15Five is a simple and elegant SaaS product which gives managers, executives and CEOs a pulse on their company via weekly employee feedback. Simultaneously it engages employees by giving them a voice and soliciting input. It is named after a simple practice where employees spend 15 minutes each week writing a report that takes their manager no longer than 5 minutes to read.

Currently looking to fill 2 positions: Python/Django Engineer and Front-end Engineer


* Work remotely or from our office in New York or San Francisco

* Flexible schedule

* No vacation policy

* Medical, dental and vision insurance

* Personal growth and learning stipend


For more details and to apply, please visit at http://www.15five.com/jobs/


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Progistix Worldwide (https://www.progistixworldwide.com) - NYC

At Progistix, we are building an innovative, nimble product to tackle the tired challenges of moving food across the country. Progistix is new but our team is not. We are adding to a group of seasoned, successful technology and industry vets. And though we are still a growing start-up, we’ve got big company resources. That means you’ve got the freedom to think big and the time to experiment on a large scale.

We are looking for:

  - Lead Frontend Engineer (HTML/CSS/JS)
  - Lead Backend Engineer (Python/Flask)
  - iOS Engineer
Check out our job descriptions and get in touch on our website!


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Dashlane | Paris, France | Full time

Dashlane (located in NYC and Paris) is dedicated to solving the web drudgery associate with password management, identity and online payments - aka filling those damn web forms and generating passwords more complex than "hackernews1".

Now hiring for various dev positions: #1 BACKEND DEV - Experienced with backend stuff that stays up and is, you know, webscale®. Node.js, MySQL, Mongodb, Redshift, Ansible, AWS... #2 IOS DEV - iOS engineer who wants to build innovative UX/UI features. #3 WINDOWS UI DEV - Because not everything is web, and Qt can be fun, build the UI of our windows app (C++ mainly).

More info at https://www.dashlane.com/jobs.


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New York, NY

Mid-Level Front-End Focused Developer

Healthify is looking for a full-stack web developer with an emphasis on front-end development. You will help define how the healthcare market delivers on the promise of reform and have the potential to lower the trillions of dollars we spend on healthcare. Your programming will have an immediate and dramatic impact on countless lives and organizations dealing with social needs.

Ruby on Rails (at least 1 year of experience required)

JS frameworks (at least 2 years of experience required)

Nice to haves: PostgreSQL, SCSS, Elasticsearch

You can find more information about us and the position here:



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Business Insider - PHP Engineer - New York City (Flatiron)

Business Insider is looking for a highly-skilled PHP developer to join our world-class engineering team. You will help to conceive, design, build, and deliver the next-generation of online news/media working with cutting edge technologies such as MongoDB, AWS, NodeJS, and Go. We are a dynamic company reaching the new generation of business leaders. We are a well-funded (including by Jeff Bezos) company at the forefront of digital media. You'll be joining a close team that works hard and has fun.

We're looking for solid PHP developers who have experience working with MVC systems and appreciate the agile methodology and continuous integration. We face exciting challenges every day due to the demands of our growing audience and the 24/7 news cycle. Your work will reach millions of people—50+ million every month around the globe. Our product team pushes the boundary on feature development, resulting in a varied and interesting assortment of tech challenges to solve.

Position requirements include: Skilled back-end programmer who can write lean object-oriented PHP 5 code Broad understanding of web architecture and how it applies to scalability Enjoys building user-focused interfaces, using Ajax when appropriate Collaborating with product managers, editorial, and business partners to understand software requirements Participating in architectural decisions Troubleshooting and solving complex problems Solid understanding of version control principles, preferably using Git Strong communication skills

Bonus points for experience with: Agile development PHPUnit Behat and/or Cucumber Symfony, Laravel, or Silex AWS MongoDB and Doctrine Golang JS/CSS/HTML

Send your resume directly to jeskew [at] businessinsider.com for prioritiy review.

