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San Francisco - 118 jobs in March 2015

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Top Hat - tophat.com - Toronto, Ontario

Top Hat is hiring for a few roles: mobile dev (iOS, Android), devops (rabbitmq, ec2, MySQL), full stack web developer (python, django, javascript, nodejs.) We also hire interns so please feel free to apply for that as well. Salary ranges based on experience from $70k to $100k.

We're a profitable (and valley VC funded by some of the best funds in the valley) education startup that helps make class more engaging. We've got some really cool problems to work on and your work would be impacting a huge number of students daily.

Our dev team is in Toronto but we've also got an office in San Francisco so if you're really good we would be open to having someone work from there. If you're not based in Canada or the US but are willing to relocate feel free to contact us, because we do cover relocation expenses and will help you manage the work permit process.

Send your resume/github account to mike at tophat dot com.


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ZeroCater — Full Stack Engineer — San Francisco

$100k - $150k, plus above market equity


We're looking for full-stack engineers to join our team and help us feed the world. Our stack consists of Python, Django, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, and Bootstrap 3. We move quickly and deploy to EC2 multiple times a day. We're profitable and growing like crazy.


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Clever (YC S12) - Full Stack Engineer - San Francisco - $100k-$150k+, plus above-average equity

At Clever, we’re building a distributed platform for educational software. There are a lot of great learning applications that schools want to use, but they have some constraints that make using software difficult: for example, picture a teacher getting 30 first-graders to log in at once. Our API and single sign-on solutions help schools solve those problems. Schools are on board, and we’re now in 25% of schools in America.

Right now we’re a team of 50 (22 engineers) based in downtown SF. We’re looking for full-stack engineers who like:

-Go, Coffeescript and Python (or are willing to learn)

-hard technical problems (managing a huge, constantly updating data pipeline)

-tech talks on everything ranging from the history of hip-hop to neuroscience to exoplanets

Check us out at https://clever.com/about/jobs#engineer-full-stack, or check out what we’re working on at https://github.com/clever.


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The Climate Corporation (San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Full time, H1B for the right candidate) - http://climate.com/careers

   ====== What we do =========
Our mission is to build great software for farmers.

We use a combination of weather monitoring, agronomic modeling, satellite imagery, and weather simulation to provide data and insights to those farmers.

   ===== Who we’re looking for =====       
Specifically we are looking for two full time positions which I'll describe here, though there are roles open across the board which you can check out using the link at the bottom.

Engineer on the Geospatial team

You will be building out our large scale imagery infrastructure.


Engineer on the Climatology team

You will work with best-in-their-class climate scientists to implement and productionize their weather models.

   ====== Why I love it ======    

 – I think Climate is poised to make a huge impact on farming. 
 – I am surrounded by a group of super smart people that care about the work we are doing.
 – I get to write Clojure for my full time work!
I am really excited about the work we've been doing, I am happy to talk in length about it over email at skhalsa@climate.com.

If you are interested, please email me directly at skhalsa@climate.com.


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San Francisco | VISA | REMOTE

I'd like to put in a word for the Career Agency team at http://OfferLetter.io - we are building the first true talent agency for tech. We align incentives with individual engineers (and do not take money from companies), help them improve their messaging and polish, intro them directly to CTOs and VPs to help cut past recruiting bullshit, and provide negotiation advice.

We want everyone to find "the team", not "a team".

I'm an ex-Twitter (Growth) / ex-Amazon (Identity) engineer, and am building what I would have wanted at every step of my career.

One of our client profiles [#35 employee at Twitter] is up here, for the curious: http://offerletter.io/blog/201502-Fifteen-years-of-durabilit...

[0] See http://OfferLetter.io for more information

[1] We are neither recruiting agency (since we do not take money from companies) nor job board, and as such are compliant with the terms of the post

[2] We are located in San Francisco, but have worked with people in Seattle, New York, and Austria, and regularly help folks on visas.


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Clara Labs (https://claralabs.com/, YC S14) - San Francisco, Engineering, Full-Time

Clara is building the simplest possible interface to getting work done.

Every person on our team is involved in the thinking that creates their work - full stack in the broadest sense of the term. This means identifying, owning, and driving projects to completion.

We believe shipping early and frequently builds better products. An extreme example: we scheduled thousands of meetings entirely manually for our first Clara customers before building any software at all.

Accepting human dependency is the fastest way to building useful machine intelligence. The failure of intelligence products to date has fundamentally been a failure to build trust. It is the consequence of unreliability and lack of focus (think: Siri). Conversely, Clara has delivered a highly reliable, focused, and useful natural language interface from day one.

We’re looking for frontend, backend, and machine learning engineers to join our early team. Check out our full descriptions for each role [1], and feel free to ping me directly at oliver@claralabs.com if you have any questions!

[1] https://jobs.lever.co/claralabs/


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Anyone Can Learn To Code ● San Francisco ● Work is Part Time with FULL TIME Salary ●

Anyone Can Learn To Code is a professional training course / coding bootcamp that focuses on full-stack web development. ACLTC allows students to retain their full-time jobs by offering a part time approach to class instruction. Classes are held from 6-9:30pm M-Thurs and 9-5pm on Sundays.

We are looking for someone who is both an educator and developer who can serve as the primary instructor for the Anyone Can Learn To Code bootcamp in San Francisco. This teacher will make an outstanding difference in people’s lives as you help them to launch new careers in web development. We’ve done this successfully in Chicago, and we will be opening up in a variety of other locations as well.

We are offering a full time salary (100-120K) + health benefits for this position even though the actual instruction is for just 22 hours per week for just 9 months out of the year.

No recruiters or sales pitches, please.

More Information + Apply Here > http://anyonecanlearntocode.com/launch-your-career-as-an-ins...


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Kaggle - San Francisco Designer With Frontend Dev Skills http://kaggle.theresumator.com/apply/CIey5Z/Product-Designer...

Kaggle is the home of data science: the place where data scientists go to learn, do analysis, collaborate, show off their work and establish their credentials. We're looking for a designer to help design the next generation of data science tools to be used by our community of over 250,000 data scientists.


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Opendoor (San Francisco, CA)

Sell your home in under a minute. Buy one without an agent whenever you want. We're making residential real estate liquid.

DATA SCIENCE - Build our industry-leading predictive home valuations using millions of real-estate transactions and complementary datasets. - Build other data products central to the business. Predicting who will move, predicting neighborhood home price appreciation risk, making interpretable models to visually explain a valuation, etc.

Job listing: https://boards.greenhouse.io/opendoor/jobs/48543#.VPNWilPF82...

We launched 3 months ago and now purchase and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars of homes per day in our first city.

Here's our team: https://www.opendoor.com/about-us


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Keybase is! - https://keybase.io - we're a very small team, currently just 5.

Location: NY, SF, or CHI -- preferably you would join us at one of these places. While remote is possible, we like people to be in pairs or more, whenever possible. It's more fun, anyway.

We love these people:

1. Go developers; crypto experience a big plus

2. Those with platform-specific GUI experience: we're currently working on an OSX app and will be expanding to Windows, iOS, and Android soon.

3. Very product-oriented engineers. This is the kind of person who'd enjoy wireframing or planning smart notifications just as much as doing either front or back end development (probably not both). Since we're pretty small, this person would do a mix of things: user interface design (very usable, but to be polished by others), actual programming, making sure everything about the site is smooth to use. I know in a lot of companies this is often a graphic designer or dedicated interface person, but from what I learned at our last project (OkCupid), I think product-sensitive developers can be the best at it.

We have yet to take any formal funding.

If you're interested: chris@keybase.io


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Pachyderm (YC W15) - SF Bay Area

We're building an open source ecosystem of infrastructure tools for collaborating on large-scale data analytics. Learn what we're about: https://medium.com/pachyderm-data/lets-build-a-modern-hadoop...

Looking for our first hire (company is just founders right now). Smart, ambitious engineers who think there should be a better alternative to Hadoop. Our codebase is written in Go, but Go experience isn't required.



Email: jobs@pachyderm.io


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Chromium graphics engineer | Prezi (http://prezi.com) | Budapest (visa) or SF (visa) or remote (depending on your qualifications and needs)

Prezi is looking for an expert in web graphics to help us build our zooming rendering engine for modern browsers. You should have deep knowledge of the Chromium web browser and have experience building high-performance JavaScript apps using Canvas or WebGL.

Despite being a presentation tool, Prezi’s rendering needs are closer to a 3d game engine: 60fps zooming transitions, level of detail for vectors and images, and pixel-perfect rendering across platforms. On top of that, we have to provide high reliability because artifacts and dropped frames are incredibly painful for our users when they are presenting in front of hundreds of people on a big screen.

For more info, see http://prezi.com/jobs/oq2t0fwF or email me directly: laszlo.pandy at prezi dot com


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Software Engineer - REMOTE position (but HQ in San Francisco), Salary: $70k - $110k

Come help change the world by improving how people share and find useful information. We at Inscoop are an interesting startup doing social list sharing, reputation analysis, and social graph search algorithms, and we're looking for enthusiastic people to join the team. There are many projects here where you can make a real impact, from the front-end design and implementation to the back end database architecture and data-mining strategies. We can't wait to discuss the opportunities with you.

We're looking for good software engineers with

* Essential skills:

- enthusiasm for learning new things and tackling big projects

- good communication

- enthusiasm for working with a motivated team

- comfort with working remotely and being proactive about team coordination

- familiarity with building web applications in AngularJS or ReactJS & Flux/Relay

- familiarity with Node.js/io.js framework

- comfort using git for code management

* Nice-to-have skills:

- experience with a graph database

- experience with managing user accounts and security

- experience with managing database security

- experience managing web application aesthetics with CSS or some CSS derivative

- experience with web application security best practices and setting up user authentication

- building data APIs

- experience developing applications to interact with Facebook API, LinkedIn API, Google API, and Twitter API

- experience with deploying applications on services such as Heroku

- experience with designing mobile application interfaces

Please reach out to us at Inscoop (careers (at) inscoop.com). We look forward to talking with you.


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Rainforest QA (https://www.rainforestqa.com/jobs) - San Francisco, CA or remote (we're > 50% remote!).

Rainforest is a better way to do testing. We're building Rainforest to let everyone focus on the important things and spend less time thinking about QA.

Currently we're hiring full stack engineers, ops who can code and looking for a data person. I'm Russ, one of the founders. AMA.


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           _ _           
     _ __ (_) | __ _ ___ 
    | '_ \| | |/ _` / __|
    | | | | | | (_| \__ \
    |_| |_|_|_|\__,_|___/
Nilas | https://www.nilas.com/ | San Francisco, CA (Mission) | Frontend (JS), Design, Backend (Systems+Ops)

Hi! We're Nilas (pronounced ny-las) and our team is building the next generation email platform, starting with beautiful APIs.

Developers depend on our APIs, so we have to be reliable, up all the time, and fast. We have more data for a single user than in most startups' entire database. That means big technical challenges to solve as we scale our fledgling distributed backend. We've also been working on a new email client, and we're looking for product designers and front-end engineer. We're using React, Flux, and a fork of Atom Shell. More here: http://www.nilas.com/blog/splitting-the-atom

== More about us ==

• Backend: Python, Flask, gevent, nginx, MySQL, AWS, and Debian.

• Frontend: Coffeescript, React, (Re)Flux, WebSQL, Atom Shell (NodeJS + Chromium)

• Like open source? Us too-- check it out: https://github.com/inboxapp

• We're 40% women on our team of 13 (12 engineers), including 1 of 2 cofounders. We want to make that number 50%.

• Our sunny Mission office is more lived-in than tidy. Think art studio, not corporate. Our team is more likely to end up in Yosemite or on a bike ride together than drinking at the latest startup event.

• We have a flexible vacation policy and value personal responsibility and ownership. Benefits include full health, dental, vision, commuter, and lunch at the office every day. Some remote work / work-from-home is OK too.

Apply at https://www.nilas.com/jobs and mention HN. We love it when candidates let us know what draws them to the job, and we encourage applications from women, LQBTQ folks, and people of colour.

Some recent press: http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/27/next-gen-email-platform-nil...


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Open Whisper Systems ➡ San Francisco ➡ Full Time

Open Whisper Systems is focused on making private communication simple. Our technology is used by hundreds of millions of people, and everything we produce is open source.

★ Design Lead -- Help us shape the look, feel, and branding of all our applications across iOS, Android, and the web. Help us simplify and effectively communicate otherwise complex ideas about privacy and security.

★ iOS Lead Developer -- Help us build a beautiful messaging app that is a joy to use.

Substantial experience in the domain of iOS development or design is a must, but experience with security or cryptography is not necessary or desired.

Send us an email if this sounds interesting: workwithus@whispersystems.org


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Prezi (https://prezi.com) - Budapest, Hungary - Full time (no remote, yes relocation)

Prezi is a zooming presentation software that uses an open canvas instead of traditional slides, is available on desktop, browsers, iPads and iPhones and Android. With offices in San Francisco and Budapest, we work together with 250 employees from 24 different countries.

You’ll love to work with us if you want to: 1. create an app used by 50 million users 2. work together with people who are smarter than you, who can inspire you, 3. work in small, independent teams, 4. do something from scratch, 5. have free quality-food all day long

- We are moving towards microservices, our backend engineering team is looking for someone who can help us building a reliable system to serve our users.

