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Copenhagen - 3 jobs in April 2015

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Realm (YC S11) — San Francisco, Copenhagen, REMOTE

Realm is hiring Android Developers, iOS Developers, C++ developers, .NET developers, JavaScript developers, Designers, QA Engineers and more. See all positions at http://realm.io/jobs

Realm (http://realm.io) is building a mobile database: a replacement for SQLIte & Core Data. In 9 months, we became the 2nd-most deployed database in the world, running on well over 100M devices. Our headquarters are in San Francisco, but we also have a big office in Copenhagen, Denmark, and employees distributed around the world. We just announced we raised a $20M Series B last week [1][2][3][4]

See positions, locations and how to apply here: http://realm.io/jobs

(If you have any questions, I’m VP Product at Realm and always happy to chat: tim@realm.io.)

    [1]: http://www.businessinsider.com/realm-started-by-former-nokia-engineers-is-going-bonkers-2015-3
    [2]: http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/24/realm-can-expand-its-reach-with-20m-investment/
    [3]: http://venturebeat.com/2015/03/24/mobile-database-startup-realm-picks-up-20m/
    [4]: http://www.forbes.com/sites/benkepes/2015/03/24/realm-picks-up-20m-to-further-its-mobile-ambitions/


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Copenhagen, Denmark

Opbeat - The first ops platform for developers[0].

Work on solving problems so your fellow developers don't have to. Python, Go, Ruby, Node + Cassandra & Postgres + AWS. Small, skilled, international team. Wonderful problems.

We're looking for developers in infrastructure, web backend frontend and Android. Get in contact: ron@opbeat.com



[0] https://opbeat.com


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Pemberton Rank - Copenhagen, Denmark (remote considered)

I'm an ambitious bootstrapper with decent and growing traction in the small ecommerce business space. Profitable with 10% monthly user growth.

Looking for a Frontend developer with design skills. I'm a good backend coder, lately spending more time on the business side.

I need someone to take the design & UX forward and generally architect the frontend layer.

My first product, Plug in SEO, has given me a beachhead. Now I am invading an area that is occupied by old tech sloth whose residents aren't happy with their masters.

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