The official job listing can be found at http://www.jobscore.com/jobs2/businessinsider/php-developer/...


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7Park Data, Inc. in NYC - http://7parkdata.com/connect/

Hiring engineers at all levels for multiple roles: -Machine Learning -DB architects -Full stack engineers -Front end developers -iOS and Android developers

Work on leading-edge mobile, internet and consumer analytics and information products (see here for an example: http://7parkdata.com/blog/).

Highly competitive comp (base, bonus, equity). Benefits 100% covered.

Looking for smart, driven people to help us continue to significantly scale our business. Fun team that is highly academic and loves tackling complex problems.

Apply on our website.


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OnDeck - Arlington,VA & New York, NY.

OnDeck (ONDK) uses data aggregation and electronic payment technology to evaluate the financial health of small and medium sized businesses to efficiently deliver capital to a market underserved by banks

* OnDeck is the largest VC backed tech IPO in NYC history.

* Crain's 2014 Best places to work.


OnDeck is looking for

* Backend Engineers(Java)

* Frontend Engineers (Angular)

* Security Engineers

* QA/Automation

* Analytics (Hadoop, HBase)

* Product Managers.


* Health Insurance - Medical, Dental, Vision

* Competitive salaries, a 401k plan, and meaningful equity for all employees

* We offer discounted health club memberships for all members at Crunch Fitness as well as free memberships to One Medical.

* We have “Happy Hour Wednesdays,” quarterly employee outings and a game room with a Ping-Pong and foosball table, old school Pac-Man, and Wii.

email: abhijithrc@ondeck.com


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Software Engineer (Fullstack) | ATTN: | NYC | Node.js, Javascript | 70k - 100k + equity

ATTN: creates content that breaks down complex issues, makes politics interesting, and analyzes the world from the perspective of the social media generation. In lieu of passivity, we prefer to give our followers vehicles to take action.

We are looking to bring on a engineer to help us build our content publishing and distribution platform.

Experience in node.js and mongodb is desired. Experience with React is a plus.

The position is full-time and we are open to local or remote candidates.

Apply here: http://bit.ly/1w7mpP6



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Dextro - NYC - Two open positions, full time - dextro.co

Distributed Systems Engineer and Computer Vision Scientist

Work with us to enable the next generation of apps, robots, smart devices, and visual data analytics tools.

We’re not tied to a particular language; our backend is built in Python, Ruby, CUDA, and C++.

As a member of our rapidly growing backend team, you will architect and own whole new services that enable our product to be smarter and faster, and you'll push the core Dextro API forward with the help of our vision scientists.

If you are currently in a graduate program, we offer summer positions and semester positions for vision interns.



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Endeavor Insight (New York, NY) is looking for a full-stack developer interested in gaining project management experience while working as the technical lead for a fast-growing research organization.

Education: Minimum of a bachelor's degree; master's a plus

Experience: 3-4 years experience in a technical/analytical role

Skills: LAMP stack, JavaScript/Jquery, D3.js, SQL, systems administration

To learn more about the position, visit http://endeavor.force.com/careers/ts2__JobDetails?jobId=a0n6... or send your resume directly to rhett.morris@endeavor.org


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FireEye - NYC preferred - FULL-TIME

We are building an info security product driven by big data. If working on something that ingests more data per second than Twitter on just one of our customers sounds interesting, then ping me at (my HN username)@gmail.com.

We work in a lot of programming languages (from Python to Scala to Java to Go to Node/JavaScript) with a lot of really interesting problems to solve around performance, search, storage, scaling, and so on. We are looking for some engineers who are excited about chewing on big problems and solving them using whatever tools work best. If that sounds like you, ping me at the email I mentioned or on Twitter at @jm.


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Socratic.org in New York, iOS and web/backend

We're a small education company with a mission to make learning easier.

Learning today is like programming before StackOverflow - kids end up on Yahoo Answers all the time. The Socratic community is changing that.