- We are looking for full-stack engineers to build services around our product ranging from collaboration to payment

- Our tools team is working on making developers’ life easier. We are seeking someone who’s excited about creating a next generation CI and development environment.

See all our open positions at: https://prezi.com/jobs/

I’m working here as an engineer and I’m happy to answer questions about these positions, our challenges. Feel free contact me here or in email: attila.gazso at prezi.com


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San Francisco, CA - close to Caltrain

Experienced frontend, backend, full stack, iOS, and Android engineers. We're always open to good DevOps and data engineers as well.


We're a high-standards group with a lot of pride in our products, code, and people. We understand consumer scale and data (Reddit co-founder & engineers) and aspire to build products that customers love. We've had success due to this, consistently getting 4-5 star reviews on app/play stores and net promoter scores at or above the best in the tech industry.

We're friends and work hard to enable folks to do their best work. Processes are light and trust is high. At 26 engineers we're not so big where you can't know everyone well and have an impact, but not so small where it's chaos and you don't have anyone to learn from. We value learning and growth (and not having bored people) and invest regular time in doing so. For example, every other Friday is open time for you to do stuff that helps you be a better engineer.

We're looking for folks that love all of the above and can help us raise our standards. You can email us at jobs-2015@hipmunk.com if you're interested!


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Airware, San Francisco

We're working on a technology platform for commercial drones to enable surveying, precision agriculture, search & rescue, inspection, conservation, and delivery. We do hardware, embedded systems, desktop software, and web. We fly, we collection data, and we process and visualize. We're looking for passionate engineers who love data, want to be the best at what they do, and have an interest in aviation/aerospace.

Here's a few positions relevant to HN:

Frontend SWE (JS) - https://boards.greenhouse.io/airware/jobs/49240

Sr Backend SWE (Go) - https://boards.greenhouse.io/airware/jobs/49210

Backend SWE (Go) - https://boards.greenhouse.io/airware/jobs/49214

Desktop SWE (.NET) - https://boards.greenhouse.io/airware/jobs/49236

All positions:




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Bugcrowd - San Francisco - (remote for the right people, visa)

We're looking for experienced engineers to join our SF engineering team.

As a member of our engineering team you’ll be in a position to help shape the way we work. It's a very agile development environment where we expect things to change. Because of that we yearn for team members that want to improve the codebase as well as the process that gets code shipped.

Our existing team consists of a broad range of musicians, hipsters, geeks, skateboarders, skiers, snowboarders, nature lovers, Mums & Dads.

We are a very entrepreneurial team and collectively we’ve built, sold, delivered and supported solutions for many enterprise industries. Now as Bugcrowd we do this with the agility and GSD attitude of a startup. We work collaboratively, enjoy working as a team and are extremely focused on happy customers!

Overall it’s not just about what can a new team member do for us, but also how can we help that member be ready for what they want to next, whether it’s acquiring a new technical skill or learning what they need to launch their own business idea.



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Vurb - San Francisco, CA (H1B OK) - http://vurb.com

We launched last week and are currently featured on the iTunes Store in Best New Apps! - http://techcrunch.com/2015/02/26/mobile-search-david-vs-goog...

We also won TC Disrupt and raised over $10M with a small team

What we do: Vurb is evolving the mobile search and sharing experience, by creating a single app to find, plan, and share - partnering with services and apps like Yelp, Foursquare, Rotten Tomatoes, etc. Rather than jumping between 6 different apps to find something, we're delivering a cohesive experience in one place - an app you'll use every day.

Investors: Max Levchin, Drew Houston, Naval Ravikant, CrunchFund, Redpoint + others.

Why me? Apply if you are looking for a rapidly growing small team and the opportunity to take on significant responsibility and ship rapidly. This is a hard problem with the potential to improve how we do things on the Internet.

* Full-stack Engineer / DevOps - generalist opportunities across the stack: backend, frontend, APIs, JavaScript, node.js, backbone.js, AWS

* Mobile Engineer - iOS / Android engineers (2+ years experience)

* Search / Data Scientist / Data Engineer - search, classification, ranking, ML, graphs, data crawling/processing. Advanced CS degree required.

* Product Designer - UI/UX

* Head of Business Development

Apply at http://vurb.com/jobs | jobs@vurb.com


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Flexport | Software engineer | San Francisco, CA Our goal is to create a world where anyone can freely trade regardless of geographic, cultural, regulatory, or logistical boundaries. By dramatically simplifying the process of importing goods from overseas, we aim to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs to benefit from the wonders of international trade. We're a small team of technologists, logistics experts and customer experience fanatics operating out of a beautiful office in downtown San Francisco. Backed by YCombinator, as well as Google Ventures, Bloomberg BETA, and First Round Capital · Experienced revenue growth of 2,000% over the last 3 months · Only tech-driven logistics company offering a full-stack of freight forwarding and customs brokerage services We are currently hiring software developers plus freight, customs and logistics experts of all kinds. If you are interested in joining our team, check out https://www.flexport.com/careers or my e-mail is evie@flexport.com :)


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Lyft - https://www.lyft.com/jobs - San Francisco, CA With the tap of a button, passengers in need of a ride are instantly connected to nearby drivers. We currently operate in 65 cities all across the country, and with your help, we’ll take Lyft worldwide! If growth excites you, this is the place to be! We're looking for:

  - Software Engineers
  - Android Engineers
  - Product Managers
  - iOS Engineers
  - DevOps Engineers
  - Data Architects
  - Lead UX Researcher
  - Data Analysts
  - Infrastructure Engineers
  - Lead Product Designer
Stack: AWS, MongoDB, PHP, Python, Go, AngularJS Interested? kiana a/t lyft d/o/t com. Open to coffee/tea or whatever to discuss. Incredible team, top medical & dental, open vacation policy, 401k, catered lunches, snacks, dogs, equipment, Lyft credits, support Visas, etc. -----


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Basis, an Intel Company — San Francisco, CA — full time — frontend/backend engineers

Basis is a fitness wearables company; we're the company behind Peak[1], a watch that can measure everything from movement and heartrate to the stages of your sleep, all automatically. We are looking for both frontend and backend engineers to help us add new features as well as scale.

Our backend team works primarily in Python on Linux; we manage a RESTful API which the web & mobile apps use. We're looking for engineers[3] to help us make the infrastructure behind this API scale in addition to adding new features.

We're also looking for a second DevOps Engineer[4] to join the team. Our present engineer here is solely responsible for our monitoring and paging infrastructures, as well as nightly deploys to test clusters. There's a ton more he has planned, and he'd love help getting it done.

We also have mobile positions open for both Android and iOS. In addition to having a beautiful UI and your typical RESTful HTTP API, our mobile app has the unique challenge of also needing to communicate with the user's watch over Bluetooth. (See [2] for open positions. Apologies for the short description here, I'm a backend engineer.)

[1]: https://www.mybasis.com/

[2]: Links to all openings: https://www.mybasis.com/careers/

[3]: Backend Software Engineer: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/jobs/job-search/js2.h...

[4]: DevOps: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/jobs/job-search/js2.h...


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Company: Enlitic http://www.enlitic.com/ Location: San Francisco REMOTE is fine if you're happy to visit regularly :)

If you have world-class machine learning, math, programming, stats, or physics skills, and want to use them to positively impact a billion people, please read this. We believe that what we're working on is the biggest financial and social impact opportunity in the world today.

Enlitic uses recent advances in machine learning to make medical diagnostics faster, more accurate, and more accessible. Founded by Kaggle's past president and chief scientist (that's me!), its mission is to provide the tools that allow physicians to fully utilize the vast stores of medical data collected today, regardless of what form they are in - such as medical images, doctors' notes, and structured lab tests. To realize this vision, we are building on state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms and partnering with top research hospitals and medical device manufacturers. We've raised $5m funding and have a small team of 10 applied machine learning experts.

No medical or life sciences background is necessary. We are looking for people that have an in depth understanding of linear algebra, convex optimization, algorithm design, and software engineering, to join us us data scientists and engineers. Python, C++, and CUDA experience is helpful - but the proven ability to learn quickly is more important. We're also looking for MD/PhDs with physics or comp sci backgrounds to help us brings the worlds of medicine and machine learning together.

Have a look at our team to see whether you think you might be a good fit http://www.enlitic.com/team.html . We're interested in building a diverse team, so if you don't fit the standard Bay Area "ninja rock star programmer" mold - great!

For more background on the company and technology, see my TED.com talk here http://www.ted.com/talks/jeremy_howard_the_wonderful_and_ter... . For more information about careers and how to apply, see http://www.enlitic.com/careers.html . If you're not sure whether you have the right skills or background, just shoot us an email anyway and we can figure that out together...


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PipelineDB | Systems Engineer | San Francisco | Full time | jobs@pipelinedb.com

We're on a mission to build a new type of database for a modern world in which information is constantly moving, and moving fast. PipelineDB runs SQL queries continuously on large volumes of streaming data, giving companies the capability to easily develop scalable, realtime applications and services using only a familiar SQL interface. No application code is required.

This inherently involves solving a lot of big problems, many of which are novel. We’re looking for creative engineers who appreciate the value and freedom of choosing their own projects, approaches, and working with other top talent in a low distraction, streamlined work environment. Our small team has backgrounds from Berkeley, MIT, Facebook, Locu and AdRoll, and we're all doing exactly what we want to be doing: building a groundbreaking new product out of thin air.

We are well funded by top investors including SV Angel, Susa Ventures, Data Collective, Paul Buchheit, and more.

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this, please send your resume and a quick blurb about yourself to jobs@pipelinedb.com.

About the systems engineering position:

As an early stage engineer you'll ultimately own a very large part of the product. Which part of the product you take charge of depends on where your interests are, but there are several different potential areas of focus. You'll be entrusted to make sound architectural decisions as well as implement your vision effectively. We review each others' code for quality, awareness, and learning, so you'll spend some time contributing your valuable perspective to those efforts as well, although the vast majority of your time will be spent designing and building your own projects.


* Full medical/dental/vision insurance

* No set work hours--work when you feel smart

* Choose your own setup

* No vacation policy other than that it is strongly encouraged

* Large equity ownership


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RideCell(YC W12) - Senior Backend Engineer - San Francisco, CA

You wouldn't believe how inefficient most transportation systems are!

At RideCell, we build transportation automation software that helps large corporations, public transit agencies and Universities optimize, manage, and scale their transportation systems.

Our software has already moved almost 10 million people but that's just the beginning. We're working on much higher impact things that will fundamentally change the way logistics is done. Doing this requires solving some pretty interesting engineering problems ranging from optimally routing and dispatching vehicles to predicting customer demand based on historical and real-time variables to maximize throughput.

About You

- You have at least 3 years software development experience, including at least 2 years working with Python/Django.

- You have experience mentoring new developers.

- You have code samples you can share with us - preferably real projects hosted on GitHub or something similar.

- You've worked at a startup before and love moving quickly.

- Bonus points: you have experience with one or more of these: Angular.js, Django REST framework, Postgres, AWS, Vagrant, Ansible.

- Bonus points: you've worked on location aware projects before.

- Currently living in US and willing to relocate to San Francisco.

What We Offer

- A significant role on a small team working on a huge and valuable problem

- Competitive salary and meaningful equity

- An incredible team of genuinely good people

Next Steps

We don't believe in interviews full of syntax questions. We'd like to pay you to work with us for a week or two on a real project, we think that's the best way to see if we'd be a good match for each other. To get started, email jobs@ridecell.com your resume, link to your GitHub / code samples, and links to any deployed software you've worked on.


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SocialWire, located in San Francisco, is looking for a Senior Software Engineer

SocialWire is taking a new approach to advertising: building a recommendation engine for products. Our system generates product-level ads and hyper-targets them to exactly the right audience. We do this at scale and automatically across a retailer's entire catalog. We want our ads to be so good that people discover interesting products through them. We want ads to actually feel useful.

We're looking for a Sr. Software Engineer to join our talented team. You'll have the opportunity to work on all aspects of our product from backend Python services to slick dashboard features to integrating our product across multiple platforms.

What's in it for you? * Great salaries, great health/dental/medical benefits and stock options. * Amazing co-workers who you will look forward to seeing each morning. * Unlimited PTO. We work hard, but we want to make sure our team has time to recharge. * Sunny dog-friendly office in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco with a lounge area, backyard, and a sweeping view of the city skyline * Free catered lunch every day (and many other meals). * Fully stocked kitchen with snacks and beverages. * Unlimited artisanal espresso from the neighborhood coffee shop. * Laundry service.

For more information, visit: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/878


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Course Hero, located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Redwood City, CA), is looking for a Business Analyst

Course Hero is creating a platform where students and experts can share and access great academic content they need to succeed at any time, from anywhere. Today, millions of students take advantage of our educational resources including study guides, flashcards and tutors.

We're looking for a Business Analyst to join our growing Analytics Team. You'll work directly with the V.P. of Analytics to influence strategy and tactics of our product and engineering roadmap.

Your work will be central to our functional organization and you'll collaborate with Product Management, Marketing, Engineering, Finance and Campus Operations to help us build high performing products as we scale.

What's in it for you? * Industry competitive salary and stock options. * Full medical coverage (medical, dental, vision). * Retirement plan to help you save for the future. * Regularly planned team events and outings. * Free Friday lunches and an endless snack and drink supply * We fully support attending industry conferences and continuing education. * On-site amenities including a day spa, full-service cafeteria, 3 miles of nature walks along the Bay and free membership to a 7500 sq. ft. fitness center.

