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Paris - 6 jobs in March 2015

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Nexedi (http://www.nexedi.com/jobs)

Where: Paris|Lille|Tokyo|Shanghai|Munich|REMOTE

Looking FULL TIME: Big Data Engineer

Looking TRAINEE/INTERN (6 months+): Babel RINA Research Engineer

We are:

- developing strictly open source/Free Software since 2001

- doing a lot of research, mostly via EU-funded projects

- a small team from and all around the globe (headquarters in Lille, France)

- fun to work with


- you'll be working with a Chromebook like everyone else :-)

- our website still needs a make-over, I know...

apply to: jobs(at)nexedi.com


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Company: Alkemics Location: Paris, France Keywords: Fulltime, Bigdata, Retail, startup Technologies: JS, Python, RabbitMQ, Spark, Cassandra Positions: Several :) Frontend, Backend, System, Data Scientist... See http://www.alkemics.com/fr/recrutement/offre-senior-system-e... http://www.alkemics.com/fr/recrutement/offre-frontend-engine... http://www.alkemics.com/fr/recrutement/offre-software-engine... or contact us steve@alkemics.com

We help retailers (Groupe Casino, Groupe Auchan, Groupe Cora…) and hundreds of consumer brands (Groupe Seb, Nestlé…) to get value from their data. We provide a platform built on top of a domain ontology. This graph allows us to represent large datasets (products catalogs, retailers historical data…) into a very expressive language and develop services based upon them: semantic search engine, recommendations, advertisement… We are a dedicated and dynamic team of engineers, computer scientists and technicians passionate about statistics, machine learning and cutting-edge technologies, working closely with a business team obsessed with the product. We seek sharp and open-minded data & computer scientists.


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Front End Developer - Internship - Paris, France

OpenDataSoft is searching for a new front-end intern to join its 9-people team (including 5 R&D people). We are looking for someone to join our R&D team to work on our product (in short, a SaaS platform dedicated to helping companies and cities share their data in a usable and understandable way). This includes working a lot with AngularJS, Python (Django), and dealing with data in various ways, especially datavisualization.

We have a good history when it comes to interns and you'd be our third front-end intern in more than 3 years of existence.

You can find a much more detailed description here, including how to apply (in french): https://gist.github.com/richterb/f9415f8c31ab84fcd111

If you're around on March 28th, we'll have a stand in the Paris Startup Job Fair: http://jobfair.rudebaguette.com/


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Dashlane | Paris, France | Full time

Dashlane (located in NYC and Paris) is dedicated to solving the web drudgery associate with password management, identity and online payments - aka filling those damn web forms and generating passwords more complex than "hackernews1".

Now hiring for various dev positions: #1 BACKEND DEV - Experienced with backend stuff that stays up and is, you know, webscale®. Node.js, MySQL, Mongodb, Redshift, Ansible, AWS... #2 IOS DEV - iOS engineer who wants to build innovative UX/UI features. #3 WINDOWS UI DEV - Because not everything is web, and Qt can be fun, build the UI of our windows app (C++ mainly).

More info at https://www.dashlane.com/jobs.


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Paris, France | Back-end developer (Visa)

We are Plume Labs (plumelabs.com) and we are on a mission to make the air we breathe cleaner. We are a multi-disciplinary team - from design to data science and hardware, and we are based in the heart of Paris. Our products and service are not released yet - the comings months will be key to defining and implementing it all! We are looking for bright and motivated developers and hardware engineers willing to work in a thrilling environment in the city of light!

Reach out for more details! david at plumelabs dot com


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quasardb | Paris, France | Several INTERN positions available!

We have a digital marketing and a software engineering slot available for people passionate about technology looking for some great experience.

We are a bunch of crazy people building a simple, reliable and scalable database.

Just to make things clear: the internships are paid.

To apply: https://www.quasardb.net/jobs.html