We just raised our Series A, and are hiring our first iOS engineer and a generalist web+backend engineer.

Our team is diverse, supportive, and experienced (Venmo, Google). Women and other underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply.

We're looking for a software INTERN as well. Happy to apply for VISAs.

More about the roles @ https://socratic.org/jobs Email us at hello@socratic.org


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Consumer education company in NYC.

Generalist engineer || iOS engineer || Designer

We're making it easy for anyone to create digital content. We have a huge community, an app that is loved by kids and adults, and VC funding.

Hopscotchers today make everything from art and illusions to Flappy Bird and Geometry Dash -- it's amazing what happens when more people have access to creating digital content.

We're a small team of 7 with experience at Etsy, Venmo, Customer.io and Pivotal labs.

If you want to be a part of this change and inspire the creators of the future, get in touch: asha@gethopscotch.com

And check out our app: http://hop.sc/get_hopscotch


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Betterpath - Backend Engineer - NYC

Betterpath (betterpath.com) is a NYC based, early stage, data-driven healthcare startup that is taking an innovative approach to improving patient outcomes across a number of serious chronic diseases, starting with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Our team is passionate about transforming the healthcare industry and making a real difference in peoples’ lives.

You will be

- building features end to end. From coding to deployment

- part of small team so you will contribute in all parts

- design our scaling solution as we grow

- love to come to work

Some tools we currently use at backed are scala, play, ansible, s3, datomic, postgres

Interested drop me a line khivi [at] betterpath.com


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Jukely (www.jukely.com)

iOS Engineer | Full Time | New York, NY

Do you love live music? Want to connect people through music? Come join Jukely!

We are looking for a full time iOS engineer to join our small team in New York. Jukely is a matchmaker for concerts and friends, matching live music lovers with concerts and friends to go. We also launched a concert subscription for $25/month that gets you to unlimited concerts.

For more information or to apply, please visit our job listing on AngelList: https://angel.co/jukely/jobs/36134-ios-engineer


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Codecademy | NYC, TN Visa, Product Engineer Engineers at Codecademy are full stack (MongoDB/Rails, Go, Backbone + React) along with insights on product. We're building the easiest way to learn programming online, teaching everything from basic language syntax to rails and angularjs. (and more in the future).

Job description at: http://www.codecademy.com/about/jobs/software-engineer Or email me: kelvin@codecademy.com if you're interested in hearing more.


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DevOps Engineer - NYC - 6 figures salary

Do you like what Heroku and GAE are doing? Help us build the PaaS used by our 20+ engineers.


  - 2+ years of experience (10+ years welcome)
  - Chef or Puppet or CFEngine
  - GNU/Linux or *BSD
  - Automation freak
  - Attention to detail

  - Github contributions
  - Python
  - CI
  - AWS
Join a team who believe in what they’re building. It’s awesome.



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MATASANO SECURITY - Chicago. New York City. Sunnyvale.

Application Security Consultant

Full-Time or Internship, work visa sponsorship available


   <Mission Impossible theme plays>
This thread will, no doubt, be dominated by posts with laundry lists of requirements. Many employers will introduce themselves by describing what they want from you. At Matasano, we're a little different. We like to start by telling you about us. This month, I want to try to do that by drawing analogy to Mission Impossible.

What made the original show so great is exactly what was lost in the 'Tom Cruise takes on the world' reboot. The original 1960's and 70's Mission Impossible was defined primarily by a team working together against all odds to achieve their objective. It acknowledged that what they were doing was improbable, and more so for a solo James Bond or Tom Cruise character. As a team though, each character an expert in their particular focus area, the incredible became credible -- the impossible, possible.

Working at Matasano is a bit like working for the Impossible Missions Force (IMF). No, we're not taking out thinly veiled cold war era Soviet stand in villains, preventing the rise of the third reich, or being tasked with gathering evidence against criminals "outside the reach of conventional law enforcement." But in many cases, we're given tight timelines and tasked with difficult objectives. To the uninitiated, what we do is often seen as impossible, but _together_ we do it every day.