For more information, visit: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/875


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Coin, located in San Francisco, is looking for an iOS Engineer

Coin is a consumer electronics company focused on creating things to make life better. Our flagship product is a connected device that pairs with our mobile app to hold and swipe like all of your credit, debit, gift, loyalty and membership cards. With Coin you'll carry fewer cards in your wallet with security and utility beyond what a plastic card can offer. With proven market fit in an industry ripe for innovation, we're moving full-speed ahead towards our Spring launch. Join us at the intersection of hardware and software as we make people's lives (and wallets) a little simpler.

We're hiring an iOS Engineer. As one of our core hires in this team you'll develop and improve our iOS applications and services for our Coin device.

What's in it for you? * Competitive salary and equity. * Health, dental and vision coverage for you and your family. * Commuter benefits. * Collaborative San Francisco office close to CalTrain and Muni stations. * Fully stocked kitchen and daily catered lunch. * In-office wellness programs including weekly yoga, massage and Pilates sessions. * Get involved with our community! Employees are highly encouraged to attend and speak at relevant conferences. * Grow your career with us! We're always looking for people who want to take on additional responsibility as we scale.

For more information, visit: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/859


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Chartboost [https://chartboost.com] | San Francisco, CA, USA | Full time | Many open positions including Software Engineers, QA Engineers, Directors of Engineering, Product Managers and more

Chartboost [https://chartboost.com] is the the world’s largest mobile games-only platform, helping developers grow their audience, monetize, and make better data-driven decision. We’re profitable, backed by Sequoia and have a ton of traction in our space, currently being used by 90% of the top grossing iOS and Android Game Developers.

Our technology stack includes Scala, Python, AWS, Git, Kafka, multiple NoSQL storage solutions, Jenkins, Puppet and more. Experience with our stack is a bonus, but not required for all roles. And... you’d get to work in our new office [http://officelovin.com/2014/12/11/chartboosts-new-san-franci...].

Open positions can be found here [https://boards.greenhouse.io/chartboost#.VPD-KLPF8cx], but we have many more openings coming down the pipe. If you’re interested, feel free to apply directly or reach out to talent@chartboost.com.


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Coin, located in San Francisco, is looking for an Embedded Software Engineer

Coin is a consumer electronics company focused on creating things to make life better. Our flagship product is a connected device that pairs with our mobile app to hold and swipe like all of your credit, debit, gift, loyalty and membership cards. With Coin you'll carry fewer cards in your wallet with security and utility beyond what a plastic card can offer. With proven market fit in an industry ripe for innovation, we're moving full-speed ahead towards our Spring launch. Join us at the intersection of hardware and software as we make people's lives (and wallets) a little simpler.

We're growing and we're hiring an Embedded Software Engineer. As one of our first hires in this team you'll develop and improve firmware for our Coin device.

What's in it for you? * Competitive salary and equity. * Health, dental and vision coverage for you and your family. * Commuter benefits. * Collaborative San Francisco office close to CalTrain and Muni stations. * Fully stocked kitchen and daily catered lunch. * In-office wellness programs including weekly yoga, massage and Pilates sessions. * Get involved with our community! Employees are highly encouraged to attend and speak at relevant conferences. * Grow your career with us! We're always looking for people who want to take on additional responsibility as we scale.

For more information, visit: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/850


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Entelo - San Francisco (SOMA), CA - Full-time - http://www.entelo.com/

Entelo's mission is to help organizations build great teams by allowing them to search for talented people regardless of where they represent themselves on the web. We index hundreds of millions of social profiles and provide a powerful search tool that predicts which candidates are more likely to look for new opportunities and provide collaborative tools to help recruiters and hiring managers recruit more efficiently.

We're helping 200+ companies with their hiring needs including fast-growth companies such as Facebook, Salesforce, Github and Lyft. We've been huge fans of Hacker News as the community has been great to learn from and two of our recent engineering hires came through Hacker News threads!

Our Tech Stack: Ruby, Scala, Rails, MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Elasticsearch, Redshift and Docker

We care deeply about professional growth and have an annual $1k allowance for all employees to spend on their own professional development (courses, conferences, coaching, etc.). Additionally, we're located in Soma near BART and CalTrain and have a number of perks including health/dental/vision and heavily subsidized gym membership.

We're looking for sharp, collaborative engineers for a variety of roles including:

Backend Engineer: Primarily working with Scala/MongoDB although we're flexible if you've demonstrated an interest to learn Scala

Data Engineer: We're looking for our first Data Engineer to be our first dedicated data-team hire. Ideally this person has experience with data warehousing, data mining and building out data pipelines and has experience with storage (MySQL, MongoDB, Redis), search technologies (elasticsearch, solr or lucene)and stuff in the MapReduce family (Hadoop, HFS, etc.)

DevOps Engineer: Looking for our first DevOps engineer as DevOps is currently handled by committee

Full-Stack Rubyists. Check out more at https://www.entelo.com/careers

I'm the founder and you can email me directly at jon at entelo dot com if you're interested in working with us at Entelo.


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Product Designer - San Francisco, United State - Fulltime

Quri is looking for a product designer to lead its design discipline. Our vision is to ensure that design is regarded as highly as our world-class product and engineering teams. And that’s where you come in.

You :

- You are passionate about creating user experiences that are beautifully intuitive and motivating. - You love collaborating with engineers, product, and business folks to find elegant solutions to design challenges. - You love creating rough prototypes to vet ideas and have maniacal attention to detail in the finished product. - You're a clear and articulate communicator.

What for ?

- Your key work is to create interactive mockups and lightweight prototypes to communicate and validate design decisions. This involves collaborating with product and engineering teams to develop product strategy. - You will lead the user experience, interaction design, and visual design of our products. This is an early-stage startup so we all wear many hats. - You will design and conduct user-focused research efforts.

Quri saw three-fold revenue growth per year, for the last two years. Our clients include the world’s biggest brands — Kraft, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, and Johnson & Johnson. And we’re backed by Matrix Partners, one of the most prestigious venture firms in Silicon Valley. But don’t just take our word for it. See what Forbes, TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, and USA today had to say about us.

Want to know more ? Shoot me an email to loic@quri.com


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Course Hero, located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Redwood City, CA), is looking for a Systems Engineer

Course Hero is creating a platform where students and experts can share and access great academic content they need to succeed at any time, from anywhere. Today, millions of students take advantage of our educational resources including study guides, flashcards and tutors.

Course Hero is looking for a Systems Engineer to help us scale our infrastructure as we help even more students. You'll join our CTO and a small team of engineers to solve these challenges hands-on. As we grow, you'll have the opportunity to architect our new production environments and build out an Operations Engineering team.

Here's what we're offering you: * Industry competitive salary and stock options. * Full medical coverage (medical, dental, vision). * Retirement plan to help you save for the future. * Regularly planned team events and outings. * Free Friday lunches and an endless snack and drink supply. * Commuter transportation benefits. * On-site amenities including a day spa, gourmet cafe, 3 miles of nature trails along the bay, and free membership to a 7500 sq. ft. fitness center.

For more information, visit: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/837


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Nominum, located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Redwood City, CA), is looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer

Nominum helps over 500 million people stay connected every day. Our applications improve people's experiences with their Internet service providers, our security solutions protect customers around the globe, and our on-premise software improves Internet connectivity for millions of people. We handle over 1.5 T queries a day, and that number is growing.

We're hiring a Sr. Full Stack Engineer to join our growing Applications Team. We're building a new customer-facing UI for scale, showing 1M impressions per hour (grown from 100K per hour) for our customers and we're surfacing that data back to them in a meaningful way.

Here's what we can offer you: * Competitive salary and generous stock options * Health, vision, dental insurance for you and your family * 401K to help you save for the future * Commuter benefits and free shuttle from CalTrain * Flexible work schedule at our company headquarters on the shores of the bay in Redwood City and a downtown San Francisco satellite office. * Fully covered membership to our on campus health club with a swimming pool, rock climbing wall, exercise equipment and access to a wide variety of classes and a day spa. * Fully stocked kitchen with snacks and drinks, and an on campus cafeteria. * We fully support our team members attending and speaking at industry-related conferences.

For more information, visit: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/871


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The Electronic Frontier Foundation - San Francisco - Full time - Frontend/Backend Developers

The EFF fights for an Internet free of surveillance and censorship, and we’re hiring. EFF's technology team implements EFF's activism campaigns, builds exciting new activism tools and creates new technologies to protect the Internet as a whole.

A small sample of projects we've worked on in the last year:

- Worked with over 100 volunteer developers to crowdsource and populate contact-congress, an open dataset describing the contact forms of members of congress.

- Created and open-sourced congress-forms: a delivery mechanism for sending emails to congress based on the open data we crowdsourced.

- Created a new (and soon-to-be open source) activism platform that’s currently live at act.eff.org.

- Launched numerous projects including Surveillance Self-Defense, DearFCC.org, The Day We Fight Back, Trolling Effects, Tor Challenge and others.

- Launched a preview version of our OpenWireless open source router firmware.

We're currently hiring a frontend designer/developer and a backend developer with experience with Ruby on Rails and/or Node.js. Both positions are listed here: https://www.eff.org/about/opportunities/jobs

If you think you might be a fit for either role, take a moment and get in touch: techjobs@eff.org


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BuildZoom (YC W13 - www.buildzoom.com) is hiring for two full-time positions.

Our goal is to take the risk and complexity out of construction and remodeling by providing homeowners with all the information they need to make great decisions. To get there, we put the product first and are passionate about building something people love and want to use.

Headquartered in a beautiful office in downtown San Francisco, our diverse company includes an economist who lectures at Berkeley, a licensed general contractor, game designer turned marketer and a team of talented engineers.


Data Engineer #1 - Full Time - $90k-$110k salary / 0.25%-0.5% equity

We're looking for a talented data engineer with experience in large data sets, to take ownership over our system that collects, analyzes & publishes the data.


Engineer #5 (Full-stack Rails) - Full Time - $85k-$105k salary / 0.2%-0.6% equity

In this role, you’ll be working throughout the stack to move our consumer marketplace site forward. Responsibilities will range from server configuration to front-end implementation and everything in between.

We're looking for someone that will jump at the opportunity to take ownership of product features that drive traction, which will be used by tens of thousands of users each day.


Email artem@buildzoom.com to chat about the roles.


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Bitnami (YC W13), San Francisco

Backend developer

We help developers deploy over a million new server apps every month and work closely with all the major cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure). We are looking for an awesome backend developer to join our San Francisco team. Our stacks spans a range of technologies but centered around Rails and NodeJS.



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Java Backend Engineer - Omniata, Helsinki, Finland - visa, full time

Founded by a team of former Digital Chocolate and EA data leads, Omniata (http://www.omniata.com) integrates analytics, CRM, user engagement and A/B testing platforms into one solution. The company is well funded (http://www.creandum.com/why-creandum-invested-omniata/) & headquartered in SF. The bulk of R&D will be done in the Helsinki office which at the moment only has a small team, so this is a great opportunity to get in early and grow with the company.

As a Java backend engineer you’ll be part of the team responsible for code handling millions of events each day. You will also get the opportunity to work on a greenfield project and build the next generation of our backend infrastructure from the ground up. This work will involve analyzing the existing architecture, its load patterns and bottlenecks. Together with other team members, you will use this data to spec up and implement the new architecture.

To apply, drop a one line email with a link to your LinkedIn and GitHub profile to careers-hl@omniata.com.

If you're not interested in doing Java, but are interested in Helsinki as a place to move to, I'd be happy to introduce you to other startups I know in the area. Here's a video to give you an idea as to what it's like around here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl7PDE7Xbds


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SiteSpect is hiring in Boston & San Francisco: Advanced Solutions Engineer (BOS & SF), Solutions Architect (BOS & SF), Web Optimization Consultant (BOS & SF), Product Manager (BOS), Marketing Manager (BOS), Marketing Coordinator (BOS), Sales Engineer (BOS) and (soon to be posted) NOC Engineer (BOS). All San Francisco roles are REMOTE to start. Check out our openings here: http://www.sitespect.com/about-us/careers SiteSpect is a privately held company that has bootstrapped since its inception in 2004. We received our first round of funding in January 2015 and we’ve earmarked a bit of it to invest in what we consider one of our most valuable areas - our talent. SiteSpect provides the world's only non-intrusive optimization platform, enabling businesses to significantly improve key metrics such as conversion rate and engagement. SiteSpect's solutions include rapid A/B testing, multivariate testing, behavioral targeting and personalization, landing page optimization, mobile web optimization, and web performance optimization. Our services are used by many of the world's leading online, fortune 1000 businesses, such as WalMart, Target, Urban Outfitters, Wayfair, Overstock, Trulia, etc. I am SiteSpect’s first in-house recruiter on staff so I am choosing not to disclose salary ranges at this juncture since I have only been here 3 weeks and don’t know how that would be received, however, I will happily discuss this with you if you reach out to me. I can be reached at eakeroyd@sitespect.com or via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/eobrienakeroyd. Thank you!


