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Boulder - 2 jobs in April 2015

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http://www.stryd.com, Boulder, CO

Athlete Architect is a multidisciplinary team that is enthusiastic about the future of wearable technology for athletes. Out of this passion, we've developed the world’s first wearable power meter, Stryd, for runners that provides insight into their running technique and performance.

We're looking to expand our still small engineering team of only 3 people. We're looking for:

#1 Lead iOS Developer. We use Swift. But we want you to have deep understanding of Objective-C and iOS programming best practices. Good sense of design is bonus.

#2 Firmware Developer. You need to have knowledge of microcontroller-based firmware design and development. Experience with relevant technologies, such as BLE, hardware debugging, analog and digital sensors, ultra low power / ultra small footprint software design. Strong skill in C. Good in assembly is big bonus.

#3 Full Stack Engineer(Intern or Part-time, REMOTE is OK). You need to be Strong multi-lingual developer, interested in writing code using technologies like JavaScript/CSS, Go, and Python.

For #1 and #2 relocate to Boulder is required. But you know what? If you like running/triathlon, this is your dream place. You get unlimited opportunities to run and train with LOTS of elite athletes who are Stryd ambassadors here.

If interested, please send an email to stryd@stryd.com


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Boulder, CO - CU-Boulder - Drupal Software Engineer - https://www.jobsatcu.com/postings/97678