Imagine you (and your team) have a month to circumvent a real world cryptographic system designed and sold for Fortune 500 companies to protect their most sensitive intellectual property. Maybe you're given a week to investigate and undercover flaws in a brand new Ruby on Rails application. You might find yourself facing a never-before-seen client/server application, implementing a proprietary binary protocol, and having to figure it out and attack it. You could end up drawing on binary reverse engineer skills, or reviewing Java code. But whatever the 'mission', you won't be alone. You'll be part of a team of experts, each bringing their own skill set to the team.

We don't have very much call for demolitions experts, special effects makeup artists, or champion weightlifters. Like the IMF, we're looking for people with diverse backgrounds who each bring something unique to the team. There's little in computing that isn't useful for an Application Security Consultant. We need Reverse Engineers. Developers of all backgrounds, Cryptographers, Electrical Engineers, you name it. We're as likely to hire a Mathematics PHD as a college drop out. Many of our best employees have little formal information technology background. In short, we come from a variety of backgrounds, but share one common trait -- We're curious about nearly everything, and have a wide base of knowledge, but have achieved mastery over one (or more) disciplines. These are the sorts of people the IMF built their team from, and they're the sort of people who we're looking for at Matasano.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit www.matasano.com/careers to learn more and contact us. In the enclosed dossier, you'll find links to www.cryptopals.com and www.microcorruption.com which may be of interest. Further intelligence is available at the chargen.matasano.com blog, and you can always contact careers@matasano.com with any remaining questions. As always, should any member of your team be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions.

This isn't Mission Difficult, it's Mission Impossible. Difficult should be a walk in the park for you.

This tape will self destruct in five seconds. Good luck.



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Tumblr - NYC - Full-time

People seem to really like this thing we’ve built, and we’re always looking for more engineers to keep it running and growing. We’re big enough to give you the resources you need and still small enough that you can work on things that matter. Apply now, why don’t ya?

“They’re building a roof deck” —-Employee testimonial.


-Android Engineer -Weapons Engineer -Hadoop Engineer -iOS Engineer -MySQL Engineer -PHP Application Engineer -Product Engineer (JavaScript) -Security Engineer -Senior Product Engineer -Software Engineer (Scala)


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The Muse (YC W12) - NYC - Full-time

If you're interested in tech to make the career search process suck less for people, come talk to us. We're hiring for a variety of roles.

Looking for a VP of Engineering - https://www.themuse.com/jobs/themuse/vp-of-engineering

And good engineers in general - https://www.themuse.com/jobs/themuse/engineering-team


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SEEKING FREELANCERS/EMPLOYEES - NYC preferred, but remote conceivable

HappyFunCorp (http://happyfuncorp.com) - We're currently trying to find good Rails developers.

We do web and app development for a panoply of clients ranging from Fortune 500 to brand-new startups: right now the distribution is roughly 50-50. We prefer people with a reasonable amount of experience under their belt, but there are always exceptions. And we pay well.

If you're interested, email: jobs@happyfuncorp.com


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iOS Engineer @ MakeSpace | New York City [$100 - $150K]

To Apply: https://angel.co/makespace/jobs/46883-ios-engineer or email careers [at] makespace.com

MakeSpace is a Manhattan based tech startup that is disrupting the public storage industry. Our company has a fun and lively loft office near the Soho/Tribeca/Chinatown border. We are the future of stuff and our well-funded startup is looking to expand our engineering team and help us disrupt the $24B storage industry.

As part of our small-but-awesome Engineering and Product teams, engineers at MakeSpace enjoy a tight collaborative relationship with our world class designers.