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StatusPage.io helps companies be more transparent with their customers around downtime. Companies like Atlassian, Citrix, Reddit, Cloudflare, New Relic, and Vimeo rely on our product to keep their customers in the loop when their site is down, slow, or otherwise compromised. We're profitable, and believe in running a sustainable company with teammates that help us grow and enrich our lives.

Denver / San Francisco - Rails Engineer

Your job as a Full Stack Rails Engineer is to work on our infrastructure, and sling code for new features. Your domain is server land, rails code, and all of the external services we use to keep the business running. You'll also be in on intimate discussion of company direction and priorities.

San Francisco - Account Executive

Your job as an Account Executive is to help scale our enterprise offering across new inbound signups, existing customers, and prospects. As one of our first Account Executives, you'll play a huge role in the growth phase of StatusPage and land some of our biggest deals to date. Numerous brownie points if you've sold to a technical audience before or understand the basics of web development, API calls, and server infrastructure.



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Full stack web & iOS engineers, founding team at StoryWorth – FULLTIME, SF, YC, SEED


We're looking for two fine folks to join our core team:

* iOS Engineer. You’ll be responsible for building our mobile app from scratch, working closely with me on the design and with our web engineer on the backend. Prior experience building an iOS app is required.

* Full-stack Web Engineer. You’ll be taking over the core engineering of the site from me, scaling it as we grow and implementing major new features. You need to be comfortable with Python, HTML and CSS. Bonus points if you have an interest in design.

StoryWorth makes it easy for people to privately record their family stories. Each week, we email our customers a question about their life, for example “What do you remember about your grandmother?” or “Tell me about the day you got engaged”. All they have to do is reply with a story, either by email or by phone. We save their stories and share them privately with their family.

These roles are right for you if you...

* want to work on a meaningful consumer product.

* want a ton of responsibility on a small team.

* want to be part of forming the culture of the company.

* value your work/life balance (we do too!).

If you're interested, email me at nick@storyworth.com and tell me why our listing caught your eye!

Stack: Tornado, Python, Heroku, Mongo, Mailgun, Twilio, Stripe.


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Udemy - Dublin, Ireland - Full-time, permanent - Full-stack Engineers Udemy's mission is to help anyone learn anything online. Our online course marketplace serves a huge, global community of five million students and includes more than 22,000 courses served up in more than 40 languages, designed by our community of 10,000 expert instructors. Founded in 2010, Udemy has raised a total of $48 million in venture capital and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Our stack is primarily MySQL, Python(3.4)/Django and Angular. We're big on testing, code quality and agile methodologies.

I'm looking for someone who can: - Build scalable, testable and robust software systems to support a high traffic website. - Operate at all levels of the stack, with strong experience in a some areas. - Work in a fast paced agile environment with rapid iteration. - Be effective in a distributed team through strong communication. And wants to: - Continue learning and developing their skills at Udemy. - Be involved in code reviews, mentorship and contributing to the development of others. - Help shape the culture of our new Dublin office. - Have a direct impact on a product people love.

Get in touch for a chat: jonathan.cremin@udemy.com


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Asseta | San Francisco, CA | Full-Time | 70-100k + Equity

Asseta (YC S13) is changing the way semiconductor manufacturers buy spare parts and equipment. These companies spend hundreds of millions per year with OEMs, because there hasn’t been a viable secondary market. Too many small suppliers, little access to data, and no shortage of shady dealings. So we’re building a transparent, tech-driven marketplace to overcome those challenges.

We already sell to the major semiconductor manufacturers, including well-known names like Texas Instruments, IBM, Fairchild, and Atmel. Now—as we close a $1M seed round—it’s time to hire and ensure our technology keeps pace with our growing accounts.

== Front-End Developer ==

Help us craft a great customer experience across our web site, emails, and buyer/seller tools

Skills: HTML/CSS (Sass), Javascript, React.js (or similar, e.g., Angular/Ember), Automated Testing (e.g., Jasmine/Jest), Responsive Design, Webpack, CommonJS Modules, Rails

== Back-End Developer ==

Several areas to contribute, including deal automation, API design, data intake (e.g., seller listings), search, and data quality tools

Skills: Ruby / Rails (emphasis on the Ruby part), Postgres / SQL, Automated Testing (RSpec), Scraping / ETL, Redis, Elasticsearch

Interested? Send us an email at recruiting@asseta.com


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Watsi - San Francisco - Design Lead

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Watsi (https://watsi.org/) is a global crowdfunding platform that enables anyone to directly fund healthcare for people around the world.

We’re a team of developers, doctors, and marketers building Watsi because we believe that everyone deserves healthcare. We’re not afraid of failure, we’re humble, and we say “yes” as often as we can. Most important, we come to work every day excited about creating an organization that matters more than we do.

We’re looking for a design lead to join our six-person team in San Francisco. The ideal candidate is an experienced generalist who’s confident owning all aspects of design at Watsi, from UI/UX to visual design to branding. We’re a collaborative team and we’re looking for someone who enjoys working closely with engineers to implement their designs.

If you’re interested in learning more, please send your portfolio to jobs@watsi.org.

P.S. you can learn more about Watsi by checking out this blog post from our recent trip to East Africa: http://exposure.watsi.org/a-dose-of-perspective


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BeRecruited, located in the San Francisco, is looking for a Senior Software Engineer

BeRecruited is on a mission to improve people's lives through youth athletics. Founded in 2005 by a former college swimmer, we've helped millions of high school students connect with colleges and universities and earn scholarships to a better college education.

We're hiring a Sr. Software Engineer to make an immediate impact on our products that help students get in to and afford a higher education. Our engineering team is small, our company is successful (no flash in the pan here) and you can expect to join a team where your contributions will matter.

Here's what we can offer you: We believe that work should be enjoyable. We want you to be yourself, love what you're doing, and be your most productive.

* Competitive salary, medical and dental insurance, and 401K. * Wellness reimbursement program. * Personal laptop reimbursement program. * Flexible work from home policy. * Hack days and monthly company events. * Sunny dog-friendly office in SOMA with a fully stocked kitchen.

For more information, visit: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/889


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Streak - Downtown SF, CA. Streak is an email company with a (profitable) CRM component. We're also working on a <stealth project> we'd be very excited to share with you in person. We move quickly, work with no bureaucracy, and put engineering first. (https://www.streak.com/careers)

* Head of Mobile: Build from the ground up (not a port) our Android app. Our users are begging - develop the primary email app for tens of thousands of android users. Define our mobile strategy, build a team, and give the existing iOS offering some TLC.

* Senior Front End: Build on Gmail. Create features to make email better for the ~Billion active users of Gmail. And, help us build out <stealth project>.

* Senior Back End: We've scaled to 100s of thousands of users with 1 backend engineer. Help us continue to scale. Ideally, you've worked with Google App Engine. You'll help us build tools to make internal and external users more efficient, improve our machine learning, and efficiently manage our database.

Streak is still <10 people, but profitable and growing fast. We're looking for a few core hires to own huge chunks of product.


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SiteSpect is hiring in Boston & San Francisco: Advanced Solutions Engineer (BOS & SF), Solutions Architect (BOS & SF), Web Optimization Consultant (BOS & SF), Product Manager (BOS), Marketing Manager (BOS), Marketing Coordinator (BOS), Sales Engineer (BOS) and soon to be posted NOC Engineer (BOS). All San Francisco roles are REMOTE to start.

Check out our openings here: http://www.sitespect.com/about-us/careers

SiteSpect is a privately held company that has bootstrapped since its inception in 2004. We received our first round of funding in January 2015 and we’ve earmarked a bit of it to invest in what we consider one of the most valuable areas - our talent.

SiteSpect provides the world's only non-intrusive optimization platform, enabling businesses to significantly improve key metrics such as conversion rate and engagement. SiteSpect's solutions include rapid A/B testing, multivariate testing, behavioral targeting and personalization, landing page optimization, mobile web optimization, and web performance optimization. Our services are used by many of the world's leading online, fortune 1000 businesses, such as Walmart, Target, Urban Outfitters, Wayfair, Overstock, Trulia, etc.

I am SiteSpect’s first in-house recruiter on staff so I am choosing not to disclose salary ranges at this juncture since I have only been here 3 weeks and don’t know how that would be received, however, I will happily discuss this with you if you reach out to me. I can be reached at eakeroyd@sitespect.com or via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/eobrienakeroyd.


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Clay.io - http://clay.io - San Francisco, CA Hiring Full-Stack Engineers. Shoot me an email: austin@clay.io

  What we're building
We're building Steam for mobile games - competing with the app stores to provide a better way to discover games on mobile. By leveraging the web we reduce the friction between discovery and gameplay, which we think is key in reaching the next level of viral games.

  Where we're at
Our team is small, and our challenges great. Last month we had 5 million+ sessions, running on 15+ servers, with just 2 engineers (myself included). See http://stackshare.io/clay-io/clay-io for our stack and to get a better feel for the code we write see https://github.com/claydotio/clay-mobile

  Our Stack
Node.js, CoffeeScript, Docker, Zorium.js, Gulp, Ansible, MongoDB, MySQL, ...


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Bleacher Report • Frontend, Backend, or Devops Engineers • San Francisco, CA • full-time or contract

Bleacher Report, one of the fastest-growing digital media properties in the U.S., is seeking mid-to-senior level engineers with experience designing, improving, and shipping applications.

You’ll be helping us:

• Build robust and scalable applications using Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript

• Drive the evolution of our existing stack to a service-oriented architecture

• Improve code quality with testing, automation, and code reviews

• Coordinate with our devops team on releases and the analysis of system performance

• Manage and optimize services within our continuous monitoring platform

Here’s the kind of experience we’re looking for:

• 3+ years using a language (not solely a framework), and the willingness to learn new technologies

• A demonstrated record of delivering projects on time

• OOP and software design experience — knowledge of how to create solutions that are extensible, reusable, scalable, and meet desired architectural objectives

Bonus points for:

• Technical blog posts

• Contributions to the open-source community

• Experience with AWS, Node.js, Erlang, Sinatra, Docker, Redis, PostreSQL

• Formal computer science education

Read more about engineering at Bleacher Report on our blog: http://eng.bleacherreport.com and contact us directly at eng@bleacherreport.com


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BuildZoom (YC W13 - www.buildzoom.com) is hiring for two full time positions:

Our goal is to take the risk and complexity out of construction and remodeling by providing homeowners with all the information they need to make great decisions. To get there, we put the product first and are passionate about building something people love and want to use.

Headquartered in a beautiful office in downtown San Francisco, our diverse company includes an economist who lectures at Berkeley, a licensed general contractor, game designer turned marketer and a team of talented engineers.


Data Engineer #1

We're looking for a talented data engineer with experience in large data sets, to take ownership over our system that collects, analyzes & publishes the data.


Engineer #5 (Full-stack Rails)

In this role, you’ll be working throughout the stack to move our consumer marketplace site forward. Responsibilities will range from server configuration to front-end implementation and everything in between.

We're looking for someone that will jump at the opportunity to take ownership of product features that drive traction, which will be used by tens of thousands of users each day.

Email artem@buildzoom.com to chat about the roles.


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Tallie (http://tallie.com) - San Francisco - Front-End Engineers (full time)

Tallie is business expense report automation software that streamlines the entire expense management flow. We built the product from the ground up in the last years and we are in a really exciting growth stage with a small team serving thousands of happy paying customers in the accounting industry.

I'm leading the UI Engineering and proud of what we built so far. But also super excited about pushing our product to the next level to keep up with the accelerating business and the ever improving competition.

Here are the front-end challenges we are working on right now: https://medium.com/@korsosm/ui-next-level-4e9a862077bd

We are looking for both Front-End and Back-End Engineers to join our team and help us build the best expense reporting tool.

Details: https://blog.usetallie.com/hiring-front-end-software-enginee...

Questions, applications, or just say hi at devjobs at tallie.com


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==Full Stack Engineer==

We’re looking to hire a second engineer to join our team of five working to fight homelessness and urban poverty. As an experienced generalist you will be responsible for working with our designer to bring product features to reality. You should be comfortable working from the linux platform, through back-end architecture, all the way to implementing designs with responsive html/css/js.

At HandUp, you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your work directly impact thousands of lives. We’re using technology as a tool for human empathy. Passion for solving big, complex social problems is a must-have. You don’t need any specific qualifications, but we do look for people who exhibit these qualities:

* Self-starter - you’ve worked on your own projects before and are a self-motivated do’er. * Startups - you have experience working in environments where priorities and tasks can change frequently. * Scrappiness - you know when to cut corners and when to spend the time to do it right. You're good at prioritizing and managing limited time and resources. * Experience - this isn't your first rodeo. You've been doing this for a while and can tell us some good stories.

Our stack is Bootstrap / jQuery, Python / flask, MySQL. You don’t need to be an expert in those technologies but you should have a proven ability to pick up new skills quickly. You ideally have some experience in automated testing methods and deployment tools. Metrics are important to us so deep knowledge of funnels and Google Analytics and/or mixpanel are a plus.

This position is located in San Francisco.



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RINSE - www.rinse.com - Design District, San Francisco, CA

Rinse is a technology-enabled dry cleaning and laundry delivery service. We've been growing our service at an exponential rate for the past year, and our customers love us! We have a number of open positions, and have hired a significant portion of our team via Hacker News.

