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Redmond - 1 jobs in March 2015

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Microsoft | Cloud Diagnostics team | Frontend, Redmond, Full time, H1B VISA & relocation for the right candidate

We are creating a cloud service that explores, monitors, alerts and auto-fixes other cloud services. Currently ingressing a few dozens of TBs a day, spitting results in sub second times, mostly <200ms. This takes optimizing at every level - from URL routing, via tight data batching to careful JavaScript set based math implementation.

Amongst our customers you can find Microsoft internal teams like Xbox, Outlook 365, Bing, Skype and more.

Our current tech stack includes: React, Flux, Webpack, Typescript, less, NodeJS, Git, C#, A few layers of distributed caching and Windows Azure.

A little about you: You see the overall context, passionate about UX (not just UI or algorithms), understand attention management. You have a can-do attitude and a desire to win customers over - and you'll do what it takes to get there.

For more info, gilna[at]microsoft[dot]com (I'm an engineer on the team)