About You:

Aspire to use technology and positively transform the physical world - not get more likes, check-ins, serve more ads or optimize transactions for a big bank. A history of shipping iOS software Ability to write idiomatic Objective-C code Deep understanding of Cocoa design patterns and API design An appreciation for pragmatism and simplicity in code Good taste and a keen eye for perfect pixel design. Knowledge of iOS performance techniques Interest in Swift, extensions, and the overall progression of the iOS SDK A strong product and design sensibility Enthusiasm for MakeSpace as a service A good sense of humor and a love of collaboration


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iSEC Partners - San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, New York City - Job Title - Security Engineer; Security Engineering Intern

I'll make this short. I've got too much whining about winter to do.

If you love security and research, iSEC just may be a perfect fit for you.

You will spend most of your day thinking about security systems and how they can break. This is a very creative job that gives individuals a lot of freedom to be clever while learning new technologies at a very fast pace. Typical engagements will pair you with another experienced security consultant who you will learn from and teach along the way. Engagements are usually 2-4 weeks long. In a year, you will be exposed to 15-20 products and technology stacks. Your work will typically initiate person-months of security improvements in products millions of people use. You will have access to senior engineers/architects and your findings/ideas will be heard by senior decision makers. You will have enormous impact in making the software people use safer. All of our consultants are also security researchers, with dedicated research time.

We like to let our research speak for itself: https://isecpartners.github.io/

Check out all of our career opportunities here: https://www.isecpartners.com/about/careers.aspx

We're always looking for folks passionate about what we do. We'd love to hear from you!


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Kinsa - New York City or San Francisco

Head of Software Engineering

Senior UX Designer

Senior Mobile Engineer, Android

Senior Mobile Engineer, iOS

Mobile Engineer, Android

Mobile Engineer, iOS

UI/UX Designer

Kinsa is a mission driven startup that's building the world’s first real-time map of human health with our ultra low cost smartphone-connected thermometer.

We're growing rapidly and are looking for the right people to work with. Check here for info on all open positions. https://www.kinsahealth.com/working-with-kinsa/


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Spreemo, newly funded healthcare marketplace in FiDi (downtown New York City).

Looking for junior and senior full-stack Ruby on Rails developers (local, not remote). Good pay, environment, and team. Our code base is Rubocop-clean, has 99%+ test coverage using RSpec and Cucumber, and runs tests in parallel on CircleCI on every Github commit.

Help fix healthcare by providing transparency in both cost and quality. http://spreemo.com/careers


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Work Market (httsp://www.workmarket.com) is hiring engineers for various roles and levels. New York, NY.

Our stack is Java, Spring, Tomcat, Backbone.js, MySQL, Solr, and lots more, hosted on AWS.

We are hiring:

* full-stack engineers

* back-end engineers

* search engineers

* dev-ops engineers

We offer:

* competitive pay

* meaningful equity in a great market opportunity (by 2020, more than 50% of the U.S. workforce will spend time as independent workers.)

* lots of cool stuff to work on

* super-fun team

See our jobs page for more information: https://www.workmarket.com/jobs/


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Senior/DevOps Engineer - New York, NY Pay range is [115k - 165k], Equity is .05%+ We're a Google Venture backed startup. 100% AWS. Also open to someone learning HBase. http://www.ikrut.com/microsite/pages/Yieldmo/default.html


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Sports Illustrated (si.com) is hiring a senior front-end developer in New York (NYC) to help us improve our SPA and front-end tooling. We use coffeescript, backbone, grunt for builds and mocha for testing. Looking for someone who's comfortable with the stack and enjoys having lots of autonomy.

Drop an email here if interested careers@timeinc.com

Mention that you're from HN.


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The #1 startup to work for in NYC is looking to expand [1] and we just raised our Series B funding with Accel Partners [2]. You should join us!

Hi, we're Grovo. We're like a Khan Academy for digital and professional skills. Everyone from big corporations to K12 schools pay us to teach their employees skills from how to use Excel Pivot Tables to Google Drive powertips to how to beat procrastination.

It's proven to be really valuable and we're growing like crazy.