Rinse is hiring Software Engineers to develop our functionality across the stack. We have hybrid mobile apps for both Android and iOS for our customers AND our drivers. We also have sophisticated web-based tools for our customer service team, internal operations staff, and vendors. Laundry is a surprisingly-complex logistical process, and so our customer-facing software is just the tip of the iceberg. We're solving problems like the Traveling Salesman and image classification, too. Our tech stack is approximately HTML5 / Backbone.js / Django / Python / Postgres / Heroku / Ubuntu, but we're a tiny tech team, so any newcomer will be able to shape architecture.

We're also hiring for a "Special Operations Associate" which is someone who may not have unique technical ability, but who has great aptitude and a willingness to work hard to improve our business. Analytical capability and attention to detail are important skills for this person. Bonus points for someone with an Industrial Engineering or Process Engineering background. This position is great for an ambitious hustler looking to join a "rocket ship" startup. Obviously, this position presents a significant growth opportunity.

Any applicant who we interview will receive $25 in free Rinse credit... If you live in San Francisco, give us a try!

Interested? I'd be happy to answer any questions at sam (at) rinse.com.


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Realm (http://realm.io) is hiring Android, iOS, .Net and JavaScript Engineers, in SF, Copenhagen or REMOTE.

We are a YCombinator company (S11) building a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & Core Data. Learn more at http://realm.io/jobs or email tim@realm.io if you have any questions!


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Destination Software is making high-end travel the elegant experience that it was meant to be. By partnering with some of the best hotels in the world, we create beautiful user experiences for travelers that are backed by cutting-edge analytics.

Our first client is a top ten luxury hotel group and our software is a C-suite initiative. Our pipeline contains multiple other top ten luxury hotel groups post-launch. In addition to working on a talented team with an exciting technology stack, we are also offering the potential for a meaningful stake in the business.


Destination Software is looking for an experienced front end engineer to produce custom deployments that adapt our core stack to client needs. You have a demonstrated history of initiative in adapting software to customer needs, delivering to schedule, and anticipating issues before they arise. Experience with mobile, security issues, and the particular elements of our stack (express.js, dust.js, backbone.js) optional, but a big plus.


* 5+ years experience developing and shipping production web applications * Solid foundation in web application engineering practices * Experience with a variety of development methodologies * Proficiency with javascript, coffeescript a plus * Experience developing node applications preferred, express.js and backbone a plus * Experience with SQL databases a plus * Experience in scaling or security a plus * Linux experience strongly preferred * Mobile experience a plus * Reliable, strong communicator who delivers to schedule, foresees issues, and heads off problems before they happen * Ideally local to San Francisco, but remote work arrangements possible

If interested, please email me at aaron [at] destinationsc [dot] co


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Collective Digital Studio -- San Francisco (REMOTE could be an option)

We have a Node.js and ReactJS application sitting in front of a Clojure API and we need another great Javascript developer to help on the middleware and front end. Collective Digital Studio is an online video network that represents talent like RocketJump and Epic Meal Time and the tech team gets to pour over crazy amount of data from YouTube / Facebook / Vine / etc... and make products like dashboards and apps that help our team and talent do their jobs better. Online video is a growing and exciting industry and we'd love to hear from you!

Competitive salary, commuter benefits, company paid cell phone, ping pong, unlimited vacation, ping pong, watch YouTube videos all day, ping pong, and a great office in Dogpatch...with a ping pong table.

Full details at http://collectivedigitalstudio.com/career/front-end-engineer... and you can shoot your resume to mflynn [at] collectivedigitalstudio.com


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Udemy - Downtown San Francisco, CA (near BART & Caltrain) Udemy's mission is to help anyone learn anything online. Our online course marketplace serves a huge, global community of 5 million student students and includes more than 20,000 courses served up in more than 50 languages, designed by our community of 10,000 expert instructors.

Our tech stack is primarily Python/PHP/Django. We run Javascript (Angular and Require are our primary JS frameworks) on the frontend and MySQL on the backend.

Our development environment is characterized by Agile practices, frequent and honest feedback on code quality and rapid iteration - typically code is accepted into our codebase within 1-2 hours of the pull request being sent.

We're hiring (experienced only at this time, sorry!) Fullstack, Frontend, Backend, Mobile and DevOps engineers. email Maggy at maggy.hillen@udemy.com for additional info or apply online at https://about.udemy.com/careers/


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Company: ClassDojo (http://www.classdojo.com)

Location: San Francisco

About Us: We're a small team of ~20 people (10 engineers) making one of the world's most popular education apps. Help make classrooms happier and more positive with engaged parents and students, and get handwritten fan mail from teachers and students every day on account of your impact. We value collaboration, joint ownership of product, and high test coverage.


- Senior Backend Engineer: expand our service-oriented architecture to help us scale to tens of millions of active users. Work in node.js with some Go on the horizon.

- Lead Android Engineer: take charge of our app which, each September, is in the top 50 worldwide.

Contact: email me at peter [at] classdojo [dot] com or visit http://www.classdojo.com/jobs. Check out our engineering blog as well at http://engineering.classdojo.com/


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Airphrame -- San Francisco, CA

Drone startup hiring full stack web developer.

We’re looking to hire a Full-Stack software engineer with solid foundational programming skills and at least 4 years professional experience and has built several large web apps using different front end frameworks.

--Interesting Technology-- Scala Backend. Technologies include http4s, Slick, Postgres, PostGIS With a preference for statically typed languages front end. (ie. typescript) AWS skills a plus. Linux System Admin a plus. Devops skills a plus.

--Interesting Business-- At Airphrame, www.airphrame.com, Our goal is to deploy a fleet of fleet of flying robots, potentially 10,000’s across the world, that are constantly updating geophysical data (such as 3D point cloud sets) for mapping platforms, environmental & civil engineers, and other business who can utilize such data. We’ve been in business 3 years, have recently raised 5M serA, and have paying customers who love us. In the present, our data is invaluable to maintaining utilities infrastructure (dams, powerlines, highways, rail, etc). In the future, robots (for delivery, cars, etc) will depend on good mapping data to navigate the physical world - and we will be an essential part of that.

--Interesting People/Place-- We’re a small and highly skilled group who prefers working with top talent than at a big company. Founded by three engineers: Mechatronics, Unmanned Systems, and Software, you’d be in the first 10 employees. We have a young environment with offices in MidMarket SF and a robotics laboratory (aka adult treehouse) in Oakland.

APPLICATION PROCESS Please send an email to: jobs at airphrame.com, subject: [Position Name] Please include github account or code samples Career Page: http://www.airphrame.com/careers/


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Vouch Financial

San Francisco, CA - Close to AT&T Park

Vouch is the first social network for credit. Vouch is working to increase access to credit and financial power for over 70M working Americans. Vouch was founded in 2013 by an ex-PayPal and Prosper team to make credit available to subprime and near-prime borrowers who are more creditworthy than their FICO score would indicate.

YOU: are part cowboy/cowgirl, part scientist, all pragmatist that knows how to balance many priorities and ship great, finished products. Understand how to weigh the trade off for development decisions, whether it’s building, buying, adopting a framework, outsourcing or something else entirely. Know how to avoid common security pitfalls when handling sensitive, personal information like financial data; some people call you paranoid, you call it not creating undue risk. Love building for business first.

US: two times top trending on AngelList with backing by First Round Capital, Greylock, IDG Ventures. Excellent engineers, financial wizards, product savants and policy experts remaking the way people borrow money and understand their trusted, financial network. Team of former PayPal, Prosper, Bank of the West, Stanford, Google, Yahoo and many startups.

Standout qualities we’re looking for: • 5+ years experience web services: • HTML5 (CSS3/JavaScript) • Ruby/Rails • Bonus points for Pivotal Tracker experience. • Loves money! (financial services/products).

SKILLS Finance, Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, SQL, Ruby, Web Development, PostgreSQL, Agile Software Develoment, Generalist, Full-Stack Web Development, Twitter Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails

Connect with one of us on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/vouch or me an email prescott@vouch.com


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Curriculet - Full Time - San Francisco, CA - http://curriculet.com

Curriculet is looking for senior frontend and backend software engineers who are passionate about improving America's literacy through technology.

Curriculet enables students to read more deeply and teachers to teach better in their classrooms. We're an online reading platform that allows teachers to embed lesson plans on top of books, articles, other texts. Our team is made up of former educators and startup veterans. You'll be joining a well funded company that is <10 people.

Fully Funded Startup:

* Competitive benefits package, including healthcare, etc.

* Awesome view of San Francisco from the 41st floor

* Macbooks, Mac monitors, standing desks

Senior Software Engineer:

* 5+ years experience

* Smart, motivated, ready to build something that isn't another todo app

* Ruby on Rails experience preferred, but not required

Mobile Engineer:

* iOS or Android (or both!)

* Someone who can own the entire app cycle from development to deployment

* Has an opinion about API design and isn't afraid of looking at backend code

* Introduce yourself here: jobs+hn@curriculet.com


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Domino Data Lab (http://www.dominodatalab.com/) is looking for Scala developers. We are in San Francisco and also open to remote candidates. Email us at jobs@dominodatalab.com.

Our customer base is growing fast and we need engineers to sustain an aggressive roadmap for the product. This is an excellent opportunity to join a company that has traction but is still small.

We're looking for someone with serious tech chops; our product is not a simple CRUD app. We have a desktop client, an asynchronous web app, job distribution, a custom revisioned file store, cluster management, and a dash of virtualized containers; heavy security and reliability requirements. Our stack is Scala (and Play), with MongoDB and some Javascript on the front end. Ideally we'd like someone who's comfortable with these technologies, but great engineers who can quickly learn new technologies are also fine with us.


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Unite - San Francisco, Toronto, Prague - Full time or Interns - http://unite.io

We're a startup looking for engineers to join our small and highly skilled team in our offices in Toronto and Prague, or a new office in San Francisco. We've built a perfect platform to put the industry’s most powerful advertising technology in the hands of small entrepreneurs and people like you. Our goal is to provide independent sellers with more traffic and better conversion rates to power their online sales.

We are growing incredibly fast — our servers handle 2000 requests per second and manage more than 700 million user profiles (yes, that's 20% of the Internet).

We are looking for experienced front-end developers and full-stack engineers. We use Angular/JavaScript (with almost all ES6 features) on the front end, and Java/Cassandra/Redis/Kafka/Storm on the back end.

Feel free to ping me anytime at engineering@unite.io.


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San Francisco, CA - Remote to Hire - Rails Engineer

About us: We're a small team tackling the huge offline market of consumer lending. In startup talk, you could say, "we are a venture-backed company disrupting a multi-billion dollar industry." In real talk, we're bringing modern, elegant software to a field that still relies on fax machines and manilla envelopes holding vital documents. We are bringing security, efficiency and joy to a paper-based office.

About you: You've got 2-5 years experience building web apps. You're interested in owning a product, everything from calling clients to wireframes to writing code and analyzing metrics.

More about us: We're growing fast (double-digit month-over-month). We do SaaS for non-technical users. Everyday, our clients call and email to say that we're making them happy, and that feels great. We're becoming ubiquitous in one segment of the market and we're looking to hire another core engineer to help us expand further.

Details: This is an onsite position. But we're open to remote-to-hire as well. For the right candidate, we would do something like an initial week on-site in SF. After that, we have 1-2 months of remote work. If at that point all signs point to yes, then we'd ask you to move to sunny San Francisco.

We offer health insurance and generous vacation. Compensation will be salary plus meaningful equity. As an early engineer you'll be shaping this company.

Specific Qualifications:

* 3-5 years of web development (the more, the better)

* 1-2 years of Ruby on Rails (the more, the better)

* Experience with AWS, Github, Pivotal Tracker is great - Project Management ability a huge plus.

* Be reliable and a hard worker. Life's short. Make it count.

Contact us at jobs@snapdocs.com.


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Mixmax | Founding Engineer or intern | San Francisco | https://mixmax.com

We're a small team looking for a founding full-stack engineer.

Mixmax is a communications platform that brings the power of the web to email. With Mixmax, anyone can build an interactive app that works both on web/mobile and in email. We’re 7 months old, launched a Gmail add-on just last month and are growing extremely fast. Already thousands of customers depend on us for their daily productivity. We have an A++ list of investors that previously backed companies like Twitter, Heroku, Lyft & Square.

We’re an incredibly mission-driven, diverse and fun-loving team. We value personal and professional growth equally and have built multi-million dollar products together in the past. We're based in downtown SF.

Current tech stack: Node.js, Express, Meteor, Redis, Mongo, Handlebars

Check us out at mixmax.com. Email hello@mixmax.com and let’s grab coffee!


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Tempo Automation -- San Francisco, CA http://www.tempoautomation.com

Front End / Back End / Interns

No one went to engineering school to write boring e-commerce websites. Come help Tempo Automation build the future of manufacturing robots. We are hiring engineers number four and five as front end and back end developers. These two engineers will assist us in building robot infrastructure and putting a user interface on the robot. No robotics skills are required. Candidates should roughly have the following skills:

* College degree in CS/CE/EE or equivalent experience.

* Good python back-end chops -OR- decent front end JS skills.

* Flexible software generalists are our preferred applicants.

* We're a Linux shop, so candidates must be able to navigate a command line.

* Experience with MongoDB, OpenCV, iPython, Pandas, Numpy, and similar packages are a big plus.

Please send a resume and a portfolio of past work to katherine[at]tempoautomation.com.


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Anyone Can Learn To Code ● San Francisco ● Work is Part Time at Night / Sunday - $100 per hour ● Lead Engineering Mentor

Anyone Can Learn To Code is a professional training course / coding bootcamp that focuses on full-stack web development. ACLTC allows students to retain their full-time jobs by offering a part time approach to class instruction. Classes are held from 6-9:30pm M-Thurs and 9-5pm on Sundays.

We're looking for someone for only a portion of these hours to come in and help students with their final class projects. You must feel comfortable communicating with our students, teaching, and know Ruby + Javascript. Extra points for AngularJS experience!

No recruiters or sales pitches, please. More Information + Apply Here >



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RealScout - Mountain View, CA - Full-time - Full-stack & iOS engineers

Thousands of real estate agents have chosen RealScout to help convert $20 leads into $10,000 commission checks. We amass hundreds of data points on every single property, track buyer preferences and behavior, and expose analytics and insights to agents so they can appear super-human to their clients.


Last month we inked our largest brokerage deal with Sereno Group at 250 seats. Our Agent Sales team was 150% above plan in January and is on track to do the same in February and we’ll double our addressable market by end of year.


We're backed by Formation 8/Joe Lonsdale (co-founder of Palantir), DCM Ventures ($2.5B under management), Ken DeLeon (#1 Realtor in the US 2012) and Matthew Moore (former EVP at Realtor.com).

Along with our recent announcement of $6m in funding, we’ve attracted some amazing people:

* Duke Fan, former VP Product of Mobile at Realtor.com * Pierre Cadzilla, one of the first employees at Trulia * Betty Kayton, former CFO of Dropbox


We value continuous improvement and having fun. We have a small team focused on shipping great product and being the #1 engineering team in real estate.

We recently upped our game by spending 3 months at Pivotal Labs in SF and our team is cranking - from engineers to design to product. We also just launched our engineering blog: http://eatcodeplay.com.


Feel free to email me at chris at realscout.com with any questions or to apply.

https://www.realscout.com/team http://eatcodeplay.com/careers


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Course Hero, located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Redwood City, CA), is looking for an iOS Engineer

Course Hero is creating a platform where students and experts can share and access great academic content they need to succeed at any time, from anywhere. Today, millions of students take advantage of our educational resources including study guides, flashcards and tutors.

Course Hero is looking for a software engineer, focused on building iOS and mobile applications, who can hit the ground running.

As compensation, we're offering a competitive salary, stock, full benefits, 401k, regularly planned team events and outings, Free Friday lunches, endless snacks & drinks, plus on-site amenities including a day spa, full-service cafe, and free membership to a 7500 sq ft fitness center.

For more information, visit: http://www.thesourcery.com/jobs/879


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Full-Stack Web Developer, Ruby On Rails | True Link Financial | SoMa, SF

You’ll help lead the development of our Rails-stack world-facing site’s interface. It’s a cardholder website (think online banking) designed to be friendly, simple, usable, and not terrible in the way every other online banking experience is. It also is the interface to customize our insanely powerful card processing and fraud detection system. To our knowledge it’s the first ever consumer-facing interface to a fraud detection system.

There’s a lot of abstract thinking in presenting these concepts to the user. The technology is complex under the hood – think about Twilio or Stripe as comparable. We’re building a simple client for a simple API that wraps an extremely complex integration with a legacy system. Twilio didn’t make the SMS system simple, they wrote powerful software that wraps the complexity.

We’re offering a competitive salary and benefits, a meaningful equity stake, lunches & snacks, and the opportunity to work with a talented, mission-driven team.

We’re looking for someone who:

* Believes in True Link’s social mission

* Is passionate about simplicity but comfortable with complexity

* Has a good eye for design

* Is excited to iterate based on extensive user-driven development and testingIs fluent and productive in Rails and javascript

* Java and AWS experience is a plus – we do processing and accounting in Java and can’t host on Heroku for security reasons

Because of the stage of the company we unfortunately cannot consider candidates with minimal experience (e.g. recent dev bootcamp graduates). We need people that have professional experience working as an engineer. We are also only looking to make an in-house, full-time hire here in San Francisco and cannot support part-time, remote, or contract work at this time.

To apply for a job, email jobs@truelinkfinancial.com.


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Iterable (https://www.iterable.com) - San Francisco, CA

Come join Iterable. We are bringing the growth hacking tools that consumer Internet companies like Twitter/Facebook build internally to other e-businesses. We aim to build the best user growth engine on the planet. It's crazy how messaging and email usage are changing, but the technology and capabilities haven't caught up to the 21st century. Our team of hackers and thinkers is from quant finance/Twitter/Google, (we built large parts of Twitter's growth systems). One of our top level goals is to build a uniquely fun and growth oriented company culture. Knowledge sharing in any capacity is highly valued here -- are you interested in prediction markets or PGP encryption? Do you enjoy teaching posture techniques or purely functional data structures to others? We pair program, design together, and generally create a learn-and-teach environment here. If you're interested in coming on board, you can help with some challenges we face:

  - Scale our messaging API 
  - Design and write performant, beautiful, asynchronous interfaces 
  - Write software to build machine learned user models 
  - Make data visualizations for our email and user data 
  - Design an immutable deployment infrastructure for our platform
Some aspects of our culture that make us different:

  - We are all very focused on self improvement 
  - Our company has egalitarian and transparent values (work when you want, on what you want)
  - We are chill and empathetic people 
  - The company is completely transparent
Technologies you'll work with:

  - Scala
  - ElasticSearch
  - Postgres
  - Redis
  - AngularJS
  - Play Framework
  - RabbitMQ
You'll get to work with us at our office at 5th and Market in San Francisco. If this sounds like an interesting and fun opportunity for you, please email me: girish at iterable.com


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HandStack -- Lead Developer and CTO -- SF & LA (remote ok) -- handstack.com

Are you passionate about politics, community organizing, activism, or connecting people?

HandStack is Meetup + Trello. We provide a more real-time, spontaneous platform with finer coordinating capabilities like group task management. Our vision is to provide an unprecedented ability to mass-mobilize local people for events, projects, and causes. Our primary customers are political consulting firms & nonprofits, but we also serve grassroots organizations.

Our stack consists of Ember JS, Python, Bootstrap, Objective C, and Django (on its way out)

You are

* passionate about the product & ambitious

* excited to work with MVC frameworks like Ember JS (OR) have experience in native iOS or Android

* experienced in building scalable products

* like working in sprints & deploy code often

* can be remote but prefer being located on the west coast

Reach out to us at jess (at) handstack dot com. We're happy to chat!


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Sense - Modern Platform for Data Science - San Francisco -- https://sense.io

We're building a modern platform for data science -- a platform to help find new cures for diseases, build intelligent systems, and accelerate the pace of science and business.

We're looking for an engineer to join our core team. You'll be able to shape our entire product. You should have experience building products user love and be comfortable working on all parts of a modern stack, from a complex web frontend to distributed backend.

This is a role for somebody extremely smart and creative to make a massive impact on both a product and an industry. You'll be joining a group of like minded individuals. Every team member currently has a PhD or MS and are fully dedicated to bring data science to every organization.

Sound interesting? Email: tristan@sense.io


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Mesosphere-San Francisco

We're hiring for a number of positions in both our Hamburg, Germany and our San Francisco, CA offices: + Engineering Manager + Frontend Engineer + Distributed Applications Engineer + Distributed Systems Engineer + Linux Systems Engineer + Technical Writer + Solutions Architect

Full details are at http://mesosphere.io/jobs/, please apply online or email me at ryan@mesosphere.io for more information! We've raised 40m in less than 2 years, are visa friendly, contribute extensively to open source (we're building products and services around the Apache Mesos project) and have great investors, advisors and engineers. Work ranges from Javascript to Python to Go to Scala to C++, depending on the layer of the stack and application to hand. Get in touch!


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Smartly.io - Helsinki, Finland

At Smartly.io we build tools for largest European eCommerce-sites and Ad Agencies to automate and optimize their Facebook advertising. We're about 18 months old, currently 24 (8 devs) people strong and growing fast. We have actual paying customers (see our frontpage), have raised funding from top investors in Finland like Lifeline Ventures (e.g. Supercell) and our team is a bunch of experienced startup veterans (founders of Startup Sauna, worked previously in SF etc.).

We're looking for full stack developers. There's plenty of interesting challenges to tackle, ranging from designing and building UI to handling large amounts of data and designing models for automatically optimizing bid levels.




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OpenDNS - Software Engineer - San Francisco, Vancouver

This is a position on a small team developing a PaaS to support our product teams.

We believe in being lean, keeping a tight feedback loop with our customers to validate our hypotheses, quickly building the right thing or failing fast. We love Docker and Python and trying new technologies. And we operate what we build (you'll find this is common across engineering at OpenDNS).

We've spoken a few times about some of our earlier work:


http://hire.jobvite.com/CompanyJobs/Careers.aspx?k=Job&c=q53... or kris@opendns.com if you have questions


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NerdWallet - San Francisco, CA - relocation and H1B ok (sorry, no remote)

NerdWallet is a fast growing startup dedicated to bringing transparency to the world of personal finance. Our mission is to empower millions of people by providing them with the research and data driven tools they need to make informed money decisions, both big and small throughout their lives.

Our engineering team is small (~20 engineers) and is growing fast. We're hiring across the board - full stack, data, and platform engineers. Our core web platform is a traditional LAMP stack. Our data and various service APIs are written in Python/Flask, and we're pushing more and more code into this service layer everyday. We're also starting to use Node.js to serve different parts of our website.

I joined the company recently after spending a lot of time getting to know different members of the engineering team. This is a very smart team that is poised for massive growth. There are a ton of challenges to be solved, and this is a team that is up to the task. The company as a whole has this same attitude and culture. Everyone is very friendly and collaborative.

We offer: - Competitive compensation package

- 100% paid premiums for medical, dental and vision for employee and their dependents

- 401(k) with company match

- Generous, flexible vacation

- Catered lunches daily, free dinner, and a kitchen stocked full of snacks

- In-office fitness classes

- Paid commuter benefits

- Friday happy hours

- Pet-friendly office

- Awesome monthly company outings

To learn more about NerdWallet or to apply for an open position visit our careers page - http://www.nerdwallet.com/careers

If you have any questions you want to run by an engineer feel free to contact me directly - aflanagan[at]nerdwallet.com


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Wagon | http://www.wagonhq.com/jobs | Full-time | San Francisco

UX Designer | Data Visualization Engineer | Backend Engineer | Frontend Engineer

Wagon makes it easy for data analysts and their teams to collaborate. It is a great way to write SQL queries, visually pivot results, and securely share charts with your team. Think Google Docs for data.

Our stack: Haskell, React, and Flux. Learn more at http://www.wagonhq.com/blog and say hi @WagonHQ.

To apply: jobs@wagonhq.com

Why Wagon

- Design, build, and ship everyday

- Join an experienced, ambitious, well funded team

- Sunny office in the Mission, flexible vacation, health care benefits

- Competitive salary, meaningful equity, leadership responsibility

Why You

- Love data analytics and visualization

- Have strong opinions about user experience

- Enjoy collaborating and teaching

- Are smart, curious, and (think you're) funny


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15Five - http://www.15five.com - New York, San Francisco or remote


15Five is a simple and elegant SaaS product which gives managers, executives and CEOs a pulse on their company via weekly employee feedback. Simultaneously it engages employees by giving them a voice and soliciting input. It is named after a simple practice where employees spend 15 minutes each week writing a report that takes their manager no longer than 5 minutes to read.

Currently looking to fill 2 positions: Python/Django Engineer and Front-end Engineer


* Work remotely or from our office in New York or San Francisco

* Flexible schedule

* No vacation policy

* Medical, dental and vision insurance

* Personal growth and learning stipend


For more details and to apply, please visit at http://www.15five.com/jobs/


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Chute (YC W2012) - http://getchute.com - San Francisco, CA or Itapema, BR or REMOTE (US time zones)

Hiring full-stack and front-end engineers to build our media platform that is used by Nike, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Benefit, Vogue, ESPN, NBC, NYT among others, as well as many independent developers. We're working with the latest technologies and <3 open source.

We're using Ruby/Rails/Sinatra, Node.js and Go on the backend (plus Python on the data science front). We're running on AWS, Postgres, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Redis, Storm.

On the front-end we're using React/Flux/ES6 (transitioning from Backbone/Marionette).

For more info: http://getchute.com/jobs


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Wootric | Full Stack Rails Engineer | San Francisco | Full Time | careers@wootric.com

Wootric is a SaaS customer happiness analytics company. (www.wootric.com)

We believe only great teams can delight customers. We’ve focused on building Wootric with a mighty team of two women--ex-Salesforce engineer and an ex-Clorox marketer. Now we’re ready to add a third member--our first full-time engineer, and our most important hire.

Our team works at sustainable pace and in a relaxed but professional environment. Everything we do is based on having a great team, happy customers, and a culture of learning.

We are a well-funded, fast-growing company, and offer competitive salaries ($100K-$150K) and generous equity.

We’re looking for the right person to help us engineer great customer experiences. More at www.wootric.com/careers


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We @ Lovely, http://livelovely.com, are looking for smart, relatively senior devs and designers to add immediate value by shaping our awesome growth story. We are located in SF, no remote, but we'll pay relocation expenses if you're not local and we've sponsored two H1Bs so far. You will help design and build the most beautiful Rental user/landlord portal in the US. We are a Python/Angularjs shop and we hire full stack polyglots who are savvy in a blended web/mobile environment.