The engineering team is looking for Full-Stack, QA Engineers, and SREs to join our team of 14.

We use LAMP, Agile, AWS, etc. Our current big initiatives are setting up strong APIs, creating a data warehouse, and scaling to meet the demands of training hundreds of thousands of employees simultaneously.

Yes, we have perks. Yes, we have a strong engineering team. Yes, we give 10% time for side projects. Yes, we give competitive compensation and equity. But that's not why we were named the #1 best place to work by NYC Tech. It's because of the people [3]. Everyone here is absolutely fantastic and we screen heavily for passionate, ambitious, playful people.

Interested in a Full Stack Engineer, QA Engineer, or SRE role? Then email me directly at suragm@grovo.com. Mention Hacker News in the subject line and you'll get my immediate attention.



PS To get a glimpse into some of the challenges facing our engineering team today and how we're tackling them firsthand, check out our latest blog post: http://labs.grovo.com/

[1] We were named by NYC Tech as the #1 Best Place to Work: https://medium.com/@internetweek/its-the-people-how-grovo-be...

[2] Grovo Raises $15M More To Help Businesses Train Their Employees With Bite-Sized Videoshttp://techcrunch.com/2015/02/18/grovo-series-b/

[3] Grovo's amazing culture is centered around collaboration and fun, all while driving innovation and impact within our teams. See it in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuGVwJ9xicc&noredirect=1


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Splay, Inc. (http://www.splay.com)

We are seeking senior level developers in NYC to collaborate on a range of interesting & challenging ecommerce projects with competitive compensation.

Current open roles include:

- Frontend Design Engineer

- Advanced iOS Developer

- Rails Engineer



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Beaker Notebook the open source data analysis and visualization web app is hiring front-end and full-stack developers in NYC: http://beakernotebook.com/careers Needs VISA is OK.


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Tootter, Inc.- Founding Engineer- NYC - [$100k / equity]

Tootter is the next generation in social media helping people monetize and network all on one platform. Be a part of the small founding team as the founding full stack engineer.

Get in touch with us team[at]tootter.com


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Peepchat, Inc.- Full Stack iOS - NYC

Terms Negotiable

Ambitious team seeking a full-stack iOS developer to scale fast. Our stack includes Ruby on Rails ,objective C, EC2.

Get in touch :-)



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RolePoint | (mostly) Python Software Engineers | London, UK and New York, US - https://careers.rolepoint.com

You'll play a key role in building a platform that's changing how Technology, Finance, Media, Healthcare organisations hire and access talent - and that is already implemented in the three largest employers in the world.

==New York==

You will be a key figure in the New York engineering team; the primary function will be to build and manage the integrations between RolePoint's applications and the systems that exist within our clients infrastructure (typically Applicant Tracking Systems and Candidate Relationship Management tools). RolePoint's success is dependant on the reliability and features of our data integrations, so you'll be integral to the team and involved in the management of the integration product.

From our New York office, you'll be helping to shape the engineering team based in Soho where we currently have our Account Management department. They are a group of highly intelligent, experienced and passionate people who are also expanding. You'll also be working closely with our London engineering team and RolePoint's customers.

Bonus: Created APIs used by internal and external developers



You'll be building the most advanced and user-friendly application flow that candidates go through when applying to jobs online.

Based in our London office, you'll work alongside passionate, like minded individuals, where ideas and innovation take precedent and each team member contributes equally. You'll be writing code and architecting solutions, all whilst maintaining balance between great design and shipping products.

Bonus: Functional programming, GAE



We're building a company that allows you to work on interesting projects in a stimulating, social environment. We work on flexible hours, offer unlimited vacation days, go out for weekly team activities and once a year bring the whole company together on an international gathering to reconnect outside of our work.

Check out more roles at https://careers.rolepoint.com


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Placemeter — NYC or PARIS (relocation possible), FULL-TIME

We're looking for a COMPUTER VISION ENGINEER to join our world class CV team.