I run engineering -- ex-YC, Django dev, been in the real estate space most of my life. I'd be happy to answer any of your questions: zain@livelovely.com.


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App Annie - Engineering roles available in Utrecht, Beijing and San Francisco!

App Annie is the industry leader in app ranking, app store analytics and market intelligence supporting iPhone, iPad, Mac, Google Play and Amazon. We take care of all the work (and the math), keeping you up-to-date with your own app's metrics and the latest app store trends.

We have challenging roles available across the globe covering the following areas - Backend Engineer, Data Scientist, IT Operations, Mobile (iOS and Android) Engineers, DevOps, QA Engineers and more.

If you are looking for a challenging role in a dynamic international environment using the latest technologies then we would love to talk with you. Check out our openings at: www.appannie.com/jobs.


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Zaption (http://www.zaption.com) || San Francisco, CA

Full-Stack Web Engineer (Node.js, MongoDB, Knockout.js) || Full-Time

Zaption is an education-technology startup that's fixing video learning. Teachers and trainers use our web app to turn online videos (from YouTube, Vimeo, etc) into interactive learning experiences that engage students and deepen understanding.

We're a very small (6-person) team that is funded, growing, and has real customers and revenue. We're looking for a dev who's interested in education, besides being good with JavaScript, having some experience with Node.js/MongoDB, and being able to wrangle HTML/CSS.

If you're interested, email charlie@zaption.com


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Mirror | San Francisco | Software Engineer, Interface Engineer (Web, QT), Product Designer

Mirror is a smart contracts platform. We are leveraging blockchain technology to provide hedging and risk management tools that are more accessible, affordable, and globally available than their contemporary counterparts, and with little or no counterparty, exchange, or clearing exposure.

Our vision is to realize the promise of the Bitcoin blockchain as a global, decentralized, cryptographically-assured fiduciary system. Headquartered in San Francisco, we are making contracts without middlemen, available to everyone everywhere.

For details and open positions: https://jobs.lever.co/mirror


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Location: San Francisco Full-time Remote: No

DevOps Engineer Company: Nitrous

Experience: AWS, Chef, automation, scripting

Nitrous.IO is a cloud application platform that helps you create and configure infrastructure and services for complex web applications in just seconds.

We have raised over $7.5M in investment from Bessemer Venture Partners, CrunchFund, 500 Startups, Draper Associates, TIBCO Software, GoldenGate Ventures, Eduardo Saverin, and Prosper Nwankpa. We have over 150,000 registered developers and have helped them create hundreds of thousands of development environments.

Join Nitrous: https://www.nitrous.io/jobs?gh_jid=18988


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San Francisco, CA – Telecommute

Software Test Engineer – Scientific Medical Simulation

FP Complete is looking for creative software test engineers to work on our scientific medical SaaS product. You will be working as a member of an international product team and you will be expected to provide direct input on product implementation, testing, and quality. Your mission is to represent the customer. You will learn the system from top to bottom validating the product and making sure it delivers what the customer needs.

More details here https://www.fpcomplete.com/business/test-engineer-software/


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Gracenote: Emeryville, CA (SF Bay Area) - Full time, No remote, relocation possible, NO visa sponsorship possible.

Gracenote is the top provider of entertainment information, creating industry-leading databases of TV, movie, and music metadata for entertainment guides and applications. Our technology serves billions of requests daily to hundreds of millions of devices around the world.

Interested in working on crawlers and distributed systems? Interested in functional languages like Clojure and Scala? Gracenote is hiring for several positions (junior and senior).

You’ll be working a set of crawlers responsible for discovering, acquiring and storing data and applications that make use of that data.

If interested email me at this username at company. No 3rd parties, no recruiters please.


- Write well-designed, well-tested code that performs well

- Design, implement, and own new systems – from design to operations

- Occasional on-call operations / support

- Reduce technical debt in existing systems (refactoring, testing…etc)

- Proactively look for ways to make our software more scalable, reliable and fun

- Help change the way we think about solving problems


- Strong background in Java, Ruby, Python or another OO language

- Solid understanding of the full web technology stack

- Familiarity with a variety of (relational and non-relational) databases/data stores

- Experience with AWS (or another infrastructure platform)


- Experience with web crawling, scraping

- Experience with Clojure, Scala, Hive, or Go

- Experience with functional programming, functional architectures

- Experience with data processing architectures with Kafka, Storm, or Spark.

- Experience with ZooKeeper, etcd or similar

- Experience with Chef

- GitHub repo / Open Source


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Opendoor is hiring (SF)

- Data Scientists

Work with an accomplished, close-knit team (ex- Square, Google, Facebook, Apple folks) to fundamentally change how people buy and sell their homes.

As a data scientist at Opendoor, you’ll be joining a distinguished team that is working on mission-critical data products, such as our valuation model, predictive modeling infrastructure, and growth experiments.

- Work on unique problems using a mix of machine learning, crowdsourcing, exploratory data analysis, feature extraction, and software engineering.

Apply on our careers page: https://boards.greenhouse.io/opendoor#.VPU2bFPF9qY

OR email job [at] opendoor.com


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Backend Developer @ ShareProgress http://shareprogress.org

At ShareProgress, our mission is to help progressive organizations achieve success through the use of data and technology. Innovations in these fields have made it possible to organize and campaign more effectively than ever before, but most groups don't have the knowledge or ability to take advantage of these advances. We help organizations like Greenpeace, Sierra Club, CREDO, Compassion & Choices, AFL harness these innovations for their work.

For us, progressive means more than just the political left. It describes any organization working to help and protect the less fortunate amongst us or to make life better for the population at large: improving our cities, protecting our environment, encouraging civic engagement, fighting for economic justice, and providing training and opportunities for those who haven't traditionally had access to them. Our primary focus is on nonprofit organizations, but we consider any company with an inherent social good mission to be progressive as well.

This role is full-time. Preference for the position will be given to candidates in San Francisco, but REMOTE work (including from outside the US) is a possibility.

Your Job:

- Scoping out, developing, and validating new features for the ShareProgress web tools

- Researching and making recommendations on third-party tech services to use with the platform, when appropriate

- Keeping an eye on scalability for all new development with the ShareProgress codebase

- Coordinating with the larger ShareProgress team on projects related to platform development

Experience with: - Ruby on Rails

- Test-Driven Development using RSpec

- Developing scalable web applications (to handle hundreds of millions of records)

- PostgreSQL and Heroku

Benefits: - Health/dental/vision insurance

- Stock options

- Team outings around SF

To apply or learn more, send your résumé to jobs@shareprogress.org.


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PicnicHealth (YC S14) San Francisco, CA Software Engineer: Full Time, Intern

PicnicHealth helps patients with serious medical conditions manage their medical records. We continuously collect all of our customers' medical records, digitize and normalize their information, and organize it into a single chart that makes it easy to manage their care.

Our tech stack includes Node.js and PostgreSQL on the backend, and Backbone.js / React on the front end. We face interesting challenges around building a friendly and useful interfaces to complex medical data and around applying machine learning to provide medical insights.

To apply, email jobs [at] picnichealth.com


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Shift Payments (YC S14), based in San Francisco's Financial District

We are building a Visa card that can be attached to any store of value, including Bitcoin wallets, gold holdings, fiat, and soon, loyalty points, airline miles, and more. Our mission is to improve access to financial tools.

We're hiring a strong generalist/fullstack engineer. Experience with Ruby, Java, Sinatra, and AngularJS is a plus, but definitely not a requirement. Experience shipping and operating a live product is a strong plus.

If this sounds interesting to you, we'd love to chat! Please shoot me an email with links to some stuff you've built: eugene@shiftpayments.com


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Sendwithus (YC W14) - Frontend Tech Lead - Victoria BC, Canada

We're looking for an experienced front-end tech lead. We offer competitive salaries and generous employee equity.

At its core, Sendwithus is an API to send templated transactional emails. Our customers are in our web app daily, exploring analytics, handling customer support, and building new customer experiences.

We have offices in SF and Victoria. Our product engineering and customer support team, currently 7 people, operate out of Victoria. Candidates should be willing to spend at least six months working out of our Canadian office.

To apply, email jobs at sendwithus dot com introducing yourself.


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Founding Engineer - San Francisco - Evertoon.com (Greylock-funded startup). $100k-$150k with founding-team level of equity

Evertoon lets users create mini-Pixar movies by taking regular text and automatically turning it into a movie with avatars acting it out. We're building a mobile platform to bring animated moviemaking to the masses, and then a marketplace for artists to sell 3D content for use in movies.

Looking for an engineer with experience in games or realtime-graphics technologies.

Job description: http://evertoon.com/jobs/graphics

Email us at jobs@evertoon.com!


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Security Compass - Toronto, ON / SF Bay Area*

-a number of Security consultant positions (looking for people with a software development background)*

-system administrator

-developer for DDOS Strike (http://ddos.securitycompass.com)

and a couple more + info on the positions can be found at: http://securitycompass.com/careers/#seccom-jobs

and for info on why working with us is great: http://securitycompass.com/careers/


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San Francisco, CA – Telecommute

Haskell Test Software Engineer – Scientific Simulation

FP Complete is looking for creative software engineers to build our test and delivery capabilities. You will be working as a member of the development team (with those brilliant people listed above). Your mission is to innovate on the test infrastructure enabling and implementing automated tests and test suites across multiple product components.

More details here https://www.fpcomplete.com/business/software-engineer-test/


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Node - San Francisco Hiring full-time in SF (SoMA), contract-to-hire preferred:

* Backend Software Engineer (python) * Data Engineer * Data Scientist

We're a seed funded startup - 3 former Googlers - and we're tackling the messy world of business. Every day, people shake hands over million-dollar deals that can change the future of a company. From fundraising and acquisitions to partnerships, promotions and product placement, businesses get together and make new things happen. But there's no platform for them; they typically overload sales-focused CRMs, or are stuck in the world of spreadsheets and email. We're changing that. It's a fascinating data problem as we're mapping out professional and company-to-company networks, trying to understand who does business with whom and why, feeling our way around the underlying graph that nobody's explicitly mapped out before. From old school tie to the boardroom, why do people do business with each other? What are the trust and influence networks? What's the equivalent of PageRank for investors? What does it mean when a VP moves from one company to another? How do I get my startup funded?

We're trying to answer all these questions. We have an invite-only product already launched, we're building a team-facing solution, and we're expanding our data team to work on the platform that powers it all. Here's our team's take on the space: https://medium.com/@jennielees/the-joy-of-data-a1d3757d3567 Looking for fast learners who can get their hands dirty, quickly; who know when to duct tape and when to have 100% test coverage (think like a hacker, ship like a pro); who don't mind being wrong occasionally; and who are intrigued by the overall space we're in. We've had a good run from HN posts so far, hoping to continue it. You'd be single-digit employee and have a significant chance to influence our culture and growth, as well as immense impact on the product itself. We have a generous equity setup, though we prefer contract-to-hire so we can figure out if we'd work well together. For our data roles, we prefer Python. Graph-specific data experience is a bonus.

Email falon@node.io


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San Francisco, CA - Software Engineer, full-time Our platform powering recreational sports organizations (http://leagueapps.com) is growing and we need more developer brain power. Candidates should be proficient in Java, SQL, and Javascript. The ideal candidate would also have a personal interest in what we're building - most of us grew up playing some sport and many of us still do. If interested, please send a brief note and resume to: bob [at] leagueapps.com


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https://www.futureadvisor.com - http://nyti.ms/X3N7r2

== Experienced infrastructure engineer, San Francisco ==

FutureAdvisor is an automated investment manager. We help our customers cut their investment fees, avoid excessive risks and save on taxes, so that they and their families will face better choices down the road.

We're seeking an infrastructure engineer. Your job will be to keep FutureAdvisor running smoothly. It might be deploying and maintaining server clusters on EC2, building tools to automate our deployment pipelines or designing and implementing a new piece of the request pipeline. Your job will be to make FutureAdvisor as fast and reliable as possible. You'll work on building out more tools to manage and track our server cluster using AWS technologies like EC2, S3, OpsWorks, and VPC.

Skills you'll need:

    Experience working with AWS
    Experience provisioning and maintaining VPC instances on AWS
    Knowledge of service oriented infrastructure
    Knowledge of working with Linux and Bash scripts
    Experience with infrastructure management tools like Chef or Puppet
    Bonus Experience launching Ruby on Rails apps

== Interactive designer, San Francisco ==

You're seeking meaningful work solving problems in an organization that supports design. FutureAdvisor distills the complexity of finance into a simple interface so that our customers can understand and grow their life savings. We're giving working- and middle-class households a powerful portfolio management tool that they never had access to, until now.

What we're looking for:

    Background in interactive design
    Portfolio of web and/or mobile apps
    Empathetic and practical individuals


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Machine Learning Scientist - BAY AREA, Full Time

Full Stack Web Developer - BAY AREA, Full Time (preferably with enterprise/security experience)

Android Developer - BAY AREA, Full Time

iOS Developer - BAY AREA, Full Time

Previously bootstrapped startup, now growing rapidly and closing a round of funding and relocating to SF.

We already have millions of existing users and hundreds of thousands of monthly active users.

Offering competitive salary, large opportunity for growth, future equity options, health benefits.

Please email stealthstartup (at) iCloud

Note: Send your 3 most recent works, along with a copy of your resume.


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. ==================== Notion – San Francisco ====================

"We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us"

The goal is to democratize software. Quite a shame that 30 years into personal computing, an average person's interaction still caps at word-processing. We'd like to change that.

A beautiful loft/artist office in the Mission. Best investors out there.

You will be part of the founding team. You need to be able to make things and think conceptually.



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CloudFlare are hiring in both San Francisco (SF) and London UK. No remote, VISA sponsorship for good candidates.

We have a range of positions, most of which can be found on our website:

* https://www.cloudflare.com/join-our-team

If you happen to be great at any of the following just get in touch:

* Lua

* Go

* C

* Docker (Mesos, Marathon, etc)

* JavaScript (think of ES6 and core stuff)

You don't need all of that, we welcome specialists in a big way though awareness of how things glue together and core HTTP is a good thing. We don't welcome agencies or recruiting firms.


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iSEC Partners - San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, New York City - Job Title - Security Engineer; Security Engineering Intern

I'll make this short. I've got too much whining about winter to do.

If you love security and research, iSEC just may be a perfect fit for you.

You will spend most of your day thinking about security systems and how they can break. This is a very creative job that gives individuals a lot of freedom to be clever while learning new technologies at a very fast pace. Typical engagements will pair you with another experienced security consultant who you will learn from and teach along the way. Engagements are usually 2-4 weeks long. In a year, you will be exposed to 15-20 products and technology stacks. Your work will typically initiate person-months of security improvements in products millions of people use. You will have access to senior engineers/architects and your findings/ideas will be heard by senior decision makers. You will have enormous impact in making the software people use safer. All of our consultants are also security researchers, with dedicated research time.

We like to let our research speak for itself: https://isecpartners.github.io/

Check out all of our career opportunities here: https://www.isecpartners.com/about/careers.aspx

We're always looking for folks passionate about what we do. We'd love to hear from you!


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Kinsa - New York City or San Francisco

Head of Software Engineering

Senior UX Designer

Senior Mobile Engineer, Android

Senior Mobile Engineer, iOS

Mobile Engineer, Android

Mobile Engineer, iOS

UI/UX Designer

Kinsa is a mission driven startup that's building the world’s first real-time map of human health with our ultra low cost smartphone-connected thermometer.

We're growing rapidly and are looking for the right people to work with. Check here for info on all open positions. https://www.kinsahealth.com/working-with-kinsa/


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Shuddle (shuddle.us) - Scheduled rides for busy families.

Android Engineer | Full Time | San Francisco

We're looking for a dedicated Android dev to join our mobile team. You'll play a huge role in building and maintaining multiple applications and codebases to support Shuddle's growth.

Apply over here: https://jobs.lever.co/shuddle/b91aede1-4d0e-4a6e-b62c-c98838...


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HandUp is crowdfunding for homeless people and neighbors in need. Through our web and SMS platform, the community can donate directly to specific homeless and at-risk HandUp members. Members use their HandUp credits for basic needs like food, clothing, and medical care through local human service organizations. We’re pioneering new technology to help fight urban poverty in the US.

==Senior Product Designer== HandUp is looking for a senior product designer who is excited about leading the future of direct charitable giving in the US. The product design lead is responsible for executing on all stages of the design process: from concepts, to user testing, to wireframes, to visual design. This role sits at the center of the team and requires close collaboration with marketing, business, engineering, and HandUp users. You should enjoy initiating small, quick experiments to validate ideas and assumptions. At the same time, you must be able to take charge of large projects, and incorporate feedback from multiple stakeholders.

We’re a fast growing company that’s passionate about social change and are looking for candidates who share those values. As a senior teammate, we’re looking for someone with three or more years of product leadership experience and comfort in the startup environment. Our long-term mission is big - to leverage technology and the power of human relationships to fight urban poverty. We come to work every day excited to build tools that directly affect those most in need.

As senior product designer you will:

* lead concept design to test and validate product ideas * seek and incorporate feedback from multiple stakeholders * carry design ideas through to prototypes * work with engineers on a daily basis to ensure we ship the right solutions * conduct user research and closely monitor site metrics * manage product and copy feedback process and style consistency

Job criteria:

* 3+ years experience on a product design team covering multiple roles (PM, User Research, UI/UX, Visual) * comfortable and flexible in a fast changing environment * passion for social change * comfortable in html/css/js

Bonus * experience in crowdfunding and/or social good technology

This position is located in San Francisco.



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Karmic Labs - Full Time in SF - https://karmiclabs.com

We are a small, diverse team working to revolutionize the way teams communicate about money and expenses, from our small office in the South of Market area of San Francisco. We’re looking to expand our team with dynamic, creative, focused individuals, who can learn new frameworks and systems quickly, and who can contribute their input and ideas into our company and our platform.

We believe that everyone in the workforce should get a smart debit expense card from their employer, and that every business owner should understand their expenses as they happen. We're building a debit card platform that allows small businesses to have dynamic financial controls and trust levels, accountability by default, and real-time expense management. Our private beta went live with Mastercard at the end of last year.

We're a small team from a diverse set of backgrounds (Pinterest, V.C., Netscape, Thoughtworks, Amex...) based in our converted-Victorian office in SoMa.

We strive to have an open and accepting culture. On the technical side:

* We're building our APIs with Flask on Python3 and using Postgres, Redis, Nginx, and AWS.

* We're building our Web apps with AngularJS and Sass (mobile app as a web/native hybrid).

* Our web infrastructure is deployed with Ansible an uses Nginx, Sentry, and an ELK stack for logging.

* We use Git + Phabricator for code reviews and TeamCity for CI. We like linters and unit tests.

We're looking for:

* Design, UI/UX - We care deeply about UX and are looking for a designer who has a passion for building great interfaces.

* Frontend - We're looking for the type of person who reads all of the new browser API specs and is excited by ServiceWorkers. * Backend - Do you have a passion for building well factored code and designing great APIs?

* DevOps - We're obsessive about infrastructure automation.

Want to help businesses by solving company expenses? Send us an email: jobs at karmiclabs dot com; be sure to tell us a bit about yourself and include a link to something that you're proud of. (Alternately, check us out on AngelList: https://angel.co/karmic-labs-1/jobs )


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San Francisco | Amsterdam | Famo.us | Full Time

We're a team of 30 in SF and have a few different openings:

- JavaScript & WebGL experts to join our Platform Team - Distributed Sys + DevOps (AWS, deployment, docker, ruby) Hub Team - Interactive Design + JavaScript for our Creative Team

More info here: www.famo.us/jobs and you're welcome to email me for more info m{at}famo.us


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Wikimedia Foundation

Many positions are REMOTE (or in SF if you want), some are SF-only. VISA help/sponsorship provided for those willing to relocate to SF.



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Symphony Commerce - SF, CA - (110-200K) VISA

Backend Engineer or Full-Stack Engineers welcome

Be a core team member that is building an horizontally scalable inventory management system for emerging e-commerce businesses.

Apply here: https://jobs.lever.co/symphonycommerce


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San Francisco | Mobile dev (ios/android) | VISA

ListRunner (listrunnerapp.com) is working on a pain point common to all doctors in hospitals. It's a very exciting time to be at the intersection of technology and healthcare.

Ping me: phzbox at gmail.com


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Scribd (YC '06), San Francisco - VISA, FULL-TIME, and INTERN are all welcome

Scribd ("Netflix for eBooks", top 100 website, 50 people) is hiring talented hackers of all kinds to help us build the library of the 21st century.

We've hired EIGHT full-time people and TONS of interns from these "Who is Hiring" threads ... it really works!

We're looking for people who want to work with:

* Data science / data analysis (using big data tools like hive to analyze an amazing proprietary dataset)

* Ruby on Rails (we're the #2 largest rails site, after Twitter)

* Javascript (well, we use Coffeescript)

* iOS OR Android (we're a top 10 eBook app with more reviews than Wikipedia, with a small mobile team)

* Machine Learning / data mining / recommendations - think Netflix prize, but for books!

* Product manager and design (UI or UX) roles too

* Internships: junior standing or above for all areas of engineering. We hire several interns every summer and year-round.

That said, we care way more about your personality and general hacking skills then what languages you've used so far, so if you haven't used these but want to break into mobile or web development, this could be a good opportunity for you. We've hired people from these threads with everywhere from 0 to 10 years of experience.

We're profitable, very well funded and have a really fun office environment (go-karts + a rock climbing wall!) in the center of the startup world in San Francisco. Scribd alumni have gone on to found 4 other YCombinator companies, more than from any other startup. We think this says something about the kind of people that we like to hire, and we love hiring people with entrepreneur and startup ambitions. We are also always looking for international people interested in moving to the US and can help you secure a visa.

You can read more about our "Netflix for Books" service here http://wrd.cm/1dJquzz or check out our tech blog at http://coding.scribd.com. Last month we launched the first "Netflix for Comics" - really exciting stuff! More here: http://wrd.cm/1MbaBA6

More info is at http://www.scribd.com/jobs, but as a HN user, feel free to apply directly by emailing me at jared at scribd.com.


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Patreon, San Francisco.


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iCracked is looking for VP of Engineering to lead our Engineering team in creating the ultimate on-demand repair, insurance, and trade-in service. Initially, the VP of Engineering must have the ability to develop a relationship with a small team of highly talented engineers. This team represents a great core nucleus that our VPE should understand how to grow and push in a way to achieve great things. The VP of Engineering is responsible for delivering the company’s products on time and within spec. This role will report and work directly with me (CEO).

Our company is just over 100 strong with offices in San Francisco, Redwood City, London, and Berlin and the iCracked engineering team is currently 14 individuals and we are looking to grow that to ~35 in the next 12 months. Our system currently consists of our website, 3 sets of custom built business admin tools and 3 iOS apps (1 consumer and 2 enterprise). Our stack is powered by PHP, MySQL and Javascript (JQuery and AngularJS). We also have 5 people on our front end engineering team that are excellent (Check out iCracked.com)

We have a platform that powers thousands of iTechs that’s based on managing and optimizing, on demand workforce through a robust backend platform and network. You can think of it as an Uber-like service, but addressing an entirely different market need. The company is on fire.

Revenues have gone from $1.7M in 2012, to $>17M in 2014 with massive growth estimated for 2015. We are #83 on the fastest growing INC 5000 companies globally. Backed by the preeminent Venture Capital firms in Silicon Valley and growing like crazy. Graduate of Y-Combinator (W12) Poised to dominate a massive global market with backend technology that can be applied to a variety of different markets in the future.

We're building a complete Warranty, Repair, and Trade-In platform that should consolidate 3 multi-billion dollar a year industries under one consumer brand.

We have an incredibly talented and fun team put together and are excited to talk to new members that can add tremendous value while doing the best work of their lives. We're a lean development team that moves fast. We push to production multiple times a day and continuously iterate on the core service. This is an exciting time to join if you truly want to be involved in developing the core product at a tech driven company.

What we’re looking for in you:


Technical leadership – act as a check and balance system relative t o key architecture decisions and other key technical trade-offs.

Implement processes to deliver results – create and maintain deadline-driven processes that ensure high quality products, identify inefficiencies, create and deliver on goals.

Team leadership – clearly define individual roles and responsibilities, motivate and empower our engineers, generate engineering buy-in, manage progress as well as overall team happiness, dynamics and recruiting. Execution – work with engineering leads to plan to achieve product goals/business priorities, set priorities and timelines, help allocate engineering resources.

Customers/Users – engage and represent the company in a way that will establish credibility and confidence with our customers/users.

Coaching – mentor engineering talent to build a rich team and foster collaboration, good habits, stable code, and creative problem solving skills

With iCracked, you wouldn’t be starting a new job; you would be joining a family. We take care of all team members and provide almost all amenities to make everybody’s lives better. Salary is negotiable and we have set aside great equity packages and other benefits for you. If you're interested please connect with me at Aj[at]iCracked.com


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Javascript Architect (Engineering Lead) | EdTech | Versal, San Francisco (SOMA) (www.versal.com)

I’m reaching out to check if you’d be interested in a role that requires you to architect JS frameworks from the ground up at our fast growing edtech startup, Versal.

You’ll be reporting to the CTO and also lead a small team of engineers in this role.

Do you think you’re up for it? or do you know anyone in your network who maybe more suited to the role?

I’m going to be honest with you that this is an experienced engineering lead type of role with significant knowledge and experience working with Javascript frameworks and front end web development.

If you have some of your previous JS development work to showcase, please do share it in your email application to kedar@gapjumpers.me

The next step in the process would be a technical challenge with our CTO at Versal. Would you like to give it a shot?

Drop me a line at versal@gapjumpers.me and to arrange for an interview.


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GenoPharmix - San Francisco Bay Area - Customized solutions for advanced Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics

Openings include:

- Partnership & Business Development - Sales & Marketing - Software Engineering - Algorithm Optimization

FTE, Contractors, Consultants, Interns, Remote and any with English or any foreign language of any kind.

We are working on data classification and pattern matching algorithms.

Our initial work involves an advanced context-controllable content summarization system:


Contact: genopharmix@gmail.com

Thank You!