Job posting and details here: http://grnh.se/emdq87

About Placemeter

Placemeter is building a real-time data layer measuring activity in the physical urban environment, like how many people are walking on an intersection or how fast cars are speeding down your block. We use computer vision at a massive scale, on a large number of rich and ubiquitous video feeds, to understand what is going in in the physical world in real time. We measure how busy places are, what people do, how fast cars go, and much more. We offer that data to developers, citizens, cities, and retailers, radically changing the way they interact with the physical world.

We built our platform around privacy. We never store any video and we do not identify people. We also make sure no one can reverse engineer our data to identify anyone. We are backed by top NYC & Silicon Valley VCs, alumna of TechStars (Spring 2013), and actively plugged into their vibrant ecosystem of mentors and alumni.

We need creative and flexible minds, with a complete commitment to building nothing else but perfect software and systems. Make a real impact on your city, the NYC tech community, and a fast growing startup. Put your mark on this truly disruptive, slightly crazy, and ambitious platform we are building. Placemeter is in a phase of rapid expansion, and we want you to join us.

APPLY NOW: http://grnh.se/emdq87

About our stack

Our system is full stack in a way rarely seen before, from low level embedded processing to computer vision algorithms to mobile applications, and everything in between including: machine learning, data analytics, prediction models, and geospatial intelligence.

If you want to build the next big thing in machine learning, computer vision, sensing, prediction and if you like huge, scalable and impactful systems, you will fit right in. You will encounter some of the biggest tech challenges you have ever seen. Get ready to earn some serious tech street cred.

We are a paradise for video and data geeks. Using our own optimized code base, we detect moving objects, classify them, then track their positions. We then use trajectory information to estimate speed as well as location occupancy and traffic. Today, our computer vision stack runs continuously on close to 1,000 available video feeds, collecting 8 million data points each day on average. We extract insights and predictions from these points. We have millions of ground truth data points to build and optimize our algorithms. We analyze all these data points by comparing them, normalizing them, correlating them with external factors to give our users clean, real time data. We are about to grow dramatically, adding a couple of orders of magnitude to our current scale.

We work in a data driven environment where every new algorithm is first defined by data sets and ground truth - we have a lot of data floating around. Our regression and quality tests guarantee that each improvement on one camera will improve our quality and performance overall.

We highly value testing and continuous integration. For critical interactions between major components we maintain integration tests, and for our core algorithms we maintain quality and regression tests. Good test coverage is key to keeping our bug count low. It also builds internal confidence to work on any piece of code without fear of breaking existing functionalities.

Our tech team is made up of varied backgrounds, and we function as a flat team where everybody knows about what everyone else is working on. This creates an environment where you can learn from your peers with ease and significantly grow your tech turf.

APPLY NOW: http://grnh.se/emdq87


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Bamboo Talent (www.bambootalent.com) - New York, NY

We are a talent search firm, working closely with NYC's tech community, acting as a true business partner to growing organizations looking to scale their engineering teams. We care about customer service and operate with respect, honesty and integrity in every communication.

As many organizations in this space are competing for the best engineering talent, we help to accurately represent both company and opportunity to the potential candidate. We meet every client we represent, to ensure our ability to answer your questions. We focus on understanding our clients’ needs, and thus allowing you to make an informed decision on whether or not it makes sense to speak with them.

Our clients' needs span Golang, Python, C/C++, Java, Ruby, PHP, Android (Core Java), iOS (Objective-C) and Javascript (Vanilla, AngularJS, D3.js, ReactJS, Backbone.js). Specific positions include Infrastructure Engineer, Front End Engineer, Back End Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Mobile Engineer, Full Stack Engineer and Product Manager. We work with a unique client pool which are primarily venture capital-backed startups, but which also includes several pre and post-IPO companies.

Please get in touch to learn further details on these and other companies/roles we are representing.

email: jon@bambootalent.com